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Selwyn Times: October 18, 2016

36 Tuesday

36 Tuesday October 18 2016 HOME PROFESSIONALS SELWYN TIMES Outdoor entertaining In the warmer weather it is great to entertain outdoors. The children can play while the adults chill or join in on a game of cricket, soccer or volleyball. Successful outdoor entertaining is often linked to good food and drink however there can be more to ensuring everyone has a good time. Some people love sitting in the sun while others seek shade so establishing outdoor living spaces that are sunny yet also have some shade and wind shelter, at different times of the day, will help ensure comfort for all. Umbrellas, shade sails, awnings, pull down blinds, pergolas or planting a hedge are all ways to create shade. Umbrellas come in a range of sizes with some able to be tilted to block out the evening sun. However, they not very stable in the wind so only really suitable in a sheltered spot. Shade sails are generally the most effective way to block out the sun while withstanding high winds. These can be made to fit a certain area and if well-made, are worry free though there is a little work in putting them up and taking them down, so once up are likely to be there all season. Awnings or canopies which are permanently fixed in place are also an option. With large gatherings, many people are happy to stand and chat though not everyone will be comfortable standing for long periods. Seating might be constructed around decks and paved areas or incorporated into raised garden beds to supplement outdoor dining and lounge suites. Alternatively, guests might be asked to bring camp chairs. If catering for a group vary the food served and unless a keen gourmet, keep the menu simple, preparing ahead so you have time to spend with your guests. Alternatively, you might ask guests to bring pot luck or certain dishes, or meat for the barbecue and remember to be a responsible host, ensuring sufficient food and nonalcoholic drinks are provided. Count the number of utensils, plates and glasses likely to be needed, buying or hiring more if required or purchasing disposables. Add a little extra to ensure there is sufficient. The weather can never be planned for so have a plan B. If the day turns cold or wet, you may simply retreat indoors, to the garage or have shelter rigged up in advance using tarpaulins or a tent. To keep warm a brazier might be used, if there are no fire bans in place, while an outdoor fireplace or gas fire will add ambience. An outdoor wooden or gas fire or a pizzeria might be included when the home is constructed or built as a standalone feature when landscaping. A portable gas fire might also be considered which can be moved around for use in other places and does not require a building consent. Good hosts provide for the needs of their guests so they have a good time. Great Range Of Gifts In Store Florist | Fresh & Silk Flowers | Wall Art | Clocks | Gifts | Vases | Lamps | Home Furnishing | Jewellery Shop 15 Rolleston Square Rolleston Phone 03 347 1068 Hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat 10am-2pm CREATE YOUR OWN CHRISTMAS Selection of craft items and fabrics to make your own creations. Curtains | Blinds | Upholstery | Fabrics | Cushions | Crafts Classic Curtains & Interiors 817 Jones Road, Rolleston Ph 03 347 4295

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday October 18 2016 37 HOME PROFESSIONALS Barbecuing for friends Precooked or gourmet sausages are a Kiwi barbecue classic. They are affordable, quick to cook and popular with adults and children alike. Other favourites are mince patties, steak and chicken pieces while roasts are an easy alternative. Meat roasted on the barbecue will be particularly tender when cooked slowly, at a low temperature. The size of the cut will determine the cooking time. Raw ham for instance may be cooked for several hours while a cooked ham might also be baked on low for about an hour. Hot ham is delicious in bread rolls or with salads. When roasting lamb, hogget or mutton try piercing the skin with a sharp knife and inserting sage leaves and short stalks of fresh rosemary in the holes. Sprinkle with salt and pepper then using the rotisserie or placing the meat directly on the plate, cook on high for fifteen minutes to seal in the juices. Reduce the temperature to 150 degrees Celsius and roast for another hour and a half to two hours. The fat will cook out of the meat leaving it succulent and falling off the bone. Beef also lends itself to barbecue roasting. Its cooking time will depend on the cut. Cuts that take longer to cook may benefit from being marinated. Marinades can be purchased readymade or mixed up using a little oil, garlic, sauce like soy and seasoning. The meat can be left in the marinade for twenty minutes to two days unless the marinade is acidic in which case the maximum time is two hours. Cheaper cuts like blade steak benefit from marinating before frying. Roasting chicken on the barbecue is also easy though be sure that it is cooked through. Try inserting an opened full can of beer into the cavity of the chicken then stand it upright in a hooded barbecue to cook. The meat will be tasty with a subtle beer flavour. Pork also benefits from seasoning or being marinated. Coat the meat in Hoisin sauce before cooking on high for half an hour then slowly roast on the rotisserie or hot plate, basting with more sauce if needed during the cooking process. Other seasonings can be added with plenty of recipes available on the Internet. Pork will also benefit from sitting after early preparation to allow the flavours to permeate the meat before cooking. Serve roast meat with fresh bread, rolls, potatoes thinly sliced and fried on the hot plate, and healthy salads. Any vegetable that can be eaten raw might be included. Tasty salad additions that add colour and are high in nutrients include: rocket, grated beetroot and carrot, radishes, cucumber, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, tomatoes, boiled eggs, and herbs like parsley, coriander, Borage and Calendula flowers. To finish off the meal, icecream might be served with fruit, jelly or Pavlova; parfaits made out of fruit, cream and icecream; or icecream sodas where fizz drink is simply poured over a scoop of icecream for a favourite with the children. Icecream sundaes are a favourite with children Unique & Handcrafted FURNITURE HOME DÉCOR GIFTS 2239 Main South Road 5 minutes south of Rolleston 03 3476190 Rump Steak can be marinated Salads can be made out of any vegetables that can be eaten raw Warm up your Winter NEW SHOP NOW OPEN View our fabulous range of designer fabrics at our new shop, 3 Gerald Street, Lincoln (next to the Medical Centre). We stock quality imported curtain and furnishing fabrics, cushions and selected homewares. Quality imported fabrics at wholesale prices Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat 10am-1.30pm 3 Gerald Street, Lincoln Phone 325 7400 • Heat pump installation • Log burners • Solar • I Gas servicing • Certified gasfitters and plumbers • 03 420 1020 • 021 341 311