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by some

• By Tom Doudney

ABOUT 75 people were evacuated

from the settlements of Rakaia Huts

and Taumutu/Fisherman’s Point after

a tsunami warning was issued – but

about half chose to stay.

The tsunami warning and evacuation

order were issued at about 1am

yesterday after a magnitude 7.5

earthquake near Hanmer Springs and

a series of strong aftershocks.

A civil defence emergency centre

was established at Southbridge Hall,

with up to 60 people present overnight.

Rakaia Huts resident Pam Williamson

was one of those evacuated to the

hall after a call from a civil defence


“I called as many people as I could

to let them know that evacuation was

on the agenda and I would say about

50 per cent [of people] took advantage

of going down to the Southbridge

Hall,” Mrs Williamson said.

She wasn’t frightened about the

tsunami, more annoyed at having to

leave her cosy bed and warm fire.

“But it’s too late to leave when you

see the wave coming isn’t it, you can’t

outrun them.”

About half of residents had chosen

to leave and half had stayed behind

but the evacuation had been orderly

and without panic.

However, after returning home in

the morning she had been surprised

to come across two young men intent

on taking a boat out into the water.

Yesterday, authorities were still

warning people to stay off beaches

and out of the water due to the risk of

unpredictable strong currents.

“I said just consider yourself told

that it’s not okay and left it at that,”

Mrs Williamson said.

“It was absolute stupidity but their

call, I guess.”

Mrs Williamson said she stayed at

the Southbridge Hall between 1.30am

and 7am when residents were told

they could return home.

People at the hall had been upbeat

about the situation, she said.

“I think everybody there felt they

had made the right decision.”

There were no reports of any

significant damage in Selwyn to

infrastructure, including roads,

bridges and water supplies, as a result

of the earthquake but crews were still

inspecting the roading network.

HAVE A HUG: West Melton children Grace and Archie Chaplin meet Civil Defence

mascot Stan at the Canterbury A&P Show in Christchurch on Wednesday. They

were among many children from Selwyn and around Canterbury who enjoyed

visiting the annual show during the week.

•More photos, page 7


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Tuesday November 15 2016







News...........................3-7 & 14

HOW MUCH tar seal and how

much time does it take to tidy up

a relatively small stretch of road?

Not much on either count, I

would have thought.

But if you live on the south

side of West Belt in Lincoln it

has taken years – and it could

be many more to come – before

the council gets around to doing

anything about it, as we highlight

on page 3 today.

Residents on West Belt have

every reason to be hacked off. It’s

a bumpy ride getting into your

driveway, and when it rains the

potholes fill with water and get


Yet just down the road the

council tar sealed and put in angled

parking on West Belt when

The Laboratory opened.

Wouldn’t it have been

commonsense to do the rest of

the street? – Barry Clarke

Ellesmere College’s head students for 2017


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Merivale Hearing Clinic

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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 3





Live in Lincoln

nine bands. one day.

In Brief

BUMPY RIDE: There are no plans to repair this unsealed stretch of West Belt until 2018 at the earliest.

Unsealed road irritates residents

• By Tom Doudney


of maintenance has often been

a complaint of rural residents

but now a street in the heart of

Selwyn’s second biggest town is

causing frustration.

A section of West Belt, in Lincoln,

is unsealed on one side for

roughly two thirds of its length,

north of the Gerald St intersection

– and it will remain so until

2018 at the earliest.

The other third of the street

was sealed about a year ago

when construction of the Laboratory

restaurant and bar was


Resident Junior Young said the

unsealed shingle section had big

potholes all the way along. He

has complained to the district

council on two occasions over

the last three years and was disappointed

that it had not been


“When you go out you’ve got

to pick your spot so you don’t

bounce in the humps and you

get dust here all the time,” he


“We’re the only road in Lincoln

that has got shingle.”

District council asset engineer

transportation Mark Chamberlain

said sealing the unsealed

portion of the road would

be considered as part of the

estimated $36.6 million worth

of roading and infrastructure

upgrades associated with the

Lincoln Town Centre Plan.

However, this work would not

be until 2018 at the earliest, as

it would be budgeted for in the

2018-2028 Long Term Plan.

Mr Young said he had lived on

the street for about eight years

and had taken to filling up the

potholes himself at times.

He said the shingle edge of the

road was often used by young

people who lived in the area to

pull handbrake slides and that

sort of thing.

Mr Chamberlain said there

had been no funding allocated to

seal the unsealed portion of the

road up until this point, as other

roading projects had been given

higher priority and the district

council had been aware that


roading requirements for the

town were due to be considered

as part of the Lincoln Town

Centre Plan.

However, maintenance work

had been done, including filling

in holes and repairing the edge

of the seal.

“This routine maintenance

will continue,” he said.

Mr Young said the

maintenance the district

council had done to date had

only provided short term fixes

after which the potholes had



condition of West Belt

acceptable? Send your

views to tom.doudney@


Two fields at Lincoln Domain have

been fenced off until mid-January

while a new $141,000 irrigation

system is installed. The domain’s

rear fields will remain open. The

new system will enable more

efficient watering by allowing it to

occur at night throughout the year

when there is less evaporation,

and enable water to be better

distributed. It will also reduce the

cost and staff time involved with

irrigation as the system will no

longer need to be manually set.


Selwyn residents may have noticed

more traffic counts being carried

out on the roads lately. The district

council wants to record what traffic

volumes were like prior to the

construction of the Christchurch

Southern Motorway extension.

With construction under way,

there will be a number of temporary

detours that may change traffic

volumes, making a busy road

less busy and vice versa. Current

traffic counts will be compared to

traffic volumes after the motorway

is completed. They will inform

transportation models, which the

district council uses to predict

the location and amount of future



“I was in denial, pure and simple. My family were

bringing it up more often with a gentle nudging

to “do something about it.” My ability to hear

accurately was impacting on my whole life and for

what ever reason, I wasn’t convinced that hearing

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I am a parent, grandparent and teacher. Conversations

were becoming increasingly difficult. I compensated

and modified my interactions to cope

but I was being robbed on personal enjoyment, on

social occasions, family occasions, everyday life.

I had been to another bigger hearing clinic 3

years ago. I left without a solution to my hearing

problem because the interview and testing was

less about me and more about a company selling

a product. It was a mechanical process and I left

despondent. I was losing my hearing and that

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through an interview that really exposed my heart

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this increasing inability to participate more fully

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fitted hearing aids and I was overcome by the how

much more I could hear.

We have had follow up appointments since and

adjusted the aids. I know I have her support and

can call her with questions at the drop of a hat.

That personal connection, for me, is important for

dealing with something as important as hearing.

In the short time that I have had my hearing aids

they have re-enhanced my life in immeasurable

ways. At school, I no longer have to ask children

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Call 03 390 2332 today

My own family are elated, to make an understatement,

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Hearing is a precious gift. Thank you Brenna for

your gentle professional explanations and support.

I highly recommend Brenna Sincock and her

business to anyone who may feel they have any

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did!” - Sharen Holmes

Brenna Sincock Hearing | 36 Tennyson Street, Rolleston | Darfield | Leeston

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Tuesday November 15 2016

Perfect for

that Summer


Your Local Views


Shows continue to succeed


• By Amy Adams, Selwyn MP

CANTERBURY’S muchloved

Cup and Show Week

has been and gone, but there

are still a

number of

local shows on

Amy Adams

over next

few months,

Selwyn including MPthe


A&P Show in Kirwee this

coming weekend.

It is great to see that these

shows are continuing to attract

so much support after

being in existence for 140 or

150 plus years.

I believe that the success

of the shows is their ability


Prebbleton Village | Christchurch

Ph: 03 349 5646

the calendar



to move with the times, for

example, with innovations

including a dedicated smartphone

app to help visitors get

the most out of the Canterbury


Meanwhile, local shows

here in Selwyn have picked

up on current themes such as


MasterChef-style cook-offs

and wearable arts competitions

to inspire new generations

to get involved.

Importantly though the

shows do remain true to their

origins in focusing on our rural

producers, whether that be

crop and feed growers, sheep,

cattle or dairy farmers, walnut

orchardists or wine-makers.

Our rural sector has certainly

diversified over the past

few decades, with a greater

focus on artisan products

and the growth of farmers’

markets, as many people have

become more interested in

finding out exactly where

their food has come from.

Recent shows that I have

attended, including the Ellesmere

Show, the Ashburton

Show and the Canterbury

Show, have all reflected this

diversity well. The shows are

an opportunity for rural communities

large and small to

get together and share ideas

and results and connect with

suppliers and customers alike.

A&P shows take a lot of

planning and organisation


A&P Show will be held on Saturday.

and without the hard work

of the show presidents and

organising committees these

events would not be possible.

Of course, A&P shows are

not the only significant events

happening around Selwyn

at this time of the year.

November 5 was a big day for

the region with the hugelysuccessful

Hororata Highland

Games once again an entertaining

day out for many. This

was followed by an evening of

public fireworks displays in

Rolleston and Motukarara.

Well done to all of those

involved in planning and

running these events, many of

whom are volunteers.

From church fairs to

council-run events and everything

in between, we are very

lucky here in Selwyn to have

such a range of opportunities

to make community connections

and family memories

throughout the year.

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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 5


Community committee

elections get under way


IF YOU thought elections in

Selwyn were over and done with

– think again.

Elections for Selwyn’s 63 community

committees will take

place between this month and


The committees assist with

running local facilities like com-


munity halls, swimming pools,

reserves and local township or

residents’ committees.

The district council is appealing

for people to consider joining

a community committee and

help shape local services.

Mayor Sam Broughton (below)

said community


committees had an

important role to


“By joining a

committee, you help

make decisions about local facilities

and services in your area

and give advice to council to

help us provide the right services

for your area,” Mr Broughton

asty Bites


“We really appreciate the

voluntary work that committee

members do and I would

encourage people who use and

LOCAL MANAGEMENT: The Southbridge Hall and

Prebbleton Community Cottage (inset) are two of the many

local facilities which local community committees help run. ​

enjoy local facilities and services

to consider joining a community


Township or residents’

committees are allocated

discretionary funding to pursue

improvement and beautification

projects, and facility and reserve

committees oversee

the maintenance of local

facilities and parks.

Each committee sets its own

meeting schedule, with most

committees meeting once every

month or every two months.

Anyone interested in joining

a committee can visit www. for a list of

upcoming local election meeting


Cup Week mates

have a grouse time

A GROUP of former Hutt Valley

rugby teammates and good

friends travelled from across New

Zealand and Australia to stay at

Lincoln’s Famous Grouse Hotel

for Cup and Show Week.

The group was keeping alive a

tradition which started about 50

years ago as two separate annual

trips by players from the Hutt

Valley Marist and Petone rugby


About 30 years ago they combined

their trips into one and the

Famous Grouse Hotel has hosted

them for the last six years.

Group members now come

from as far apart as Australia,

Auckland and the Kapiti Coast,

as well as the Wellington area.

Organiser Brian Tebbutt, of

Upper Hutt, said he was one of

about “five or six” original members

of the travelling group who

still made the trip. There were

usually about 20 in the group

each year, including several, like

himself, aged in their 70s.

Mr Tebbutt, who used to play

rugby for Petone, said the group

had often stayed at Christchurch’s

Sandridge Motel in the past but

decided to make The Famous

Grouse their regular home away

from home when owners Craig

and Bridget Bradford sold the

former and bought the latter.

“One of the highlights of the

trip is the way that Bridget and

Craig and the people at the [Famous

Grouse] hotel look after us,”

he said.

Mr Tebbutt said this year’s trip

had been fantastic, even if the

bets they placed at Addington

Raceway and Riccarton Park

Racecourse had not been lucrative.

“A few guys had a good collect

but most of us left quite a bit of

North Island money down there

as we normally do,” he said.

Mr Bradford said the group was


“They are just a brilliant bunch

of guys and the nicest blokes you

could ever run into,” he said.

“The locals love them, even

though they take over half the



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Tuesday November 15 2016





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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 7


The weather didn’t always come to the party but

plenty of people still turned out to enjoy the various

attractions at the 154th Canterbury A&P Show,

which was held from Wednesday to Friday.





MAKING THEIR DECISION: The main judges scrutinised

the equestrian section.

asty Bites





NICE DAY: Weather during the week wasn’t always

favourable but the sun shone down on Wednesday.

PEOPLE FLOCK: The farmyard area was a popular


In Brief


Police were called after a witness

saw a car speeding away from

the scene of a suspicious fire at

Intake Rd, near the Waimakariri

River stop banks on Wednesday

at about 4pm. The fire was about

30m by 5m in size before Kirwee

firefighters put it out. Senior

Constable Dave Pitkethley said

the witness had left the scene

without leaving their contact

details for police and it was not

known how the fire had started.



A barbecue to officially open

the new Kirwee Community

Garden has been put off due to

the weather for a second time

after heavy rainfall on Friday.

The garden is located at St

George’s Church on Courtenay

Rd. The opening had originally

been scheduled to take place on

October 14, but was rescheduled

due to bad weather.



The Selwyn Food and Wine

stand at the Canterbury A&P

Show received an award for the

best medium outdoor stand. A

number of visitors stopped to

check out the stall and try some

of the district’s food and wine.




If you would like to sign up for my newsletter

please visit


P: 03 344 0418 | F: 03 344 0420


Working hard for our communities

Every Wednesday at 7:30pm - 8:30pm

No prior experience or partner required

Lincoln High School Main Hall

25 Boundary Road, Lincoln



Sound, workable legal advice and solutions

Rolleston Office: 78A Rolleston Drive, Rolleston Square

Darfield Office: Darfield Business Hub, 68 South Terrace


T: (03) 374 2547

M: 021 148 6221



Authorised by Amy Adams, 829 Main South Road,

Templeton, Christchurch

For more info please contact Donna

027 222 6900 |






Welcome to our new village centre

and care centre.

We’re excited to let you know that we have now

opened our village centre! The village centre is the

heart of our Summerset community with residents

already enjoying the fantastic facilities, like the

café, lounges, indoor swimming pool and spa,

library, exercise room and outdoor bowling green.

The village centre is also home to our care centre,

which offers a range of care options up to rest

home and hospital-level care.

Come and see why

we love the life at Summerset

Open Weekend

19 & 20 November, 10am – 4pm

Summerset at Wigram

135 Awatea Road, Christchurch

Contact Anne Walker on 03 741 0872

Love the life



Tuesday November 15 2016


High achievers celebrated at


been named dux of Ellesmere

College after being first in

class for five subjects – physics,

English, biology, chemistry and

mathematics with calculus.

The college’s senior prizegiving

for years 11, 12 and 13

was held in its Riki Ellison

Memorial Hall.

Cassian was awarded the Otago

University Dux Scholarship

and the Selwyn District Council


He achieved excellence

endorsements in five subjects,

merit endorsements in a further

five subjects and 52 NCEA level

3 excellence credits.

Teaghan Mower was named

proxime accessit after being

second or second equal in four

subjects – chemistry, physics,

physical education and mathematics

with calculus.

She has been offered the $6000

Otago University Leaders of

Tomorrow Scholarship and the

Canterbury University Emerging

Leaders Scholarship.

She achieved excellence

endorsements in five subjects,

merit endorsements in seven

subjects and 55 NCEA level 3

excellence credits.

• The Masonic Lodge Dux

Trophy – Cassian Duthie

• Proxime accessit to dux

– Teaghan Mower


Duthie was named dux.


Academic awards and

special awards:

• House Shield – Totara

House, Puawaitai – Brionne


• Leaders of tomorrow

scholarship – Teaghan Mower

and Tilly Smith, UC emerging

leaders scholarship –

Teaghan Mower, inside

running rugby academy

scholarship – Sam Bright,

The Helen Crowhen

Academic Cup – Katie Ferris,

principal’s special award

– Emily Barns, Jessica Carter,

Nicole Ashby, Ella McClure and

Elsie Wadie, United Building

Society Academic Cup –

Jessica Dunlop.


Ellesmere A&P

Association and Miss Hay

Scholarship – Lauren Jones,

Ellesmere District Nursing

Association scholarship

– Emma Twiss, The Selwyn

Lions scholarship award

– Tilly Smith, Ellesmere

Lions scholarship – Samuel

Bright, Ellesmere Lions

scholarship – Laura Twiss,

Selwyn District Council

scholarship – Brionne

Fleming and Cassian Duthie.

Maori awards:

Te tohu mana ō ahurea

taonga – Waimaira Brown

and Awhina Dickson, kaitātaki

wahine taonga – Waimaira

Brown, katātaki tane taonga

– Te Marino Huriwai-Briggs,

ngā manu kōrero taonga –

Te Marino Huriwai-Briggs.

Sports awards:

Clausens Senior Fair Play

Trophy – Teaghan Mower

and Roy Haffner, Stephanie

Allen Memorial Trophy –

Brionne Fleming and Mitchell

Prendergast, Atkins All Round

– Iain Wright, The Dawson

Trophy for senior oral

performance – Laura Heslop,

The Faass Trophy – Josh

Hardy, Blanchet Trophy –

Sam Bright.

Community and special

academic prizes:

Harkerss Buses

enterprise award – Matthew

Riches, The Josephine

Newburry Memorial Cup

– Pip Prendergast, The Des

Kelly Memorial Cup –

Brendon Murray, The John

Warren Memorial Cup –

George Ward, Gwatkin Cup

– George Ward, Ellesmere

Historical Society award –

Nicole Ashby, Millar-Houston

Trophy – Lauren Jones, W.G.

Volckman Memorial Cup

– Cassian Duthie, United

Building Society art and

culture – Waimaria Brown,

Nicola Jones Kamana Cup

– Bridget Wheeler, Volckman

Award – Martina Cepeda-Rios,

Southbridge District High

School closing committee’s

award – Mikayla Ramsey, The

Gerald Patterson Memorial

Cup – Mitchell Prendergast,

Endeavour prize – Georgia de

Boer, The O’Neill Cup – Roy

Haffner, year 11 Harkerss

Buses prize – William John

O’Hagan, year 12 Harkerss

Buses prize – Emily Andrew,

year 13 Harkerss Buses

prize – Teaghan Mower,

Photolife photography

award – Bridget Wheeler, year

11 Lions citizenship award -

Iain Wright and Megan Dunlop,

year 12 Lions citizenship

award - Ella McClure, year

13 Lions citizenship award

– Emily Andrew, Ellesmere

College past pupils

award – Teaghan Mower,

The Gard’ner Cup – Thomas

Wright, The Ellesmere Echo

Trophy – Nicole Ashby, year

13 deans award – Cassian

Duthie, cartwright service

award – Freddy Gash, the

hole family music award

– Freddy Gash, Tracey Clark

Memorial Trophy – Laura

Twiss and Emma Twiss,


Prebbleton Village

(opposite the School)

Thurs 17 th - Sun 20 th November

growing strong


Are you passionate about

the performing arts

Join the new Selwyn Performing Arts Network and help create more performing

arts opportunities and events for Selwyn.

The network’s first meeting will be held on Monday 5 December in the Rolleston

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a play "Lost in Thought" amongst other achievements.

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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 9

Ellesmere College prize-giving

Ellesmere camera club

trophy – Emma Beagley.

Head pupil trophy –

Teaghan Mower and Sam Bright.

Sporting and cultural


Public speaking – Laura

Heslop, music – Laura Twiss,

music – Jessica Dunlop, St

John – Ella McClure, rugby –

Te Marino Hurawai-Briggs, Pip

Prendergast, Skye Taylor and

Sam Bright.

Level 3, first in class:

History – Emily Barnes,

tourism – Jess Gilmour,

geography – Grace Hadfield,

visual arts painting –

Letitia Daly, Design and

Visual Communication

Trophy – Thomas Wright,

agriculture – Lauren Jones,

physical education – Kate

Palmer and Brionne Fleming,

mathematics with statistics

– Laura Twiss, music – Laura

Twiss, chemistry – Cassian

Duthie, physics – Cassian

Duthie, biology – Cassian

Duthie, English – Cassian

Duthie, mathematics with

calculus – Cassian Duthie,

business studies – Hugh

McKenzie, home economics

– Tilly Smith, hospitality


Mower was named proxime



– Cara Calixto, Maori – Te

Marino Huriwai-Briggs, trade

academy – Taylor King.

Level 2, first in class:

Media studies – Nicole

Ashby, academic English

– Nicole Ashby, history –

Nicole Ashby, design – Freddy

Gash, geography – Freddy

Gash, music – Freddy Gash,

mathematics with statistics

– Jessica Carter, biology,


physics – Jessica Dunlop,

digital technology – Alex

Barns, physical education

– Elsie Wadie, mechanical

engineering – Jack Dudley,

building – George Ward,

agriculture – Josh Scott,

hospitality – Mikyela

Chapman and Lauren

McAulay, Design and Visual

Communication Trophy

– Jack Dudley, Japanese

– Joseph Burgess, tourism –

Josh Dreaver, performance

and drama – Jak Mitchell,

Te Reo Maori – Waimaria

Brown, Maori performing

arts – Waimaria Brown, digital

design – Hannah Tacbaya,

Primary ITO New Zealand

Trade Academy top student

– Joshua Scott, photography

– Kate Inwood, painting –

Chrisma Roberts, gateway –

Jack Kitney.

Level 1, first in class:

History – Paris Nurse, home

economics – Tyla Johansen

and Troy Bryce, visual arts

– Georgia Higgins, building –

Baylee Horn, Primary ITO New

Zealand Trade Academy

top student – Bailey Gilmour,

mechanical engineering –

Lukas Millar and Taylor Ford,

agriculture – Sean Lemon,

physical education – Tyla

Johansen and Pip Prendergast,

mathematics – Zoe Hamilton,

geography – Katie Ferris,

science – Katie Ferris, English


Ellesmere College’s


students for next

year, Jack Dudley,

Jessica Dunlop,

Ella McClure and

Freddie Gash,

were presented

with their blazers

by this year’s head


– Katie Ferris, performance

and drama – Katie Ferris,

Japanese – Abbey Millar,

business studies – Abbey

Millar and Matthew Riches,

graphics – Matthew Riches,

digital technology – Fylgia

Romero, music – Fylgia Romero,

Te Reo Maori – Pirihira

Brown, Maori performing

arts – Jamie Dickson, applied

science – Megan Mitchell,

hospitality – Paris Dyer and

Jordi Maraki, health – Megan

Dunlop, alternate maths –

Jaye Brown, skills English

– Rowan Michael, specific

preparation for employment

and citizenship – Charlotte



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Tuesday November 15 2016

Our People


Katrina Keenan

Musician has found a balance

Your Local Views

Former New Zealand cricketer and Motukarara resident

Katrina Keenan forms one half of musical duo Southfield,

with Dave McKenzie. They’ll be one of the opening acts

at the Selwyn Sounds concert in Lincoln in March. She

spoke to Tom Doudney about famous cricketing school

friends, developing the women’s game and what her

other job at Selwyn Sounds will be.


How did you get into cricket

when you were younger?

I played cricket at primary

school. I played cricket for the

boys at Cotswold Primary

School. My father Norm Withers

was very passionate about

cricket, so he was very involved

and spent a lot of time with me.

We probably practiced every


night at the drive to be fair. Then

I was sort of in a cricket circle or

environment – I went to intermediate

with Chris Cairns, and

Andy Caddick, who went on to

play for England, at high school.

I used to train and practice

with the boys teams and was

lucky enough to get a lot of

coaching opportunities at a


really young age. I remember

getting invited to a clinic with

[former Australian cricketer]

Dennis Lillee for pace bowlers.

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spent a lot of time with me when

I was younger, he used to give up

his time to take me for bowling

sessions, so I was really lucky in

that regard.

When you were in primary

and high school, did many other

girls play cricket at that stage

or were you one of the few?

The schools that I was at had

a girls’ cricket team. I just loved

the game so much that I played

in the girls’ team but also trained

and practiced with the boys.

Were you training and practicing

with the boys because

you were so good?

I had a reasonably high skill

level I guess. The guys were

certainly happy for me to be

there and I think that was quite

significant in terms of me developing

better skills.

Did Chris Cairns and

Andy Caddick strike you as


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“A local team for local people”

PERFORMER: Former international cricketer Katrina Keenan is

one half of musical duo Southfield.

outstanding cricketers even as


Absolutely – they’re stand-out

sort of athletes really.

How well did you know either

of them?

Really well. Obviously, Chris

and I went on to play for New

Zealand, so through New

Zealand Cricket and Canterbury

Cricket we were involved in

coaching programmes and

delivery at schools and that type

of thing.

When did you get into singing

and performing music?

I always loved music and

had very much a musical

Keep up with

your local

news online

background. Dad played guitar

and he also was part of a duo

in his early 20s and he had

even recorded a few songs and

made a couple of little records.

I had wanted to sing for some

time really but I didn’t probably

have the confidence because I

was doing sport and when you

were crossing over into that arts

thing, it always seemed like there

were way more talented people

than you. In my 20s I revisited it,

auditioned for a few local bands

and started playing in pubs and

at weddings and corporate functions

and that sort of thing and

started writing and doing a little

bit of recording.

That took a bit of a backseat

to cricket, though?

Yeah, I was really involved in

sport. I played indoor cricket

over the winter for the New

Zealand team, although I

wasn’t in the outdoor team at

that point. I was also playing

hockey – I got to New Zealand

under-21 level with hockey, I was

a non-travelling reserve for the

World Cup. Music was always

something else I was interested

in, but couldn’t afford a huge

amount of time for.


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34 kEndOn drivE, rOllEStOn

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 11

Our People

between work, sport and art

Your iews Local Views

What would you say the the women’s game?

highlight of your cricketing In terms of the profile of the

career was?

game, I would definitely like to

Playing in the World Cup and see the game moving forward in

winning that in 2000 will always that area and more opportunities

stand out as a key moment for women in cricket and the

because we all worked so hard. game internationally. I think a

We were training twice a day real infrastructure and pathway

as non-professional


athletes and around the women’s game is

we didn’t even question that. It lacking and I think if that is

wasn’t about the money or anything

else, it was about just being playing, more people involved in

developed, we will get more girls

the best that we could be. the game and a better standard of

You were mainly an opening cricket and more attractive game

bowler weren’t you?

to profile on television.

I was an all-rounder, there was Your husband Grant Keenan

certainly a season where I did is assistant coach of the Black

experiment opening the batting Ferns, so you’re a pretty

for New


Zealand, but I guess sporting family obviously. Are

you would best describe me a your daughters (Emily, 12, and

strike bowler. I would open the Macy, 10) very active in sport?

bowling for New Zealand and bat Yes, they are very active in

in the middle to lower order. sport. They are doing jump jam,

Did you like to get the batters netball, athletics, but where as I

rattled when you were bowling? can almost remember deciding

Definitely, I’m a real competitor,

so absolutely, but it was to play cricket for New Zealand,

at seven or eight that I wanted

always more about a plan of how their focus is more around participation

and enjoying that time


to get the batsman out so the

intimidation factor was not really with their friends.

my focus.

When did you start your food

How do you feel about the cart business (Rock Dogs)?

attention and opportunities the About six months ago. I’m going

to be at a few events men’s game gets compared with


ACTION: Katrina Keenan during the Women’s World Cup

match in 2000 at Lincoln.


up like Selwyn Sounds, some

race meetings and touch competitions.

So you’re going to be running

a food cart at Selwyn Sounds

while you’re not on stage?


It will be a busy night for you!

It will be really busy.

Any other work you’ve been


Yeah, the last few years I have

been a sports co-ordinator for

Sport Canterbury, delivering

fundamental sports skills at five

schools – Lincoln, Prebbleton,

Tai Tapu, Ladbrooks and Burnham.

Sometimes I would deliver

seven or eight classes a day, but I

would always try and ensure that

every single child had some level

of feedback whether it was ‘great

catch’ or ‘I like the way you did

that.’ That was really important

to me because there are a lot of

kids that don’t enjoy sport so my

goal was always to make sure

that everyone had a positive

experience and I’m pretty sure I

achieved that.

Are you looking forward to

playing with some of those wellknown

musicians at Selwyn


Oh yeah, I hope I get the opportunity

to meet them, especially

some of the female performers

like Sharon O’Neill, Margaret

Urlich and Debbie Harwood.

To have the opportunity to talk

to them and pick up some tips

would be like an incredible type

of mentoring opportunity.

Selwyn Sounds will

be held on March 4, from

11.30am-8.30pm. Tickets can

be purchased via Ticketek.

Buyers will be able to prepurchase

a bus ride between

pick-up points in Christchurch

or Rolleston to Lincoln




Over 30 entries from

all over nz!


fRi 18th


& SAt


7pM StARt

thE pLAcE tO BE



infOLinE 03 364 8833


Canterbury and the First World War

Experience the personal stories of Cantabrians at home and on the front line

Free exhibition now open at

Darfield Library & Service Centre

Brought to you by


Tuesday November 15 2016




REWARD: Sophie Farries, left, and her brother and

fellow competition entrant Jack Farries with their


LETTING IT OUT: Pre-schoolers at Rolleston’s Selwyn Kids

kindergarten were encouraged to express their emotions by

visiting author Adam Millen. The former engineer from the

North Island shared his book, Jack Feels Big, with the children.

The book talks about encouraging children to express feelings,

such as loneliness, bravery, being overwhelmed, frustration

and persistence.

Looking Back

EYE-CATCHING: This creation by

Sophie Farries, 8, of Rolleston, won

the children’s section of the Rolleston

Envirotown Market on Sunday. Her

scarecrow, named Daisy, was filled

with shredded paper and dressed in

Sophie’s old pyjamas and black boots.

Sophie had first pick of the children’s

prizes and she chose a notepad

display board made from a recycled

photo frame. The winner of the adult’s

section was Dave Dimmock, also of



on Gerald St, Lincoln,

in the 1970s. The photo

shows the Lincoln Fish

Shop, Farmers, Lincoln

Drapery and Gift Shop,

Bank of New Zealand

and the Lincoln Beauty


•Heritage photo supplied

by Selwyn Libraries on

behalf of the Lincoln

and Districts Historical

Society. If you have any

information about this

photo, please contact

the library via www.

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 13

Four Square supermarket

comes to West Melton

MORE THAN 150 years

after West Melton was

founded, its first modern

supermarket was opened

on Tuesday last week.

Four Square West Melton

was officially opened

by Mayor Sam Broughton.

Construction began in

February as part of the

shopping centre development

on Weedons Ross

Rd, opposite West Melton


Owners Brent and Leah

Little said the opening was

a historic day for both the

town and Four Square.

“I have fond memories

of visiting the Four Square

in Hokitika when I was a

boy,” Mr Little said.

“West Melton, meanwhile,

got its first grocery

store in 1872, eight

years after the town was

founded, before the store

was moved into the old

blacksmith’s shop in 1937.

“I’m proud to bring

21st century shopping to

West Melton – with no

horseshoes but plenty of

car parks.”

Out of 20 staff at the

supermarket, 16 have been

employed from West Melton

and the surrounding


“We’ve assembled a fantastic

team who are raring

to go,” Mr Little said.

“They know community

expectations are high but

I’m confident we’ll exceed

them next week and well

into the future.”

West Melton Residents’

Association chairman Jeff

Waters said it was good

to have the supermarket


“It’s great it has finally

come about,” Mr Waters


Mrs Little said the

supermarket’s modern

features included the latest


UP: Brent

and Leah

Little with

their son

Ben, 7.

outside their

new Four





in customer-focused layout

and design, energy-efficient

lighting and ozonefriendly


The supermarket has

about 800 sq m of retail

floor space.

Mr Little’s own retailing

history goes back 22 years

since he left school. He has

worked for New World

and Pak ’n’ Save and done

everything from packing

bags to slicing ham.

“Experience is key to

running supermarkets,

and I’m looking forward to

applying mine to our new

store and getting to know

the people of West Melton

and the surrounding

areas,” he said.



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Tuesday November 15 2016


Fire training exercise

planned for Darfield

DARFIELD residents shouldn’t

be alarmed if they see fire trucks

flocking to the township later

this month.

McHughs Forest Park will

host a range of emergency response

personnel on Wednesday

next week as the district council

prepares for the possibility of a

major fire this summer.

McHughs Forest Park is located

about 1km west of Darfield.

Rural fire brigades from across

the district, New Zealand Fire

Service personnel, district council

emergency response teams

and welfare and emergency

management staff will take part

in the training evening, which

will start at about 7pm.

The training, named Exercise

Homebush, will focus on the

command and control of a largescale

fire incident and communications

system at the event.

District council emergency

management officer Ryan

O’Rourke said the training was

happening because experience

showed the district council

tended to have at least one major

fire per season.

“We need to ensure we’re performing

to a high level because

BEING PREPARED: Volunteer rural fire brigades and district

council staff will take part in a large-scale training exercise near

Darfield next week. ​

these incidents develop very

quickly,” Mr O’Rourke said.

“When a large incident, such

as a forest fire occurs, there are

a number of different agencies

involved, so this training is a

good opportunity for everyone

to practice how we allocate roles

and work together.”

The aim was to ensure the district

council’s emergency management

team could efficiently

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manage different equipment

and resources, plan a strategy to

control the fire and implement

that strategy in a safe and effective


About 50-60 people will be

involved in the training, some

located onsite at Darfield, and

others at the district council

headquarters in Rolleston. No

fires will be lit as part of the

training exercise.

Support group for

performance artists

SELWYN residents interested

in performing are being invited

to join a new performing arts


The network will be made up

of community members who are

passionate about the performing

arts, whether

it be singing,

dancing, drama,

comedy or

other areas of

performance art.

The group

will focus on

creating more

Rachael Inch

performing arts


and events for Selwyn.

The district council recently

carried out a survey to identify

the community’s views and

aspirations for the arts, how

artists would like to be supported

and areas where the arts

could be improved and


Of the respondents, 81 per cent

said they wanted to see more

opportunities to participate and

engage in the performing arts

around Selwyn.

District council arts adviser

Rachael Inch said Selwyn was

a growing, diverse community

NEW LOCATION ADVERT.pdf 1 1/05/2014 11:51:35 a.m.


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Fri 8am to midday

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and there was a strong need for

the development of programmes

and opportunities.

“It was clear from the Arts in

Selwyn survey that performing

arts was high on the list of key

focus areas for the community,”

she said.

“This network will

allow community members

who are passionate about the

performing arts to come together

and meet like-minded people

from across Selwyn and be

involved in the planning process

for the district. We welcome

people of all ages, genders and


The first network meeting will

be held on December 5, 6.30pm,

at the Rolleston Community

Centre Lounge, with guest

speaker Roanna Dalziel.

Ms Dalziel has appeared on

Shortland Street, written and

self-produced a play called Lost

in Thought, worked at Creative

New Zealand for two years as

the senior arts adviser for theatre

and is now The Court Theatre’s

literary manager.

Anyone interested in attending

the meeting should register by

emailing by

November 25.



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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 15


Awards head West Melton’s way

IT HAS been a busy few

weeks for West Melton School,

especially in the sporting realm.

The school’s Westie Wonders

jump jam team came first

in the South Island regional

competition in Christchurch.

The team also received awards

for merit in presentation and

merit in execution and the judges

were impressed with their enthusiasm

and performance.

The school also recently held

its athletics day and sent 49

students to the Lincoln Zone

Athletics, held at Brookside Park,


West Melton will be sending

nine students to the Canterbury

Primary Schools Athletics

Championships in Ashburton in


Outside of sports, the school

has also been awarded a gold

award in recognition of the development

and implementation

of environmentally sustainable

business practices as part of the

Malvern Responsible Business


Teacher and enviroschools

leader Liz Coster accepted the


FAST FEET: Pupils competing at the Lincoln Zone Athletics.

STOKED: West Melton’s jump jam team won the South

Island regional jump jam championships. ​

FIRST: West Melton athletics day winners, (from left), junior

girls champion Jody, senior girls champion Molly, senior boys

champion Alex and junior boys champion Aydan.


School teacher Liz Coster with

the gold award won at the

recent Malvern Responsible

Business Awards.


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Tuesday November 15 2016

Hororata’s top scouts

earn numerous awards

New entrant



Has your child recently

started school? Send your

photos to tom.doudney@

• By Tom Doudney

BEFORE LAST month no

member of the Hororata Scout

Group had ever earned the

Queen’s Scout Award or a gold

Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary


Now one of its venturer

scouts, Brogan Baldwin, 17, has

achieved both.

She was presented with both

awards, the highest a youth

scouting member can earn, by

Governor General Dame Patsy

Reddy last month, and was

recognised again at a recent

ceremony at the Hororata Scout


The honours come two years

after she became the group’s

first ever female chief scout.

To earn the awards, Brogan

completed a range of tasks and

challenges over 12 months,

including travelling to Borneo

where she was part of a group

which helped build and raise

funds for a basketball court at a

local village; and helping to run

a Scouts New Zealand leaders’


Brogan was one of six from

the Hororata Scout Group to be

recognised at the ceremony.

Hanako Wilson, James

Grafton and Thomas Grafton

HIGH ACHIEVER: Brogan Baldwin was presented with her

Queen Scout and Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award by her

venturer leader David Grafton.

received Chief Scout Awards

and bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s

Hillary Awards. Rachel

McLean also received the Chief

Scout Award and Robert Harris

received his bronze, bilver and

gold Scout Awards along with

10 personal challenge badges.

Hororata venturer leader

David Grafton said for a small

country group, these were

outstanding achievements by its

youth members.

Brogan’s awards were particularly


“She is an outstanding young

lady who is years ahead of her

age in maturity,” Mr Grafton


“I would expect, in time, to

see big things from Brogan, she

is just one of those people.”

FIRST DAY: West Melton School

welcomed a number of new entrants

recently. (Above) Isabelle, Robbie,

Evelyn, Ethan, (below) Sophie, Lara,

Vibeke, Austin and (right) Hayden.

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Guitar pack

Fender Squirer Strat, AXL Amp,

Tuner, Lead, Strap and pics.






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from $6000

Cnr Wordsworth & Brisbane Sts, Christchurch.

Free On-Site Parking off Brisbane Street. Ph: 366 1949



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Including adaptor


SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 17

Lemonwood Grove School

days foster community feel

The new and exciting Lemonwood Grove

School/Te Uru Tarata in Rolleston opened

its doors to students and parents on

Community Planting Day to view the

impressive new campus for the first time,

and be a part of a very special school


As the time draws closer to

the opening of Lemonwood

Grove School/ Te Uru Tarata

the future school

pupils, parents,


Board of Trustees

(EBoT) and

staff have been

participating in a

number of events

to help foster a

positive school

community and


The first event

to be held was

a community

get together at

the Farringdon

playground where

EBoT members

and school families

were able to

participate in fun

activities including

a bouncy castle,

craft table, face

painting, and


The community

planting day at the

school, organised

and sponsored by

Southbase, gave

all participants a sense of ownership as

they all mucked in to get the landscape

looking more beautiful by planting

native plants around the school

The Lemonwood Grove School Establishment

Board of Trustees: Tracey Riley (Chairperson), Keren

Hocken, Drew Winter, Maureen Kerr (Governance

Facilitator), Sean Bailey (Foundation Principal)

Rebeca Scott, Linda Youl (Ministry of Education).

buildings with help from Outerspace

Landscapes. The planting was followed

by a sausage sizzle and refreshments

as well as a walk

through the new

school to see

what the learning


will be like

when the first

pupils start next

year. Southbase

Construction even

added in a pleasant

surprise when it

gifted the school

colourful, modern

chairs for the hall

and gym.



Tracey Riley

says the


members have

been extremely

positive about

the new school


and the


formed at the

two events have

been a great first

step in developing productive working

relationships between the EBoT, staff

and families.

“There is a real excitement by

everyone in the community about

Lemonwood Grove School. What is

fantastic to see is that future learners

are excited about being the foundation

students. The staff members have been

extremely approachable and parents are

also feeling real ownership of the school

with much interest in the Board of

Trustees elections in May 2017.”

“We are all looking

forward to seeing those

foundation students

walk through the

gates next year and

to see the wonderful

learning that will happen in this new


Lemonwood School principal

Sean Bailey says he’s most excited

about developing learner-centred

relationships with the community.

“These relationships will mean we will

develop children who are problem

solvers, who work hard and are engaged

in the learning process. They will be

motivated to work both on their own

and collaboratively with other students.”

The school uniform is also an

important aspect in creating an identity

for students, says EBoT member

Rebecca Scott. “We are so excited about

our uniform. It is a totally unique

colour and we know the children are

going to love it and wear it with pride.”

Located in the Farringdon

subdivision, the formation of the new

school has involved a huge effort by the

EBoT which has worked closely with

Stephenson and Turner Architects,

Southbase Construction and

the Ministry of Education.

Set to open on January 30,

2017, the school will cater for

up to 450 students in years

1 to 8 with a stage two plan in

place to increase this number to

750. For more information visit

Lemonwood Grove School

540-546 East Maddisons Road, Rolleston



Road resealing

underway for summer

Council’s road maintenance contractor (HEB Construction Ltd) has begun resealing work on

the district’s roads. Resealing is undertaken during the warmer, drier weather conditions of the

spring, summer and early autumn. A list of road sections being resealed in 2016/17 is available

on the Council’s website, Resealing work will be undertaken on 99 different

sections of road with a total length of around 85 kilometres.

Approximately 5.5 kilometres of road rehabilitation work will also be undertaken over the spring

and summer. Three sections of road have been confirmed where this work will take place:

Deans Road (between Auchenflower Road and the Hawkins River), Bealey Road (west of the

Waianiwaniwa River) and Gerald Street (between Vernon Drive and Springs Road). The sections

on Deans Road and Bealey Road will have a granular overlay of the existing seal. The section on

Gerald Street will have the kerb and dish channel replaced, the old road pavement excavated, the

subgrade strengthened and a new road pavement constructed.

Since 2014, the Council has increased its roading maintenance budget to carry out more resealing

and road rehabilitation work as our roads become busier and carry more heavy vehicles.

Explore Selwyn: Rakaia Gorge Walk

This DOC track offers spectacular views of the gorge and can be

completed in a morning or afternoon. The track winds through

several forest and shrub areas before climbing the historic ferryman’s

track. After an hour’s walking you will reach one of several glacial and

river-carved terraces providing sweeping views with a breath taking

backdrop of Mt Hutt. The walk then dips down into a gully where the

abandoned Snowdon coal mines can be seen.

The track is often steep and has some big steps and rough terrain

so it is not suitable for buggies or wheelchairs. It travels through

farmland where dogs are not allowed. It begins at the Rakaia Gorge

Bridge and follows the river for about 5km before turning around

and returning along the same route.

Time/Distance: 3-4 hours,

about 10km total distance.

Difficulty: Medium

How to get there: Take state

Highway 72 Inland Scenic

Route. The walk begins by

the car park at the gorge

bridge. It’s a 45 minute drive

from Rolleston.

Meet your Councillor –

Debra Hasson

Debra is one of three Councillors in the Springs ward, which covers

Lincoln, Prebbleton, Springston, Tai Tapu and surrounding areas.

She can be contacted via phone on 027 435 5055 or by emailing

What do you hope to achieve while on the Council?

More recognition that environmental responsibility is a cost

that Council will have to absorb in its rates. I would like to

investigate district wide rating opportunities where environmental

improvements benefit all, but apply the "polluter pays principle"

to targeted groups. This principle is in place for community water

consumption but needs to be extended to water races and landdrainage

and in this case concentric rating may be the answer?

What do you like about the area you represent?

Our urban and rural environment

mix and the knowledge base

from our research facilities, many

who are volunteers enhancing

environmental understanding in

our community. Urban residents

live in close proximity to the rural

environment, while still being

within commuting distance to

Christchurch City.

How would you describe yourself?

Adventurous but diligent in my

thinking; not afraid to ask the

"hard questions." I tend to be a

person of principle.

Future options for Springston Hall

Springston residents are being asked to share their views on

options for the future of their town hall and community centre.

The Springston Community Centre suffered damage in the 2010-

11 earthquakes and although it has been repaired and remained in

use by community groups, it will require significant upgrading and

strengthening to meet building code requirements in the future.

The Hall Committee is working with the Council to plan for the

future. A number of options have been developed, ranging from no

upgrading through to retaining and strengthening the main hall, or

removing and replacing it with a new facility.

Two drop-in sessions are being held this week so that local

residents and facility users can find out more about the options and

give their feedback. Council staff will be there to discuss the project,

including the current status of the hall and buildings, work needed

to bring the facilities up to standard, costs of the different options

and how these might affect rates. You can find out more and share

your views at

The drop-in sessions will held at Springston Community Centre on:

· Friday 18 November from 5 – 7pm, and

· Saturday 19 November from 1pm – 3pm.

Sport travel fund open

Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Funding is available for Selwyn

sport teams who need to travel to local competition games and

have members aged 5-19 years. School competitions in school

time are not eligible. This funding round is for summer sports only.

For information and application forms contact Stuart on 347 2708

or email Applications close Friday

25 November.

On the roads this week

Road repairs will take place on Hoskyns Road. Road reconstruction work continues on Deans Road.

Traffic controls are operating at both sites, with the roads remaining open. Edgebreak repair work is

planned for Newtons and Weedons Ross Roads, which remain open to traffic. Footpath repairs will

occur on Petticoat Lane and Greenan Place in Doyleston. Maintenance grading will occur in the high

country, Brookside, Burnham and Rolleston areas.

Council Call

Selwyn District Council

Norman Kirk Drive Rolleston

Ph 347 2800 or 318 8338

Rolleston Library

Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

Ph 347 2880

Darfield Library & Service Centre

1 South Terrace, Darfield

Ph 318 8338 or 347 2780






Wednesday 16 November

Rakaia Huts 9.30-10am

Southbridge School


Thursday 17 November

Prebbleton Tavern 3.30-5.30pm

Monday 21 November

Tai Tapu Playcentre* 9.30-10am

Ako Rolleston 10.30-11am

Rolleston Christian School


Selwyn Kids* 1.30-2pm

Rolly Kids* 2-2.30pm

Tuesday 22 November

Glenroy Hall* 11.40am-12.10pm

Windwhistle School* 1-1.30pm

Glentunnel School* 1.55-2.55pm

Glentunnel Hall* 3-3.30 pm

*last visit for 2016


By now you should have

received your rates invoice

for the second quarter of

the 2016-17 rating year. This

invoice covers the period from 1


Public Forums: Council,

Community Board and local

committee meetings are open

to the public. Time is available at

the start of meetings for people

to speak on matters of concern.

Please notify Bernadette Ryan

(Council), Kate Anderson

(Community Board) or your local

committee at least three days

before the meeting.

Township, Hall and Reserve

Committees: To list or make

changes to meeting details, email


nz or phone 347 2800 or 318

8338 by 9am Wednesday the

week before publication.



Unless stated meetings are held

at Rolleston Council Building

Audit and Risk Subcommittee

Wednesday 16 Nov 3pm

Road Safety Committee

Thurs 17 Nov 9.30am

Council Meeting

Wed 23 Nov 1pm

Water Race Subcommittee

Mon 28 Nov 1.30pm

Malvern Community Board

Mon 28 Nov 4pm

Darfield Library/Service Centre

Is there an issue affecting your

community you want to bring

to the Board’s attention and

find out how we can help? See

‘Meetings’ for information on our

Public Forum

Council Meeting

Wed 7 Dec 1pm



Broadfield District Community

Centre Committee

Thurs 24 Nov 7.30pm

Broadfield Community Centre

Triennial Elections

Castle Hill Community


Mon 28 Nov 5.30pm by Skype

Coalgate Township Committee

Tue 15 Nov 7.30pm

Coalgate Bowling Club

Triennial Elections followed by

ordinary meeting

Courtenay Reserve Committee

Wed 23 Nov 7pm

October 2016 to 31 December

2016, and is due for payment

by 2 December 2016. If you

have not received your invoice,

please contact our Rates team

on 347 2776, or email us at If you

have recently moved properties,

please phone or email us to

update your contact details.


Selwyn has sister cities cultural

and friendship relationships and

exchanges with our sister cities

in Japan, China, Coventry in

Rhode Island, USA; and Toraja,

Indonesia. A committee meeting

will occur at 5pm Tuesday 22

November at the Council’s

Rolleston Headquarters.

Anyone is welcome to attend.

RSVP to Bernadette on 347

2830 or email bernadette.ryan@ for catering.


Te Ara Kākāriki – Canterbury

Greenway Trust has opened

Courtenay School

Triennial Elections

Darfield Township Committee

Thurs 17 Nov 7.30pm

Darfield Library/Service Centre

Dunsandel Community


Mon 5 Dec 7.30pm

Dunsandel Hall

Triennial Election followed by

ordinary meeting

Glenroy Community Hall


Tue 15 Nov 8pm

Glenroy Community Hall

Glenroy Community Hall


Tue 22 Nov 8pm

Glenroy Community Hall

Triennial Election

Glentunnel Township Committee

Mon 28 Nov 7.30pm

Glentunnel Hall

Triennial Elections followed by

ordinary meeting

Hororata Citizens Committee

Tue 22 Nov 7.30pm, Hororata Hall

Triennial Elections

Killinchy Community Centre


Mon 21 Nov 7.30pm

Killinchy Community Centre

Triennial Elections

Kimberley Hall & Reserve


Tue 22 Nov 8pm, Kimberley Hall

Triennial Elections followed by

ordinary meeting

Kirwee Community Committee

Mon 21 Nov 7.30pm, Kirwee Hall

Triennial Elections

Ladbrooks Community Hall


Fri 2 Dec 7.45pm

Ladbrooks Community Hall

Lake Coleridge Community


Fri 18 Nov 7.30pm

Lake Coleridge Hall

Triennial Elections

Leeston Park Association

Mon 28 Nov 8pm

Leeston Park Pavilion

Triennial Election followed by

ordinary meeting

Lincoln Event Centre

Governance Committee

Wed 16 Nov 7.30pm

applications for landowners

seeking assistance to establish

native greendots on their farms.

As part of the Selwyn Natural

Environment Fund, the trust

provides restoration advice,

site visits, restoration plans,

and administers a contestable

fund for planting projects by

landowners. Email office@ to apply.



Applications for grant funding

are invited by the Canterbury

Earthquake Heritage Building

Trust. The Trust has taken over

the operations of the Canterbury

Earthquake Heritage Building

Fund (formed 2010). It provides

financial assistance for building

retention and restoration to

owners of damaged heritage

and character buildings.

The closing date for applications

is 5pm, Friday 16 December.

For details see www.heritage. or phone 03 363 1889.

Lincoln Event Centre

Triennial Elections

Lincoln Event Centre

Governance Committee

Wed 30 Nov 7pm

Lincoln Event Centre

Mead Hall Committee

Tue 15 Nov 7.30pm, Mead Hall

Triennial Elections

Prebbleton Community

Association Inc. – AGM

Tue 15 Nov 7.30pm

Prebbleton Hall

Prebbleton Reserve Committee

Mon 21 Nov 7.30pm

Prebbleton Rugby Football Club

Triennial Elections

Rolleston Reserve

Management Committee

Mon 21 Nov 7.30pm

Rolleston Community Centre

Rolleston Residents

Association Inc.

Mon 28 Nov 7.30pm

Rolleston Community Centre


Community Committee

Thurs 15 Dec 7.30pm

Sheffield Hall

Triennial Election followed by

ordinary meeting

Springston Community


Mon 21 Nov 7.30pm

Springston Hall Supper Room

Triennial Elections

Springston Hall Committee

Thurs 1 Dec 7.30pm

Springston Hall

Springston Recreation Reserve


Mon 21 Nov 7.30pm

Springston Hall Supper Room

Triennial Elections (changed date)

Weedons Reserve Committee

Mon 21 Nov 7.30pm

Weedons Reserve Pavilion

Triennial Elections

West Melton Community Centre


Tue 29 Nov 7.30pm

West Melton Community Centre

Triennial Elections

West Melton Reserve Board


Mon 21 Nov 7pm

West Melton Rugby Clubrooms

Triennial Elections

Selwyn Events


16 & 23




















Anxiety & Depression

in Youth

Lincoln & Darfield

Free workshops with Dr Chris Taua

on what triggers anxiety & depression

in adolescents, how it affects them &

strategies to help manage emotions.

Sessions run 6.30-8.30pm at

Lincoln Event Centre (16 November)

& Darfield Recreation Centre (23

November). Booking required – see

Dairy Farm Open Day

Lincoln University Dairy Farm,

Shands Road

Find out how grass becomes milk.

Bring your gumboots & questions.

Free. See

Open 12-2.30pm 18 November &

1-4pm 19 November

Selwyn Arts Trust

Mix & Mingle

West Melton Rugby Clubrooms,


Free informal event hosted by the

Selwyn Arts Trust where you can

network & connect with others.

Supper provided. Phone Duncan on

027 7028 345 for details

Car boot sale

Church of the Resurrection

Rolleston, 9am

A Christmas themed car boot sale at

40 Brookside Road. $10 per site, to

book a site phone Judith on 347 8841

The Maddie Concert

Rolleston Community Centre,


An all ages concert fundraising for

a life-saving operation for Maddie

Collins. With music, dancers, market

stalls, wine, food, face painting, fairies,

pony rides, costume competition for

kids, raffles & prizes. Tickets available


Happy Fingers Christmas

pop up shop

Selwyn Gallery, Darfield,


Support local crafters & find a

great Christmas gift. Features new

stall holders

Christmas Encraftment


Lincoln Event Centre, 11am-4pm

120 stalls featuring clothing,

accessories, jewellery, houseware,

stationery, toys, art prints & more.

Plus delicious coffee, sweet & savoury

temptations. ATM onsite

For information on listing a community event visit

Leeston Library & Service Centre

19 Messines Street, Leeston

Ph 347 2871

Lincoln Library & Service Centre

Gerald Street, Lincoln

Ph 347 2876

(03) 347 2800

Darfield call free 318 8338


Tuesday November 15 2016



Test your sense of adventure at

Whether it is mountain

biking, walking, thrill

seeking or coffee,

Christchurch Adventure

Park aims to offer

something for everyone.

Bridget Rutherford


FIVE YEARS ago, Canadian

leisure developer Select

Evolution was keen to build a

new adventure park.

It searched the United

Kingdom, Europe, and even

Queenstown and Auckland, to

no avail.

But in 2011, Christchurch

mountain biker Tim Prebble was

sitting on a chairlift next to a

woman at Whistler Blackcomb –

a mountain bike park in British


The woman was working at the

park as a coach.

But not only did she work

there, she was one of the brains

behind it – Select Evolution

chairwoman Fiona Sutton.

Mr Prebble suggested Select

should develop a similar adventure

park in Christchurch, but

she told him there was nowhere


But Mr Prebble knew just the

OPENING SOON: Select Evolution programme developer Darron Charity in front of the chairlift.

place – a 364ha forest block,

owned by McVicar Holdings Ltd

between Dyers Pass, Worsleys

and Summit Rds.

Just 17min from the city centre,

it connected to some of the

existing mountain bike tracks

in the Port Hills, and had the

perfect valley to install a chairlift

and zip lines.

Within three months Ms Sutton

visited the site.

“One thing led to another,”

Select Evolution programme

developer Darron Charity said.

But fate and a bit of luck

weren’t the only things that

brought the development to


“It took a hell of a lot of hard

work to get it across the line,” he


When phase one of the

Christchurch Adventure Park is

completed in December it will

be the largest of its kind in the

Southern Hemisphere.

To date it has cost $25 million.

The Government and

city council’s Development

Christchurch each contributed

$2 million, while the remaining

funding had come from a bank

loan, New Urban Group, and investment

from the United States,

Singapore and New Zealand.

> radio control

car racing

> drone racing

> electric grass karts

> solar electric cars

> electric bike

building competition

> robotics scrimmage

test drive




festival of engineering, sustainability

& transpOrtation technoloGies

supported by

for more

info visit

/ evolocityfestt




G0ld coin


> 27




SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 21

new Port Hills leisure park

“We’ll have to go to market

to secure funding for the next

phase,” Mr Charity said.

He said the developers,

manufacturers and contractors

had crammed 20 months of work

into eight, just to get the park

open as a Christmas present for


There could be up to 150

contractors on site each day,

while there were another 100

people working on it off site, he


Construction began in April,

and already the early bird season

pass tickets have sold out. More

tickets aimed at casual users

and families will be released this


What’s more is the park is on

schedule and on budget, he said.

“We set a budget four years ago

and we’re still delivering on it. It’s

extremely tight.”

The majority of the new tracks

had been carved – some with

diggers, but the more technical

ones have been built by hand,

with the help of volunteers armed

with shovels and rakes.

Each jump has been designed

by engineers.

The 8km green track has a

gradient of about 3-4 per cent,

while the 5km blue track is about

5-6 per cent.

FITS IN: The cafe and bar is being built by Amalgamated Builders out of douglas fir – the same timber as the trees that surrounds it.

The hardest – the 5km black

track – is where the jumps are

introduced and is for more

experienced riders.

Riders from the age of seven

can have a go at mountain biking

at the park, and a track will be

installed for under five-year-olds

next to the cafe.

Mr Charity said the park

would get more people outdoors

and into the sport.

There would be 16 coaches at

the park, and mountain bikes

and safety equipment could be

hired, he said.

“This is a sport progression


But it’s not just for mountain

and downhill biking.

There is also a walking track,

you could enjoy a coffee or a

drink at the cafe and bar, not to

mention the activities for thrill


Four dual zip lines have been

installed in different parts of the

park – with one being 180m off

the ground.

At 1.8km, the electric-powered

chairlift will be the largest in

New Zealand, with the ability to

hold 56 chairs at any one time. At

the top, it will be 450m high.

Its control room arrives in the

next few weeks.

People will be able to ride the

chairlift to get to the top of the

park, where they can either use

the tracks to come down, head up

to the Summit Rd, or ride the zip

lines down.

Four people could fit in each

chair, with a stand for them to

park their bikes in.

The chairlift is custom-built to

the land.

Mr Charity said the douglas fir

trees below the chairlift had to

be cut down before a drone was

used to take footage of the route.

It was then sent over to

Austrian manufacturer

Doppelmayr which built the

towers, before shipping them to

Lyttelton, he said.

Mr Charity said contractors

spent three months doing

concrete work in preparation for

the tower installation, which took

a month.

At the entrance to the park,

three douglas fir timber buildings

sit amongst the forestry, housing

the ticketing reception, the

hire facilities and a cafe and

bar, which could seat up to 180


Mr Charity said the cafe and

bar would stock local produce,

and drinks, including Cassels

and Sons Brewery beer and wine

from Black Estate, Waipara.

“It has to feel like


•Turn to page 23







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Choc drizzled

fruit puffs and


set in caramel

on top of a

fudge biscuit

base. Yummy!!



Sweet bun

dough infused


3 49 $ 3 49


with raspberry

preserve and

finished off

with a light

raspberry icing.




Promotion valid 1st - 30th November 2016.

Winner will be notified Friday 9th December

2016. Terms & conditions apply. Full terms &

conditions can be found at


Dairy Dale 2L varieties.


5 98

2 FOR or $3.19 each



2 00


Promotional pricing available while stocks last from 14/11/16 to 20/11/16.

Images are serving suggestions only.

Open 7 days | 8 Convenient local locations

Hornby • Barrington • Ferry Rd • Papanui • Riccarton • Upper Riccarton • New Brighton • Rangiora



Tuesday November 15 2016


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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 23


Adventure park set to open next month

•From page 21

There will eventually be 235 car

parks, and the entire park will be


Mr Charity said phase two

would see the construction of a

1.5km mountain coaster, a luge

on a track which would travel

up to 80km/h. The New York

designers visited recently to plan


That is expected to be completed

by December, 2017.

The village is also part of phase

two, which eventually would

have 282 beds.

Mr Charity said they hoped

to host school camps, and could

teach students about the forest

and ecology, along with groups

wanting to do team-building


The benefit the park would

have on the city’s economy was

a huge driver for the project, he


“We’ve always seen this as a

major boost for New Zealand

tourism. It attracts the overnight

stay in Christchurch,” he said.

It is expected to bring another

30,000 bed-nights to Christchurch,

he said.

The park would also employ

between 100 and 120 staff, most

of them local.

BIG JOB: Construction of Christchurch Adventure Park began in April, after about four years of



In the future, they hoped to

bring international mountain

and downhill races to Christchurch.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel said the

project would set Christchurch

apart as a great place to visit, and


“It really fits the city’s image

in terms of sport and recreation

from mountain to sea.”

She said it needed an extraordinary

commitment to deliver the

project in a short space, however

it had been four years of trying to

pull it together.

“Fiona told me that when

she felt they weren’t getting the

investment, she’d go and sit at the

site and say it has to happen and

now it’s a reality.”

Downhill mountain biker Lachlan

Cruickshank said the park

was one of the reasons he moved

to Christchurch, and he had already

snapped up a season pass.

“It is going to be one of the

best bike parks in the Southern

Hemisphere and could develop

Christchurch into a real mecca of

the sport going forward.”

Mr Charity said Select Evolution

had a 50-year lease for the

land, and it hoped to continue to

develop more of it.

“There’s at least 120km of track

that we can develop in here.

There’s so much scope.”

He said it was a “legacy project”

and as a cyclist himself,

was looking forward to riding it

rather than working on it.

“I didn’t expect to be working

100-hour weeks. But to see the

park come to life is always a

dream. It’s exceeded my expectations

in what it’s become.”

• Christchurch Adventure

Park will have its official

opening on December 16. It

will be open from 10am-8pm

in summer, and 10am-5pm in










HORNBY 409 Main South Road | Open 10am–5pm, 7 days


Tuesday November 15 2016


Colouring Competition!

Pick up instore or download from

Available in

te reo Maori/



5 99


Fresh NZ Pork Shoulder Roast

(Excludes Free Range)


4 99


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5 00

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4 99


Tip Top Ice Cream 2L


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L&P 1.5L/Golden Circle

Fruit Drink 1L

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(Excludes Sparkling/

Reserves/ Double Barrel)


18 99



12 x 330ml Bottles


7 99



3 90


Mediterranean Layered/

Chunky Dip 135g

Shopping just got easier

Best deals are here!

FreshChoice Leeston

78 High Street, Leeston.

Open 7am-8pm, 7 days.

Prices apply from Tuesday 15th November to

Sunday 20th November 2016, or while stocks last.


324 3788

FreshChoice Leeston

Owned and


by locals

Certain products may not be

available in all stores. Savings

are based on non-promotional

price. Limits may apply.


SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 25

Ruapuna revs up this weekend


THE BUILD-UP for this

summer’s New Zealand

Sprintcar Championship begins

in earnest at Ruapuna on

Saturday night.

The Racecourse Hotel and

Motor Lodge Ruapuna Speedway

hosts the first round of the

$60,000 War of the Wings series,

with 25 drivers set to enter the


Drivers will qualify in two

lap-time trials and take part in

heat races before 18 cars face the

starter in the 25-lap feature race.

A number of drivers will be

using this weekend’s race as a

springboard to the nationals,

which will be held at Ruapuna in


Hornby racer Jamie Duff is

likely to carry the favourite tag

into Saturday night’s event after

a commanding win in the King

of the Clay event at Ruapuna

earlier this month.

Duff has not contested the

entire War of the Wings series

for several years, preferring to

contract and race at Western

Springs in Auckland.

However, Duff Motorsport

has moved its allegiance back

to the mainland and the War of

the Wings is a priority.

There will be a lot of interest

in the showing of four former

Woodford Glen competitors

who have all changed classes to

participate in the series.

READY TO GO: About 25 sprintcars will line up for the War of the Wings series at Ruapuna.

Former superstock racer Jason

Smith is now in his second season

of racing sprintcars and he

has shown plenty of pace in early

season events and can now see

some familiar faces with Martin

Harcourt (super saloons), Jackson

Lovelady (saloons) and Luke

Keegan (modifieds) having come

across town for the summer.

Keegan, a three-time winner

of the national modified crown,

has looked particularly sharp in

early season races, campaigning

in a Maxim, imported from the

United States by the Boulton

Racing Team.

One seasoned campaigner

who is relishing the influx of

drivers to the class is veteran Ray

Baughan, a long-time stalwart of

the sprintcar section at Ruapuna.

Last summer, Baughan shared

the overall War of the Wings

title with Ashburton’s Matt

Honeywell and Australian Allan

Woods, and he is very determined

not to have to share the

honours this summer.

Saturday night’s action starts

at 6pm, with the two-lap time

trials. Racing begins at 6.30pm.



back to beat


HALSWELL HAS come back

from two consecutive losses to

beat previous one-day cricket

table leader Heathcote at

Halswell Domain.

Heathcote won the toss and

put Halswell in to bat first on


Geoff Barclay hit a brisk 36

and was well-supported by his

captain Leighton Johnston (28),

but the loss of these two wickets

saw a collapse for Halswell.

Matt Parr scored a wellcompiled

47, but Halswell were

dismissed for 149 on a very good

batting deck.

Halswell bowled a great

line and length and took early

Heathcote wickets to have them

in all sorts of trouble at 32/5

before rolling them for 54.

Parr took 2-12 from his four

overs, Barclay took 3-13 from

six overs, Mike Chatterton

took 3-12 from seven overs and

Johnston took 2-10 from nine




Much loved gourmet

food made our way



7am - 1.30pm


• Hand-made on premises daily

• Wide selection of gorgeous, tasty slices

• Fresh cut sandwiches, paninis, bagels & salads

• Delicious pies, sausage rolls, quiches, muffins

& scones

• Gluten free options available

66-68 Springs Rd |


Ph 344 6044 | Open Mon-Fri 6am-3.30pm

Start your day

with us

We are open from 6.30am

every day






Join us for

Race Day


MAkE uS YOur

NO. 1 StOP fOr

frESh fruit AND



Phone 349 5952

Cnr Springs Rd & Marshs Rd,


(next to Milanese Restaurant)


CAtEriNg & trADE


‘Famous for

their roasts!’


Kid’s Special

Two courses

Great Kids menu plus designated play area.


Two courses:

Soup/Roast or Roast/Dessert

Special available lunch only

Monday - Saturday 12pm - 2.30pm. Conditions apply





Open daily from 6.30am - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner



& Motorlodge

118 Racecourse Rd, Sockburn,

Christchurch. Ph 03 342 7150












plus top line corporate fights

Door sales $40 or @Dash















Hornby WMC | ph 03 349 9026 | 17 Carmen Road | Hornby | Members, guests & affiliates welcome


Tuesday November 15 2016


The new Mirage is ready to dazzle,

with 15” alloys and sophisticated

styling from bumper to bumper.

4.9L/100km fuel efficiency, a 5 star

safety rating and a 10 year warranty

make it a must-see, too. Visit or call

03 379 0588 for a test drive.

Price applies to Mirage XLS and excludes On Road Costs of $750 which includes Registration, WoF and a full tank of fuel. See for full Diamond Advantage terms and conditions.

cnr Montreal & St Asaph Streets, Christchurch. Sales, Service & Parts: 03 379 0588

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 27


by 5pm each Wednesday

Contemporary Artwork

Tuesday to Sunday, weekly

until November 24

An exhibition of work

from artists Paul Smith and

Rick Rubens. Featuring both

paintings and furniture,

this exhibition showcases

two very different forms of

artistic expression, which

are nonetheless connected

by a passion for beauty and

meticulous production.

The Selwyn Gallery, 17 South

Tce, Darfield. Free entry

Halswell Pottery Group

Annual Exhibition

Wednesday to Sunday, 10am-

4pm, weekly until December 4

Each year the group puts

together an exhibition to

celebrate the creativity of its

members. This year, members’

work is dedicated to the group’s

patron, the late Ron Gardiner


Down by the Liffey Gallery, 1

James St, Lincoln. Free entry

Science Alive

Tuesday to Thursday, 3.30-


Science Alive will host

interactive sessions at the

district’s libraries on how to

save planet Earth. The sessions

are designed to appeal to

children aged 5-12. The

sessions are free but booking

is required via www.

Leeston Library on

Tuesday; Rolleston Library on

Wednesday; Lincoln Library on


Keeping Pests On A Short


Thursday, 6-7.30pm

The sixth and final event of

the Change Makers, a series of

public lectures. Presented

by Professor Stephen Goldson,

this lecture will look at

keeping pests on a short

leash and changing biological

control in New Zealand’s

grassland ecosystems. Doors

open at 5.30pm for light


Lincoln University. Free entry

Dairy farm Open Days

Friday, noon-2.30pm, and

Saturday, 1-4pm

Find out how grass becomes

milk at one of two Lincoln

University Dairy Farm open

days. Bring your gumboots and


Lincoln University Dairy

Farm, 1504 Shands Rd. Free


LAID BACK: Enjoy a day of good old country fun at the 141st Courtenay A&P Show on Saturday.

The show, held at the Kirwee Showgrounds, will feature sheep, cattle, goats, horses, poultry,

sheep dog trials, produce, home industries, photography and art, flowers, steam tractors,

machinery and vintage cars. Check out the selection of trade stalls, food, liquid refreshments,

entertainment and, of course, the fair ground rides. The theme of this year’s show is ‘innovations

– past, present and future.’ Entry costs $10 for adults and children under-16 enter for free.

The Sheffield Book Exchange

Sunday, noon-3pm

Bring a book and exchange it

for another. Donations of books

are also welcome.

Any questions, phone Michelle

on 318 3000.

Sheffield Hall, corner Railway

Tce East and Wrights Rd


The local markets have a lot on

offer, from fresh produce to hand

made crafts

West Melton Market: Saturday,

9am-noon. St Paul’s Church.

Leeston Market: Saturday,

9.30-12.30pm. Ellesmere Cooperating

Church, High St. Free


Lincoln Farmers’ and Craft

Market: Saturday, 10am-1pm.

Gerald St, Lincoln.

Darfield Market: Saturday,

10am-2pm, next to Farmlands on

South Tce, Darfield.

Edendale Car Boot

Sale: Sunday, 10am-3pm,

Edendale Cafe, 888 Sandy Knolls

Rd, West Melton.

Running Groups

The running groups aim to

get like-minded members of the

community fit and engaged with

each other. All running groups

have a stagnated start to cater

for different abilities

Lincoln Road Runners:

Tuesday registration from

5.30pm, starts at 6pm. 3km or

6km. Starts at Lincoln University.

Gold coin donations.

Malvern Road Runners:

Tuesday registration from

5.40pm, starts at 6pm. 3km or

6km. Starts from Malvern Netball


Prebbleton Runners: Tuesday

registration from 6pm. 3km

or 6km walk or run. Starts

from Prebbleton Reserve soccer

ground. Gold coin donations.

Ellesmere Road Runners:

Wednesday registration from

5.45, starts at 6pm. 3km or 6km

walk or run. Starts from Leeston


Weedons School in Christchurch has been educating children since 1871 and to mark its 145th

birthday the school is holding an exciting Christmas Twilight Fair on Friday, December 2 from 5pm

until 9pm and special celebration preparations are underway.

The organisers have been working hard for more than eight months to bring this special fundraising

event together which will include craft stalls, food vendors, entertainment and even a visit from

Santa Claus. Both organisers and students are

looking forward to showcasing their school to

Christchurch and the local community.

For those who may have been avoiding the

stress of Christmas shopping, the fair is a

fantastic opportunity to buy last minute

Christmas gifts in a relaxed and friendly

atmosphere. An Eftpos facility will be

available, and families with young ones can

take advantage of the children’s activities

offered on the day including face painting,

pony rides, bouncy castles and more.

Funds raised will go towards a new musical

playground for the children of Weedons

School which “encourages challenge and

exploration,” Kathy Bell, Principal of Weedons

School says. “The play area is likely to contain

percussion equipment of various sizes and

shapes that will allow children to explore the

elements of sound and audio play equipment

that has a science element to it and encourages

exercise and fitness.”


Tuesday November 15 2016



Get eggplant in the ground for February harvest

• By Tod Palenski

WHAT’S NOT to love about

having eggplant in your garden?

The fruit of this tropical perennial

is a perfect addition to

vege stews, an essential ingredient

in Mediterranean moussaka

and French ratatouille, and

great simply sliced, sprinkled

with salt and barbecued.

Look in your vegetable

garden for a well-drained and

sunny position to grow your

eggplant, otherwise known as


If you planted capsicum

and cucumbers recently like

I recommended, try popping

your eggplant seedlings next to


They’re good companion

plants, as they all like the same


They also like to hang their

fruit, so grow well planted in a

pot or raised garden bed.

Grab some seedlings and

simply plant around 20cm

apart. If you don’t have a suitable

raised bed or tub, add

some straw or newspaper

around the base of the plants

to stop the fruit from sitting on

damp soil and rotting. To help

your seedlings establish well,

making mini glasshouses out of

old milk bottles.

Cut the bottom off a recycled

and clean milk bottle. Put the

top over the plant but remove

the lid to allow for a bit of

wind circulation. Once they get

growing you can remove the

milk bottles.

The key with eggplants is not

over watering. They like it quite

dry and sunny and will rot if

they get too much water. If you

do water them, make sure you

avoid overhead watering.

In around February, your

fruit should be ready to harvest.

For a tasty addition to your

late summer barbecues, simply

slice the fruit into about six to

eight pieces (around 1cm thick

each), brush with olive oil on

both sides and barbecue. Once

cooked, add some rock salt for

taste and serve as a side.

Lastly, although eggplant

is technically a perennial (a

plant that dies down and pops

up again for many growing

seasons), in New Zealand it

tends to behave like an annual

because of our temperate climate,

which means once you’ve

harvested all your fruit simply

remove the plants and replant

next year.

GOOD COMPANIONS: The key to growing eggplant is not over watering.


Garden Supplies

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• Warm & dry in winter

• UV protection for summer

• Stylish & permanent

• 5 year warranty





We deliver 6 days a week

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Mon & Fri 8am–5pm, Sat 8am–3pm

Eftpos available

Call us on 021 241 7908

1543 Springs rd, lincoln

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Chris Thorndycroft

Phone 0800 27 24 46 |

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It’S Sow Time

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seeds and seedlings

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Otari-wilton Bush

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How a rose register is protecting our heritage

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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 29

Don’t let the rain stop you from gardening

EVEN THOUGH it has been a

wet start to the summer months

there are plenty of tasks to do in

the garden.

All summer vegetables should

now have been planted. This includes;

beans, beetroot, cabbage,

celery, corn, cucumber, lettuce,

courgettes, spring onions, peas,

pumpkin, radish, spinach, tomatoes,

silverbeet and kumara.

Make sure your developing

vegetables are well watered –

without over watering them.

Continue to ‘lateral’ (nip out

shoots that appear between the

junction of a leaf and the stem)

tomatoes and tie them to stakes

for support. Keep staggering

your vegetable plantings for

continuous cropping over the


New season herbs should also

be planted by mid-November.

It’s now safe to plant herbs

like basil and coriander as the

chance of frosts is minimal.

Remember herbs grow best in

a fine, well-drained soil in full

sun. They struggle in heavy clay

soil and in shady parts of the


Often the best month for

roses, full, clean blooms are

growing on healthy plants. Side

dress with fertiliser every 4-6

weeks. Dead head regularly to

aid continuous blooming.

For hedges, aim to trim them

‘a little and often’– they are best

trimmed after a flush of new

seasons growth. Water and

fertilise plants regularly to help

achieve a strong dense hedge.

This is especially important with

newly planted hedges.

Mulching is incredibly important

over the summer months to

keep your garden healthy. The

best mulch is a form of organic

matter that is applied as a layer

on top of your soil in your garden,

around plants, trees, and

especially in your pots, to help

protect them against the elements

and retain moisture.

Timing the application of

mulch is very important and it’s

better to wait until soil temperatures

have risen. In the colder

areas of New Zealand; such as

parts of the South Island, apply

mulch in mid-late November. In

warmer regions, mulch can be

applied from late October/early


This is the last month to sow

or patch large parts of your

existing lawn before it becomes

too dry. For a lush green lawn,

fertilise regularly with fertiliser

and water it in well.

LAYERING: Timing the application of mulch is important.

Feeding, mulching and watering azaleas,

Camellias and rhododendrons

Apply 100 grams per square metre of fertiliser 3 times

per year. Early spring, immediately after flowering and

then again in autumn. Apply around the dripline (where

the outer leaves lie) of the plant and be sure not to let

the fertiliser touch the base of the plant. Water well

after application, and continue with a regular watering

pattern, giving the plant a deep watering rather than a

light sprinkle. Add organic compost in late winter and

then again in January. Keep a ring around the base of

the plant free from mulch.

Look after those


To ensure you have

enough juicy lemons,

keep the water up to your

plants while they are in

flower now. Dry lemons

are directly related to

lack of water as the crop

develops over summer.

A layer of mulch works

wonders, apply mulch

after watering the soil.

Weed war

Get rid of those pesky weeds! Not only do they look

unsightly, they take up a lot of nutrients and water that

your plants need, as well as fight for space. Dedicate

time to remove them as soon as they pop up, then the

task won’t seem so daunting if you walk out one day

and all you see is weeds! Once you have removed them

all, add some Organic Compost and mix through the

soil. This will replenish the organic matter in the soil,

and create a better environment for your plants.

Weed, Water

& Mulch


in theGardEn

There are plenty of things to get done in the garden at the moment.

Here are a couple of tasks to keep you busy this month.

Keep up the watering

Keep the watering up now to stay ahead of the

game. Water is essential for healthy plant growth

and development. Establish a good watering routine,

ensuring you give your plants a good deep soak every

few days rather than a light sprinkling every day.

Mulch it

Adding a decent layer of bark mulch to your garden

will be a huge benefit to your plants. The main reasons

being it will help to reduce the weeds, conserve

moisture in the soil (which is especially important

through our hotter, drier months) and protect your

plant’s roots from the weather extremes. All of this

helps to give your plants the best chance at healthy

growth, as well as improving the overall look of your

garden. Intelligro have a great selection of barks and

mulches, come down and have a look for yourself, or

head to our website





3 Expert gardening advice

3 High quality products

3 South-Hort growing


3 VIP rewards

3 Buy in-store and online

3 Handy delivery service

For more information,

check out our website:

or visit our facebook page:

1394 Main South Road, RD7 Weedons | Phone 03 347 9415


Tuesday November 15 2016



Field day to feature

speaker from Oregon

The Foundation for Arable Research (FAR) is holding its major

field day, CROPS 2016, on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at

the FAR arable site in Chertsey.

As usual it will feature a dozen speakers

covering a range of subjects relevant to

cropping in Canterbury. Gates will open at

9am, and the event will end with a dinner

after the last talks finish at 5.30pm.

This year’s international guest speaker

is Nicole Anderson from Oregon State

University, who will discuss issues around

seed production in Oregon, drawing links

with the New Zealand industry. Other

speakers will cover topics ranging from

pollination options to precision agriculture

in potatoes.

Sponsors always play a key role at

CROPS and this year seven companies

are taking up the option of Platinum

Sponsorship demonstration plots. They are

Adama, Ballance Agri-Nutrients, BASF,

Bayer Crop Science, Dow AgriSciences,

PGG Wrightsons and Syngenta.

Other sponsors with material on show

are AgriOptics, Environment Canterbury,

Farmers Mutual Group, Horticentre,

Irrigation NZ, NZ Seedlab, PowerFarming,

PMR Grain Systems, Precision Farming,

Rainer Irrigation and Ravensdown.

As in previous years, each of the 12 talks

will be repeated morning and afternoon,

lunch will be provided and there will be a

dinner at the end of the day.

Since its inception in 2002, CROPS

has developed into FAR’s key field event

and a ‘must-do’ for cropping farmers

and industry personnel. Over 600 people

attended CROPS in 2014, making it New

Zealand’s largest one-day agricultural

extension field event.

Gates will open at 9am,

Wednesday, December 7, 2016, and

the event will end with a dinner

after the last talks finish at 5.30pm.

Selwyn Auto


› WOF’s › Diagnostics

› Repairs › Servicing

› Batteries › Tyres

Phone 329 5841 | 132 Leeston Road, Springston |

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 31


Entries invited for competition

to find NZ’s tastiest lamb

The search for the nation’s top-tasting

lamb is in full swing with entries open for

the special 10th anniversary Beef + Lamb

New Zealand Glammies competition.

The competition aims to find the tastiest

and most tender lamb in New Zealand

and this year the Producer of the Decade

will also be determined following the 2017


Farmers and retailers nationwide are

invited to enter their lamb into the Glammies

with the meat to be scientifically assessed

by Carne Technologies in Cambridge for

tenderness, yield, succulence and colour.

From here, the top four entries from five

categories will make it through to the final

stage of the competition, a taste test, held at

the Wanaka A&P show on March 10.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand CEO Sam

Mclvor says the competition is a keenly

anticipated event for New Zealand farmers

and a way for them to display their worldclass


“The competition is a chance to celebrate

top-quality lamb and the New Zealand

farmers who produce it. We all know

it’s a Kiwi favourite and our lamb is also

preferred by consumers around the world,”

Mr McIvor says.

Robert Gardyne from Oturehua has had

huge success since receiving the 2016 Grand

Champion award.

“Last year I won the competition with a

high-country lamb, which was the first year

this has happened and goes to show the

vast range of quality products us farmers


“Furthermore, this competition has

helped me tell my story and promote

something that means so much to me and

other New Zealand farmers,” Mr Gardyne


The five competition categories include

Best of Breed - Traditional, Best of Breed -

Crossbreed, Best of Breed - Terminal Cross,

Best of Breed - Open, and Retail.

The competition is sponsored by Zoetis

and supported by Alliance Group, ANZCO

Foods Canterbury, Ashburton Meat

Processors, Auckland Meat Processors/

Wilson Hellaby, Blue Sky Meats, Cabernet

Foods/Kintyre Meats, Harris Meats,

Oamaru Meats, Progressive Meats, Silver

Fern Farms and Taylor Preston.

Farmer competition entries close on

December 2, 2016 with the Retailer

competition entries closing on January

13, 2017.

For more information and the entry

form, visit

The 2016 Grand Champion Robert Gardyne,

left, Rosemary Gardyne, Teri Gardyne and Grant

Gardyne with the Grand Champion Trophy.

Rural Section


Farm posts

Deer Fencing

Post and Rail Fencing

Yarding Timber

Oregon Rails

Oregon Gates

Sheep and Deer Netting


Strainrite Fencing Systems


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We are here

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Not just a tyre shop!

• On-farm services - NO CALLOUT FEE (Selwyn district)

• 24 hour fleet service

• Full mechanical repairs

• Nitrogen fills, batteries, WOF, shock absorbers

• Agricultural tyres

• Car tyres, 4x4 tyres, light truck tyres, truck & bus tyres

• Wheel alignments, puncture repairs, full groom

Courtesy car available.

Kiddie’s toys & entertainment.

enjoy a free coffee, massage

(chair) & tV while you wait.

Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.00pm, saturday 9am-12pm

Call 03 347 4702

or 0800 838 973

847 jones rd, rolleston •


Tuesday November 15 2016


Your land. Your people. Your stories.

Every Wednesday at 7.30pm

on CTV Freeview Channel 40

live and on demand at

Brought to you by

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 33

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Made Designs...





Insurance Work

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Showroom at

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garage door professionals




TyPEs of garagE doors:

Cedar Door, Glass & Acrylic doors, Flat Panel insulated range,

Pressed Panel Doors, Ribline doors, Tilt doors, Roller Doors,

flush mounted doors.

Proud to support your local community

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Mt Cook Day Trip

3rd December

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• Temporary power for new builds

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phone, fibre and water

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• Trenching

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Tasmania – 12 days

Departs 28th March 2017

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• Trees felled • Land clearing

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Three convenient sizes

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Large 4.2m x 2.4m

Xtra-large 4.8m x 2.4m.

Visit our website for

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Portable sleepout or office

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Cars, Vans, Brisbane, Coolangatta


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Tuesday November 15 2016


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Why go to the Dump?

Junkman comes to you!

Items too big for the

rubbish bin?

Or too heavy for you

to move?

Junkman comes

to you & takes

it away

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heat pump


Service | Maintenance | Repair | Installation

We are authorised service agents for all major brands.

Servicing is essential to maintain maximum

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Please Phone now for our

sPring service sPecial!


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“A local team for local people”

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Roofers Kits $289

Harness with Adjustable Lanyard $215

Complete Roofers Kit $289

Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet $119

Spanset Fall Arrest Harness $99

Quality Titan Tie Downs from $6.95

Titan 750kg Lever Hoist $236

Prices exclusive of G.S.T. For a Limited time only.



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*Prices vary depending on items and volume – minimum charge $65

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Starting 26th Sept 2016

Rolleston Couriers is bringing the business

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friendly service based in Rolleston for your

business or personal convenience.

Local deliveries within the surrounding area

CHCH return daily - 5 days a week

Affordable prices.

Small to extra large parcels.

Ability to carry Dangerous Goods.

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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 35

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Situations Vacant

Situations Vacant

Situations Vacant

Situations Vacant



and reliable

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MASONRY?? Rock and

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Wanted To Buy


Christmas Trees

for Rolleston

Lions Club

100 trees needed for

10 th December. We

can cut and collect

on 9 th December.

Phone 03 325 7957







We are looking for a person to organise the

delivery of circulars and local newspapers to

household letterboxes in West Melton.

This is a part-time job and would particularly

suit a student or a person looking to

supplement their income.

If you are interested please email

or txt me on 029 983 2293

Situations Vacant







We are looking for a person to organise the

delivery of circulars and local newspapers to

household letterboxes in Prebbleton. This is a

part-time job and a very much hands-on job.

It would particularly suit a person looking to

supplement their income.

If you are interested please email

or txt me on 029 983 2293

Situations Vacant

Auto Electrical

Sales Assistant

Newlands seek a person to assist with Sales and

Administrative functions in their busy Rolleston

Branch. This position has been created by

significant growth in the business. This is a full time

position, Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm to assist in

a supporting role with workshop reception, sales

enquiries and administrative functions.

The successful applicant will have the following


• Enjoy working in a team environment

• Possess good communication skills

• Be reliable, accurate and conscientious

• Previous administration/sales experience

• Excellent organisational skills

• Be flexible and willing to undertake a variety of

tasks within different departments of the business

• Experience with Microsoft office

• Great telephone manner

• Be able to take the initiative

Knowledge of the SAM or Orion computer system

would be beneficial however training in our systems

and processes will be provided to the successful


Newlands are market leaders in the auto-electrical

and battery supply industries, with branches in

Ashburton, Rolleston and Timaru. (For further info


For more information or to obtain a job description

please contact To apply

please forward your CV along with a written cover

letter to

Applications close Friday 25th November.

Newlands Group Ltd.

P.O. Box 315, Ashburton – Phone 03 308 7234 or

0800 153 771 –

Public Notices

Situations Vacant




Class 1 WTR,

civil background

an advantage.

Please txt

your name

and licenses


021 921 981



& Podium





021 193 0118

Public Notices




Monday 28th

November, 7.00pm

Lincoln Events Centre

Come and join

our great team.

Contact Dawn

325 6144

Rakaia Island Limited is a large scale family farming business milking

9,000 cows on six dairy platforms, plus dairy support and cropping. The

two properties are situated near Southbridge and Oxford.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are re-advertising this position. We

require someone to provide cooking, catering and pastoral care services

to our staff. This position is based on Rakaia Island, Southbridge but will

involve travelling to our Woodstock property on a weekly basis. This role

encompasses a number of key areas including:

• Providing a warm and caring on-farm living environment.

• Budgeting, creating menus and cooking staff evening meals to meet

specific dietary requirements.

• Catering for directors, meetings and farm functions as required.

• Ensuring adequate hygiene standards are maintained in food

preparation and dining facilities.

• Ensuring high living standards of shared accommodation including

maintaining common living areas and resolving any issues.

• Empathy and understanding of international beliefs and cultures.

The ideal candidate will have previous experience catering and cooking

for average groups of 20 people. Experience will also include maintaining

a hygienic workplace and on-farm living facilities. A full driver’s licence is

essential and applicants must have New Zealand Residency or a current

New Zealand work visa. The successful applicant will have returned a

clean pre-employment drug test.

Accommodation can be provided if required.

Applicants are invited to register their interest by emailing their CV &

Cover Letter to: Ella Turner, by Friday 25th

November 2016.

Recruiting NOW

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work

for one of Canterbury’s leading agricultural

machinery companies – Cochranes.

We are looking to recruit for the following

position: Parts Assistant

• Full time position to assist our busy

parts team based in Leeston

• General understanding of tractor/

agricultural machinery required

• Basic computer skills an advantage

If you are a motivated and trustworthy team

player looking to join a reputable company

then we would like to hear from you.

We are a family owned and operated business

focused on providing local farmers quality

products and service.

For more information

Please call Kevin Egerton on

03 324 3791 / 027 454 2384 or


Sporting Notices

Springston Rugby

Football Club

Coaches Wanted for 2017

We are seeking expressions of

interest for coaching roles for the

Senior Division 2

and Under 16 teams.

For more information, please contact:

Gary Loveridge – Coaching Coordinator

027 422 1559 |

Public Notices


21 NOVEMBER 2016

The general public is to be advised that a

NZ Army Exercise will be conducted in the

Rolleston area over the period 21 November


The exercise will involve personnel of 3rd

Signal Squadron from, Burnham Military

Camp. The exercise will involve up to 15


Training will involve soldiers driving around

the Rolleston area in military vehicles

conducting communication training from

static locations and whilst driving. At no time

will any weapons or ammunition be carried or


For more information please call

03 363 0099


Tuesday November 15 2016


Advertising feature

New Hope For Long Term

Back Pain Sufferers

After more than eight years in

New Zealand, Teeter Hang-Ups

have now gained a reputation

for success with long-term

sufferers of Back pain. Inversion

New Zealand was started

eight years ago by Dave and

Nancy Hare, Dave had

suffered over twenty years of

back pain from Degenerated

Discs and had basically given

up and decided to just live

with it. “To me surgery was

never an option” he said “as

long as I still could walk, there

was hope”.

Dave had tried everything;

every time he was overseas

he would search for anything

that could possibly help.

While on one of these

overseas trips eight years ago,

Dave discovered the Teeter

Hang-Ups. “The first time I

tried it, the pain disappeared

and I was completely pain

free for about 30 minutes,

nothing had done that” he

told me. Dave never believed

it would fix him, “as specialists

had told me it was irreversible,

I now knew I had a place

to go every time I wanted

some serious relief”.

To Dave’s surprise the more

he used the table the longer

the pain stayed away, until

after nearly three months he

was completely pain free, “I

couldn’t believe it’ he told me

“I had spent large amounts of

money on every form of treatment

available and here

was something I had never

heard of sorting it out for

me in a very short period of

time” It was then Dave

decided to introduce Teeter

into New Zealand and Inversion

NZ was born.

Over the years INZ have

helped thousands of people

get some serious relief and

have seen results in not only

backs, but necks, hips,

knees, posture, circulation,

increased height, blood

pressure and lots more.

“We have testimonials from

people with over fifty years

of back problems and even

have them in a number of

schools in New Zealand for

their special needs children”

he told me, “the blood to the

brain helps these kids and

the results are excellent”

What this means for the

aging population is that it

helps maintain the health of

the brain as we all get older.

Dave told me that he

realised that, had he not

tried the Teeter for himself

he would still be suffering, “I

would still be a miserable

grumpy bugger, living with

pain, that is why we do the

shows, people need to try it

for themselves” he told me

“most people actually get

off with the pain either gone

or considerably less” he said

“we let the tables do the




Discs: It uses gravity to apply traction,

the traction gently opens the discs and as

they open up they create suction, this

suction draws fluid from the surrounding

tissue back into the discs, re-hydrating

them. This is the key! Discs do not have

their own blood supply, they rely on

transfer of fluid from the surrounding

tissue to keep them healthy and hydrated

and over the years as discs get thinner with

age, they lose the ability to take on fluid

(just like squeezing a sponge) and they

start to de-hydrate.

De-Hydrated discs are less flexible, they are

harder, more prone to injury, they interfere

with nerve roots creating pain and

ultimately the de-hydration causes degeneration.

The Teeter Inversion table slowly

and gently brings the hydration back into

the discs, plumping them up. This brings

back lost height (most people will regain

around 2 CM of height), it separates the

nerve roots far more effectively and returns

quality of life

Muscles: A lot of pain is muscular, when

muscles are stressed they become tight

which restricts the flow of blood and lymph

through the muscles so toxins build up,

Co2 and Lactic Acid. Traction opens up the

muscles, Rhythmic Traction, is a gentle

rocking motion that stimulates circulation

and encourages blood flow through the

muscles, which clears the lactic acid into

your lymph system where it stimulates

lymph flow and deals with it. Most people

with serious neck issues see a large

improvement after only one treatment.


Walnut Ave Pavillion

Opposite Ashburton College

5th & 6th November

10am to 4pm

Frank Harwood (84) of Turangi using his Teeter, Frank has been

Inverting for over eight years and has found it keeps him young

Posture: Poor posture is one of the

major cases of pain and is a major contributor

to the deterioration of the body with

age. A difference in leg length causes most

of the hip and knee issues, as they continue

to place uneven loads on the joints;

similar to the wheels out of alignment on

your car.

Trying to correct posture is extremely

difficult due to muscle memory, as it

constantly pulls the muscles back to where

they were. At a level of 40 degrees or more

on the Teeter, the muscle groups open up

and eventually come back into alignment,

using the table daily, does not allow the

muscle memory to pull them back out of

alignment and slowly the muscles start to

lose their memory and go with the flow,

allowing the body to come back into

correct posture. Then using the table once a

day will ensure it is kept there.

This is pure logic, if a machine is out of

alignment it does not last long, the only

difference between the body and a

machine is that the body is constantly

repairing itself, however if the wear and

tear on the body is greater than the body’s

ability to repair itself, it is a slow decline.

The Teeter slowly brings the body out of its

decline and allows the body to repair itself,

resulting in a far healthier life.

If you are serious about investing in your

health and really sorting your issues out,

come see us at one of our local roadshows,

you have nothing to lose and chances are, a

lot to gain.


Fernside Memorial Hall

287 O’Roarkes Road Fernside

12th & 13th November

10am to 4pm

Come along to our expo in Timaru, or come to

our expo in Christchurch next weekend.

(See below for details). If you have completely

resigned yourself to having back or neck pain for

the rest of your life, then chances are you will be

pleasantly surprised.



In 2008 I had been living with a serious lower back pain for

many years due to two discs with serious degeneration and

was scheduled for a double spinal fusion at a cost of

$48,000. The Specialist had recommended many lifestyle

changes including changing my profession, which was not

practical as I own my own business.

At the Waikato Home Show I experienced a demonstration

on a Teeter Inversion Table by Dave and Nancy Hare. To me

the effect was amazing, I actually experienced some serious

relief which lasted for an hour or two, I was told that the

relief would last longer with time as long as I used the table

regularly, so with the surgery scheduled for 12 weeks time,

having nothing to lose and a lot to gain I purchased a Teeter.

Four years on I still use my table on a daily basis, my back is

as strong as ever with very little or completely no pain, I am

still at my same profession and working as hard as ever and

most importantly I did not have the surgery. I consider the

purchase of my Teeter has been one of my greatest

investments, not only has it enabled me to avoid serious and

costly surgery, it has kept me in my profession and it has

brought my health back.

Thank you very much for the opportunity.

Very best regards

Paul Gordon



Come along for a free treatment

Here in New Zealand,

Dr Giresh Kanji, one of the countries most

respected Pain Specialists completed a PhD on

how humans experience pain and then

researched lower back pain, writing "Fix Your

Back" and then spent a few years researching

neck pain, headache and migraine and wrote

"Fix Your Neck Pain, Headache & Migraine",

both books are in most bookstores.

Dr Kanji discovered in his research that the disc

is the most likely source of low back pain and

Inversion showed the best results of all the trials

conducted. Three studies showed a 60%

reduction in pain and one showed a 75%

reduction in surgery for people with disc


Dr Kanji has personally been using the Teeter

Inversion tables for his own low back pain, has

Teeter Inversion tables at both of his clinics in

Wellington (The Sports and Pain Clinic) and has

had such success that he is now conducting the

largest study in the World on Inversion Therapy.

In his own words, "these things are gold and

inversion should be a first line treatment for low

back pain”.

Inversion NZ Ltd

0800 62 62 83


Celtic Rugby Club Rooms

4 Brown Street Timaru

19th & 20th November

10am to 4pm

Inversion helps to:

• Relieve Back Pain

• Relieve Neck Pain

• Relieve Muscle Tension

• Stimulate Blood And

Lymph Flow

• Improve Posture

• Increase Flexability

• Reduce The Effects

Of Ageing Caused

By Gravity


Christchurch Bridge Club

21 Nova Place, Christchurch Central

26th & 27th November

10am to 4pm

Ferrymead & Hornby

Join us at our

new Hornby store


Opening Sale

Big Spa Pool Savings

at Grand Opening Prices!

save up to



on premium


1004 Ferry Road, Ferrymead

20 Carmen Road, Hornby




Spa Pool









Mens Club

Chalmers St

Late Night



Carmen Rd

Main South Rd

Now you

can afford

the World’s

#1 Selling

Spa Pool

spa pools

from under



*Save up to $10000 on a full spa package. Terms & conditions apply. Finance available. See instore for details.

save up to



on premium


Big Spa Pool Savings

at Grand Opening Prices!






0800 80 1004 |


& display

models at

Crazy Prices

For more life at home

get into a Swim Spa

The at-home, total body fitness system

Our E-series Fitness systems keeps up with fitness fanatic and

professional triathletes and they can offer you year-around training at

home for a complete body workout.

Endless days and nights of family fun

There is no pool or spa more versatile than a Swim Spa from Endless.

From pure swimming pool fun to a relaxing spa pool, or for hydrotherapy

and some healthy exercise, an Endless Swim Spa offers it all.

Check out all the models and features at Wright Hot Spring, Ferrymead and Hornby.

1004 Ferry Road, Ferrymead

20 Carmen Road, Hornby

0800 80 1004

Wright Spa Hornby Superstore

Spa pool specialists now

open in Hornby

One of the city’s most well-known businesses, Wright Spa Pools

of Ferrymead, has just opened a new branch in Hornby.

Located at 20 Carmen Road, the premises formerly

occupied by Hampton Motor Cycles is conveniently

close to their client base, co-owner Matt Lowe says.

“We service the mid-Canterbury area, and with the

growth of the Lincoln, Rolleston and Selwyn areas, we

saw this site as ideal for the expansion of our business.”

The premises are almost three times the size of the

family-owned business’ Ferry Road site, where they

were running out of space, and are “as close as they

could get to a purpose-built site”.

Established in 1978, and trading on Ferry Road

since 1991, Wright Spa Pools specialises in the world’s

number one selling spa pools, the US-manufactured

Hot Spring spa pools.

“These Hot Spring spa pools are unique in that all

models are fully insulated, unlike other spa pools on the

market, and this makes them the most energy-efficient

spa pools in the world,” Matt says.

Models at the higher end of the range incorporate the

latest technology, utilising the ACE Salt Water sanitising

system, that works on real diamond electrodes to

generate softer, cleaner water. Offering a range of less

expensive models as well, Wright Spa Pools caters for

all budgets and requirements.

A new top-end line that has just been introduced is

the Endless Swim Spa, which provides a smooth and

consistent current for swimming against, with options

including an underwater hydraulic treadmill.

“These are the number one swim spas in the world,”

Matt says. “Unlike most swim spas that use jets to move

the water, the Endless Swim Spa provides a current like

a river, creating a more natural flow.”

Designed to offer therapeutic benefits, this spa is

ideal for low-impact exercise and is a cost-effective

alternative to a swimming pool, he says. Endless Swim

Spas are also easy to maintain, the water temperature

can be adjusted at the push of a button, and they can

be moved.

Spa pool prices range from $5,990 right up to $100,000

- those considering purchasing one are invited to “try

before they buy” at the showroom.

“People can come in with their family and test out

the different models. A spa pool is a major investment,

so clients need to be sure they choose the right one for

them,” Matt says. “We will also do on-site visits if they

are not sure of the best place to install it.”

Wright Spa Pools provides a full delivery and

installation service, and after-sales support.

“We don’t just drop off the spa pool, we set it up and

explain how to operate it.”

To complete the outdoor lifestyle experience, Wright

Spa Pools has a range of Bull barbeques, also imported

from the US. Like the Hot Spring spa pools, they are

manufactured to the highest standard and are built to


Wright Spa Pools Hornby is owned and operated by

brothers Matt and Jeff Lowe. Their team of friendly sales

and service professionals are ready to discuss your spa

pool requirements and help you make the right choice.

The team members are sales manager Nick Davies,

sales professionals Joe Bergman, Jess Ledgerwood and

Ashley Davies and service and installation specialists

Shane Hamilton and Scott Sutherland.

Wright Spa Pools Hornby, 20 Carmen Road, is right

beside the railway tracks and has 40 on-site customer

car parks. It is open seven days a week – Monday to

Friday 9am-5pm; Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm.

Phone 349 0443 for more information.

The Endless Swim Spa creates a natural, river-like flow.

Wright Spa Pools owners Matt Lowe (centre) and Jeff

Lowe (right) discuss their range of spa pools with sales

professional Joe Bergman.


Week commencing Tuesday, 15Th noVemBeR, 2016

This is the one...

This quality 5 year old, 302m2 home

on Lawford Road, West Melton, offers a

fantastic opportunity for those looking for a

quality lifestyle property in a highly sought

after location.

• Open plan kitchen/dining with large

bi-fold doors

• Double sided wood burner and heatpump

• Master with WIR and ensuite

• BBQ area complete with outdoor fire

• 3 car garaging and fully self-contained

1 bedroom granny flat

• 4ha of land, 3 bay implement shed and

multiple smaller sheds

Property ID: ROL51876

Deadline Sale

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Chris Moore


Mobile: 027 288 0563


Address: 2/197 Lawford Road, West Melton

Open home: Sunday 20th November 2.30-3.30pm


Rolleston – 15 DelamaRe Way


You will be captivated from the moment you step into the welcoming tiled

foyer of this stunning 393sqm home that is positioned to catch all day sun

in the Kajens Estate.

The foyer leads you into a large living area and computer nook / office.

You will be impressed by the stunning kitchen, of which there are 2 in the

main home incorporating quality appliances. The main kitchen looks out

to magnificent gardens with both kitchens having serving areas to the

outside entertainment and pool area. There is a large dining area and

additional formal lounge area which is heated by a cosy log burner. Both

of these areas flow seamlessly out to their own private entertaining areas.

The substantial main home proudly features 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms

with the attached self-contained modern flat providing additional

living consisting of 1 large bedroom, living area, contemporary kitchen,

bathroom, toilet and laundry. The master bedroom in the main home

is striking and looks out through large ranch sliding doors to the private




Jackie Derrick

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Mobile: 027 636 3576

Office: 03 347 9949 (Rolleston)

in-ground heated 9.5 x 4.5 self cleaning pool (yes, no cleaning) and is

complemented by a stylish ensuite, bidet, and stunning fixtures & fittings.

The walk in robe is one of the best we have seen with its quality fit-out and

thoughtful design.

Quality abounds in this modern executive 2 year old home which is built

to a high specification from LED lighting, central vacuum system, high

end carpet and drapes, underfloor heated tiles and a dedicated gym with


With separate access to both the main home and family flat, your parking

options on this 2236m2 property could not be better! There is a large

double internal access garage, car port and ample parking.

neg over $1,195,000 | View:

Homes of this calibre are few and far between and astute buyers in this price

range will not be disappointed. Viewing is by appointment only.

Susan Davis

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Mobile: 027 662 2751

Office: 03 347 9949 (Rolleston)

LocaLLy owned & operated | proven experienced agents

For all your Real Estate needs. We are happy to provide advice and free current market appraisals.


Rolleston lifestyle


The perks of town &

country living

• 36 lifestyle sections from 2,500-8,000m2

• Unique environmental focus

• Not previously available

• Full Services

Sections this large are in short supply so get in quick.

Andrew Taylor REAA 2008

027 435 5930 or 03 347 9949

Learn more at or 0508 sections



Christmas Cash Back Flyer

At One Agency Real Estate Specialists, we think it is time for a

Christmas Cash Back Promotion. Yes you read that right!

You’ll have a chance to win your full commision back if you list your home with us

before the end of January 2017.

So if you want to sell. Don’t do anything until you have spoken to us about the

Christmas Cash Back Promotion. Call 0800 400 247 and we will make it easy!

Licensed REAA 2008. Terms and conditions apply.

1 Dalton Way, West Melton

oPeN HoMe : SuN 20TH Nov 12.30 – 1PM

50 Park Lane, Rolleston

oPeN HoMe : SuN 20TH Nov 1.30 – 2PM


Ready and Waiting for You

to enjoy!

This lovely 4 bedroom home has fantastic street appeal

and once through the front door you will feel instantly

at home. The spacious open plan living area can cater

for any occasion with a separate lounge, study nook

and direct access to a sheltered sun-drenched patio

which everyone will enjoy. The property’s NW aspect

showers the home in natural warmth while an added

bonus is the solar panels for water heating, ensuring

you never run out of hot water and lower power bills.

Well placed on a fully fenced, family-sized section, this

home ticks a lot of boxes so you will not want to miss

out! Contact Mike or Fay today, for further information.

44 Mathers Road, Hoon Hay Another one SolD!


A Fantastic Place to Call Home!

Located in the prestigious Gainsborough Estate, this stunning 348 sqm (more or less) 4 bedroom, 3

bathroom home will impress with its thoughtful design and quality fixtures and fittings throughout.

An exquisite kitchen with attached walk through scullery flows through to expansive living areas

which in turn open out onto beautifully landscaped outdoor living. This home is a pleasure to

present and you are encouraged to register your interest early. Contact Mike or Fay now for

further information.


After only two Open Homes and a successful

marketing campaign this beautifully presented 3

bedroom home is now SOLD! The vendors are

delighted with the outcome, and the purchasers are

looking forward to moving into their new home.

We still have buyers looking for properties so if you

are contemplating a property change, and would

like to know how we can achieve great results

for you, contact us today for a free, no-obligation


Mike Goatley

027 249 5561

Fay Merry

021 182 1502

Chris Finnerty

021 274 6041

Trevor McIvor

027 444 2814

Nicola Curtis


68 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston

0800 645 346

Real Estate Specialists Ltd Licenced REAA (2008)


Open Home

Open Home

Rolleston 105C Lowes Road

Privacy & convenience at its best!

Just an easy walk to the Aquatic Centre, Clearview School,

the new high school & the playing fields, yet set back from

Lowes Road down a lane, this 3 year old home offers the

best in privacy & convenience. Taking full advantage of the

generously sized 866m2 (incl ROW) section, there is plenty of

room here for your caravan or boat + a long driveway for the

children to ride their bikes on and a big lawned area, all

behind closed gates. The home itself is equally perfect for

families or couples alike, comprising 2 beautifully sunny living

areas with easy access to the outdoor entertaining area, a

well appointed kitchen with plenty of bench & cupboard

space & 4 family sized bedrooms (master ensuite & WIR).

For Sale

4 A 2 C 2 F 2 I

Offers over $559,000

View Sunday 12.30pm - 1.00pm

Sarah Booth

0275 278 258

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Rolleston 75C Lowes Road

Tick the box with this fantastic home comprising four car

internal access garaging, plus great off street parking.

Situated down the end of a right of way, the home boasts a

great sized open plan kitchen/living/dining area which flows

out through the Bi-fold doors to the sun drenched patio.

There is also a separate lounge which also benefits from the

indoor outdoor flow & offers a great space for the kids/

teenagers. There is storage a-plenty, from the double hallway

cupboards through to great storage in the separate laundry.

All bedrooms are true doubles with double wardrobes & the

master boasting a great walk in robe and en-suite. Outside

the kids will enjoy the large sunny yard & the separate vege

garden area will bring out the green thumb in you.

For Sale

4 A 2 F 4 I

Offers over $669,000

View Sunday 1.15pm - 1.45pm

Angela Hunt

021 548 777

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Open Home

Rolleston 13 Frame Crescent

Garaging galore plus lots more!

You just won’t believe this home’s space & options for use until you see it and, when you do, you’ll be blown away! So

rare & yet so sought after, the 1916m2 section provides huge amounts of off street parking for caravans, trailers, motor

homes, boats or company vehicles, whilst maintaining a lovely garden setting for the whole family to enjoy. The 4 car

garaging, workshop & attached sleepout (with bathroom) are sure to excite the most avid car collector, hoarder or

home handyman with all the storage space on offer here. Internally, this extensive residence of around 266m2

comprises 4 spacious double bedrooms, an open plan living room with its entertainer’s kitchen & a formal lounge, all of

which enjoy an open aspect to the large rear garden. Homes of this calibre, size & versatility don’t come along every

day, so if this home is what you’ve long dreamed of, you need to snap it up whilst you can.

For Sale

Offers over $849,000

View Sunday 12.45pm - 1.15pm

Sarah Booth

027 527 8258

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


5 A 3 F 4 I


Open Home

Open Home

Rolleston 10 Austen Place

3 A 2 F 2 I

Rolleston 8 Picasso Place

4 A 3 F 2 I

Look what we found for under $500,000!

• Brand new & sure to please

• 3 bedrooms + study, 2 bathrooms

• Sunny open plan living & fresh modern kitchen

• Fantastic location within walking distance to shops

• A great first home or investment

• Get in quick - this won’t last long!

For Sale Price By Negotiation

View Sunday 11.00am - 11.30am

Leesa Barrie 027 947 1200

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

• Modern 4 bedroom home (master with WIR & ensuite)

• 2 sizable living areas

• Seamless indoor/outdoor flow

• 2 heat pumps and gas fire

• Double drive-thru garage

• 750m2 section

• Cul-de sac location

For Sale Offers over $569,000

View Sunday 2.30pm - 3.00pm

Nyressa Vincent 027 515 7045

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

Open Home

Rolleston 67 Shadbolt Lane

3 A 2 F 2 I

Rolleston 3 Binyon Place

4 A 2 F 2 I

• Great location, handy to playgrounds & shops

• Outdoor decking & al fresco area

• Large open plan living & sleek modern kitchen

• 3 well proportioned bedrooms (master with ensuite)

• Two car internal access garaging

• Built in 2015

• A real crowd pleaser, so be sure to view!

For Sale Offers over $535,000

View Sunday 12.00pm - 12.30pm

Leesa Barrie 027 947 1200

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

• 4 bedrooms

• Two spacious living areas

• Walk in pantry

• Extensive patio

• 758m2 section

• Cul-de-sac location

• Two car garage & off street parking

For Sale Offers over $539,000

View Sunday 2.30pm - 3.00pm

Sarah Booth 027 527 8258

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

Open Home

Tai Tapu 10A Hepworth Place

With our Vendors plans set in motion, their instructions are

clear, present all offers! This superb modern 4 bedroom

family home set on 819sqm in the beautiful village of Tai Tapu

needs new owners. Offering an over height stud & a light

filled open plan living area where the well-appointed kitchen

boasts tri-stone benchtops and a walk in pantry for that

added luxury. Pick up sliders open from this wonderful space

to a large patio where you can relax and enjoy the view of the

Port Hills. Double doors lead you from the living to a

separate formal lounge making this overall space perfect for

family living. This home needs to be viewed to fully appreciate

all it has to offer & with immediate possession available

someone is able to reap the spoils of this unique location!

For Sale

4 A 2 C 2 F 2 I

By Negotiation

View Sunday 12.00pm - 12.30pm

Emma George

027 555 0568

Dwayne Bloomfield

021 163 9874

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Prebbleton 10B Sterling Drive

Easy, Modern Living!

From the moment you enter you will be captivated by the light

flooding through the floor length windows. The heart of this

home revolves around the spacious, modern open plan

kitchen, dining & living which includes pick up sliders out to

the sheltered U shaped courtyard, a perfect area for

entertaining or summer BBQs. Double doors lead you

through to the cosy separate lounge. The master bedroom is

complimented by a huge walk in robe, plus a tiled bathroom

with a double shower and vanity. Two further double

bedrooms are situated in their own wing with another quality

tiled bathroom. The crisp, fresh decor throughout will appeal

to many tastes, this is a home you will be proud to own.

For Sale

3 A 2 C 2 F 2 I

Offers over $620,000

View Sunday 1.00pm - 1.30pm

Emma George

027 555 0568

Dwayne Bloomfield

021 163 9874

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd



Open Home

Open Home

Rolleston 10 Goldie Place

Refreshingly different 4 bedroom + study home!

With mono pitch roof lines, angled ceilings & fresh modern

decor, this spacious 229m2 home is contemporary in its

design, yet is also styled for practical family living. The living

area offers seamless flow to the fabulous outdoor entertaining

area. Double doors from the living room lead into an inviting

formal lounge with ambient gas fire. The crisp white kitchen,

extends into a separate handy laundry. All 4 bedrooms are

well proportioned double rooms with the master featuring a

walk through robe & ensuite. An office is situated off the

entrance hall, for those who wish to work from home. To

guarantee comfort throughout the year, the home includes a

heat pump, HRV system & under tile heating.

4 A 2 C 2 F 2 I

Deadline Sale

4.00pm 24 November 2016

(unless sold prior)

View Sunday 3.00pm - 3.30pm

Leesa Barrie

027 947 1200

Sarah Booth

027 527 8258

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Rolleston 3 Bavaria Drive

Dare to be Different!

Elegant & contemporary with polished concrete floors &

stunning over height mono pitched ceilings in the kitchen &

living. The gourmet kitchen includes engineered stone tops &

a scullery, while the easy flow to the formal lounge & large

sliders out to 2 patios & a deck will give you ample outdoor

living. There is a large log fire & a heat transfer to circulate

that warmth throughout. 5 double bedrooms are a bonus

including the master with a quality ensuite, whilst the stunning

3 way family bathroom has floor to ceiling tile walls & in-slab

heating as well as dual vanities. Our vendors have thought of

everything to the finest detail including a garage with drive

thru & room for a boat or caravan.

Price on


5 A 2 F 2 I

View Sunday 2.15pm - 2.45pm

Emma George

027 550 0568

Dwayne Bloomfield

021 163 9874

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Open Home

Rolleston 38 Lansdowne Way

Simply the Best!

This top notch home features a spacious O/P living area with

that all important indoor/outdoor flow, a stylish kitchen which

boasts a lovely granite bench top & quality appliances, 3

spacious bedrooms including an ensuite with double tiled

shower, a separate laundry & attic storage above the double

garage. Comfort is assured all year round with a heat pump,

log fire with heat transfer + under-tile heating in both

bathrooms. Sited well for sun on the tidy 422m2 section

across from a reserve, this property is simply the best!

3 A 2 F 2 I

By Negotiation

View By Appointment

Amanda Cherry

027 340 6955

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Rolleston 160 Levi Road

Quintessential family home on 1183sqm

Sitting high and mighty on its section, the home features the

highly desirable triple garage & off street parking, as well as a

number of other tempting attributes. Here’s a few to

impress.... 2 excellent interconnecting living rooms, a stylish

kitchen with walk in pantry, 4 generous bedrooms, 2 great

bathrooms, 2 heat pumps, study nook, storage room, a

separate laundry & 1183sqm of landscaped & fully fenced

grounds. So, if you have a growing family, extra vehicles, or

just want a bigger section that is becoming more of a rarity in

Rolleston, then come take a look at 160 Levi Road, we know

you will love it!

For Sale

4 A 2 F 3 I

Offers over $669,000

View By Appointment

Sarah Booth

027 527 8258

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd



Open Home

Open Home

Rolleston 20 John Street

Set on 1032sqm of beautifully landscaped grounds, & with a

fantastic entertaining area, the property offers many great

features for the discerning buyer. For everyday living, there is

a large lounge with logburner, which continues through to the

kitchen & separate dining room, whilst accommodation needs

will be covered by the 4 good sized bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

& additional laundry. Outside, you will discover the perfect

places to relax, enjoy a glass of bubbles with friends, or host

family for Christmas, with a huge paved courtyard & pergola

area. Providing versatility of use, the double garage also has

an attached studio with shower & WC, making this a great

man cave, hobby room or whatever you so choose. Call now!

For Sale

4 A 2 F 2 I


View Sunday 12.30pm - 1.00pm

Sarah Booth

027 527 8258

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Springston 178 Days Road

Very private, and surrounded by established, mature trees.

The property offers a 3 bedroom home, + studio/store room

+ a large 4 bay barn and extra 3-4 car garaging. The home

has been fully insulated including external walls, ceiling &

underfloor. The layout comprises 3 bedrooms, a country

style bathroom, o/p kitchen/dining/living room with attached

sunroom & is heated by with a log burner & heat pump in the

living areas & a ducted heatpump to the bedrooms. Also as a

bonus, the majority of the windows are double glazed. The

long rectangular section of approx 1.8 acres boasts an

abundance of fruit trees as well as a number of hazelnut and

walnut trees. Come & see for yourself what is on offer here!

For Sale

3 A 1 F 4 I

Offers over $639,000

View Sunday 12.00pm - 12.30pm

Angela Hunt

021 548 777

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Open Home

Open Home

Rolleston 67 Brookside Road

Great House, Great Price!

Set back from the road & fully fenced, you will be charmed by

this much loved family home. The spacious open plan living

area is perfectly situated to receive all day sun, you also have

a log fire, HRV & a heat pump. 2 sets of French doors open

to a patio & a large deck for multiple entertaining options,

along with the established low maintenance garden. A well

organised kitchen offers plenty of storage & bench space.

There are 3 double bedrooms inside this fabulous family

home, with the spacious master containing an ensuite & WIR.

The 2nd bedroom has direct access to the main bathroom

while the 4th single bedroom could also work well as a play

room or study. Do not delay, viewing is essential.

For Sale

4 A 1 C 2 F 2 I

Offers over $489,000

View Sunday 1.15pm - 1.45pm

Emma George

027 555 0568

Dwayne Bloomfield

021 163 9874

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd


Rolleston 4C Stonebrook Drive

Tucked away on a private 816sqm section (including ROW)

this fantastic 4 bedroom plus study family home is sited

perfectly to maximise the sun. The property also benefits

from having thermal break double glazing, 2 heat pumps & a

cosy log fire, and with Solar electric plus Solar water &

polystyrene under the slab, you won’t need to worry about

the power bill! The kitchen, complete with stone benchtops

overlooks the sunny spacious living area which flows

effortlessly to the oversized Bamboo deck. Over height doors

link this space to the large separate lounge. All 4 bedrooms

are generous doubles with the master offering an ensuite &

WIR. To complete the home is a double internal access

garage & great off street parking.

For Sale

4 A 1 D 2 F 2 I

Offers over $549,000

View Sunday 3.30pm - 4.00pm

Emma George

027 555 0568

Leisa Webster

027 722 5537

Rolleston Office 03 347 9988

Town & Lifestyle Real Estate Ltd



Hastings McLeod Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 03 929 0306









705m2 3
















786m2 19













720m2 27




















32 Shepherd Ave

Thinking rural living, but not ready to leave the comforts

of town behind? – then look no further.

This fantastic 231m2, 4 bedroom, family home, is set

upon a huge 3106m2 section. Bordering farmland and

with an amazing rural outlook, this property allows you

to enjoy all the benefits of living in the very popular

West Melton residential area, whilst maintaining a

genuine rural feel.

The home was built in 2012 by the award winning Peter

Ray Builders, and offers all the comforts of modern

family living. The open plan kitchen/dining/living area is

a fantastic family space and with large slider doors that

open up onto the outdoor area, offers wonderful

indoor/outdoor flow. The sizeable master bedroom is

complete with walk-in robe and ensuite, and 3

additional double bedrooms provide room for all the




VIEW Sunday 20 Nov 1.15 - 2.00pm

DEADLINE SALE closes Thursday 8th December,

2016 at 4.00pm, (unless sold prior)

Chris Moore

Mobile 027 288 0563

Office 03 929 0306






Hastings McLeod Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 03 929 0306



2/197 Lawford road

This quality 5 year old, 302m2 home on Lawford Road,

West Melton, offers a fantastic opportunity for those

looking for a quality lifestyle property in a highly sought

after location.

The kitchen/dining area is wonderfully sited to enjoy all

day sun and warmth, and with large bi-folding doors

and windows. Separate lounge adjoins this and a large

double sided wood burner provides wonderful heating

and ambience. Master bedroom enjoys indoor/outdoor

flow with bi-folding doors onto the deck area and

complete with WIR and a good sized ensuite. 3

additional bedrooms, bathroom and toilet, all flow off a


separate hallway. This “wing” of the home is heated via a

heat pump. Genuine 3 car garaging offers space for a

family worth of vehicles and an additional fully self

-contained 1 bedroom granny flat, complete the home.

The 4.2ha of land is currently running horses and is

complimented by a 3 bay implement/hay shed and an

older deer shed which has been converted into stabling

and storage.


VIEW Sunday 20 Nov 2.30 - 3.30pm


DEADLINE SALE closes Wednesday 23rd November,

2016 at 4.00pm, (unless sold prior)

Chris Moore

Mobile 027 288 0563

Office 03 929 0306






7 Walter Place

Positioned in heart of Kirwee Central is this brand new,

executive style home with exceptional street appeal and

quality fixtures, providing all the ingredients for first class

family living.

Master bedroom enjoys a large size walk in wardrobe

and ensuite with tiled shower. Complemented by 3

additional bedrooms that are well serviced by centrally

located family bathroom.

VIEW By Appointment



This well designed 4 bedroom home presents a

contemporary style kitchen with scullery and study nook,

plus open plan dining/casual living providing access

through large sliders onto private deck creating excellent

outdoor entertaining options. Separate formal lounge

provides versatility and a relaxing escape.

Duel heating options with a log burner and heat pump

ensures comfort in all seasons. Separate laundry leads

through to a spacious triple car garage.

All of this on a large private section, there really is a

whole lot to like about this property.

Gareth Cox

Mobile 021 250 9714

Office 03 929 0306










[Edition datE]

Better returns.

Less hassle.

We can take care of the details when it comes to managing

your investment property, giving you more time to relax.

Our detailed approach to everything

from selecting the right tenants to

effectively handling rent arrears

and maintenance issues, means our

customers have real peace of mind

knowing their investment is in good


hands. Our exceptionally high occupancy

rates, make for better returns too.

Contact us today to find out how we can

add value to your rental investment.

Incorporating show homes

in your planning process

There are many things to think about when you’re

considering building a new home.

Browsing show homes is a fantastic way

to get you thinking about practicalities,

needs, aesthetics and your wish list! Here

are a few consideration’s to help spark your

planning process.

• What is your exterior style? What kind

of homes do you like? Look around and

take a mental note of what you are drawn

to most.

• What kind of exterior materials do you

like? Once you’ve worked out the look

you like, research what materials are

available and find out about durability.

• How will you use your house? It’s

important to most people to have a good

indoor/outdoor flow and attractive,

sheltered outdoor living. Imagine your

home in various seasons.

• Landscaping is important. Look around

and consider what you like and don’t like.

Are you a structured formal garden type

or do you like a contemporary native


• Sustainability and future-proofing

aren’t just buzzwords anymore. It’s

very important for your new home to

be environmentally friendly. Research

insulation requirements, solar hot water

heating, ventilation options and new

technology to ensure your home will be

affordable to run.

• Interior décor is really exciting. This is

where show homes can really help you get

to know current trends, colours, beautiful

furnishings and furniture. Collect home

magazines and figure out what you’d love

to emulate.

• Also, pause to give thought to

architectural components inside. Do you

remember a raised ceiling? What kind of

finishing do top homes use and which

styles are you drawn to?

• Heating is also a consideration. Have a

look at what show homes are offering.

• Kitchens form the heart of the house.

Show homes give you insight into the

latest styles, materials and storage

facilities available.

• Bathrooms are another big component.

They need to be as luxurious as you can

make them, so start dreaming.

Kitchens form the heart of

the house. Show homes

give you insight into the

latest styles, materials and

storage facilities available.

Hastings McLeod Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 Office 03 929 0306





5 Ivey Road

Needing a quiet country space within 10 minutes of

Christchurch? Then look here!

• Morning sunbathed kitchen with excellent storage

• 3 living spaces all well serviced by the kitchen

• Double-glazing, underfloor heating, 2 gas fires

• Extensive outbuildings/facilities

• 176m2 shed, set up with 5 stables, tack and wash

down area

• Horse training track

View By Appointment

Kurt Richardson

Mobile 021 154 3764

Office 03 929 0306

Sarah Yeates

Mobile 027 447 2719

Office 03 929 0306

BUYERS $949,000+






1682 Clintons Road

An incredible opportunity has arisen to purchase a 2

hectare, bare block of land on the ever-popular,

Clintons Road. Private, rear section with mountain

views. Build your dream home and reap the benefits of

owning a lifestyle block, without sacrificing proximity to

township, town water supply, and rubbish collection.

Ideally situated between Bangor Road and Mulholland

Drive. Viewing is a must! Interested parties advised to

act quickly.

View By Appointment

Lucinda Ebbett

Mobile 027 364 7958

Office 03 929 0306





Licenced under REAA 2008



18 Hectares Bareland


Quality - Style - Picturesque

West Melton

• Ideal for use as a larger lifestyle property or as an

addition to an existing farming operation

• Great location situated on Telegraph Road and

just off State Highway 1

• 18.1728 hectares with automatic building

consent under the Selwyn District Plan

• Well-fenced rectangular shaped block with good

access off Telegraph and Godley Roads

• Stock water race running along the south western


• Approximately 16km to Rolleston and 28km to

Hornby ID: CHR24631


Plus GST (if any)

(Unless Sold Prior)

1.00pm, Thursday, 24 November 2016

at PGG Wrightson, 411 Blenheim Road,


Sam Davidson

M 027 488 8269

Karen Hennessy

M 027 967 0186

This beautifully presented lifestyle property of

5.1ha offers style and sophistication set up a treelined

driveway. There are five bedrooms, two living

areas, three bathrooms, an office and a double

garage. Amazing outdoor patio area along with a

swimming pool and spa. The property boasts

seven paddocks along with a 600m track and a

five-bay shed with three bays lockup and a pump


OPEN HOME - Sunday, 2.00-2.30pm

1018 Newtons Road, West Melton ID: DAR24725


Plus GST (if any)

(Unless Sold Prior)

1.00pm, Friday, 2 December 2016

at PGG Wrightson, 411 Blenheim Road,


Min Cookson

B 03 344 4301

M 027 249 5417

Rural Living In Style


´Ambervale´ Offering Options

West Melton

Welcome to this very desirable and welcoming

home on 1012sqm that will tick all the boxes. The

permanent material home is on a corner section

overlooking the Courtenay Domain giving it a rural

flavour. It offers a large open modern kitchen/

dining family room with a separate formal lounge

that flows out to a private and well-sheltered patio.

Four large bedrooms, master with en suite, family

bathroom, laundry plus access is derived from the

double garage. What an opportunity here to ´live in

style´ and a very easy commute into the city or

international airport. ID: DAR24874


OPEN HOME 9 High Street

Sunday, 1.00-1.30pm

Min Cookson

B 03 341 4301

M 027 249 5417

Lifestyle property of 4ha with a permanent material

homestead set back from the road and set in a

mature garden setting. It is offering open-plan

kitchen/dining/family living with a separate formal

lounge, three bedrooms, master with en suite and

an office. Out in the yard area is a three-bay (one

bay lock-up) shed with power, a small cool store,

chook house and seven tunnel houses. The

property has its own well with a consent to irrigate

to 2033. A great opportunity here to grow a crop

of your choice and very close to Christchurch city

and the international airport. ID: DAR24714


Plus GST (if any)

OPEN HOME 1/1658 West Coast Road

Sunday, 12.00-12.30pm

Min Cookson

M 027 249 5417

H 03 347 9944

Athol Earl

Sales Manager/Auctioneer

M 027 437 6298

Peter Crean

M 027 434 4002

Min Cookson

M 027 249 5417

Sam Davidson

M 027 488 8269

Karen Hennessy

M 027 967 0186

Wilton Atkins

M 027 606 0660

Peter McCorkindale

M 027 594 5190

John Hughes

M 021 455 488

PGG Wrightson Real Estate Ltd, Real Estate Agent, REAA 2008


Your guide to Show Homes & New Sections

in the Selwyn District

Dressing your property up for sale

Your house is on the market and you hope to get a good

price. While market performance will largely influence

this, presenting your home at its best will help.

First impressions count from

the moment potential buyers view

a property from the street to the

moment they walk through the front


Weed the garden, cut back unruly

shrubs and prune trees where needed.

Kill off weeds in the lawn, sprinkle

grass seed over bald patches and

fertilise the lawn.

Indoors, tidy up. Get rid of excess

or bulky furniture, toys, books, hobby

items or fitness equipment and if too

many photos on the wall pack these

away so the home looks roomy.

If there is a gap or a room needs

enhancing, look at what you have. A

piece of furniture might be painted up

or an old leather bound book popped

on the coffee table. Shelves will also

add depth to a narrow space while

mirrors may give the illusion of a

larger space. In entryways, add an easy

chair, small table, bookcase or large


Awkward spaces such as coved

ceilings in attics or upstairs rooms

might be converted into storage

shelving and the room given a purpose

as an office, playroom or extra

bedroom so viewers can see how the

room might be used.

Stow possessions neatly in

containers, shelving or tidily in

cupboards; highlighting the storage

potential within the home, ensuring

it is clean and tidy for viewing at any


Move the pets outside as not all

buyers will be pet lovers while some

may suffer pet allergies putting them

off a house if they see a pet inside.

If parts of the house look tired,

consider renovating by painting

walls, replacing worn carpet, or

modernising the kitchen, bathroom

and toilet; rooms that should sparkle.

Replace tired cabinetry, or the benches

and cupboard/drawer fronts then

update old toilets, showers or kitchen

appliances. Modernising these rooms

can lift the final selling price.

Use consistent and light paint

colours throughout for balance and

seamlessness, making the house

appear more spacious. An effect that

is increased when walls and curtains

share the same or a similar colour.

Consider the personality and

purpose of a room. Bright colours

lift living areas especially if large and

open. However, bedrooms are suited

to calmer softer colours with just a

touch of bold. Layer bedding or use

throws for effect along with cushions

or a stuffed toy in a children’s room.

With curtaining, smaller patterns or

plain fabrics are the rule for smaller

rooms whereas larger patterns make

spacious areas cosier. If blinds or

drapes are past their best, replace these

even if it is only with neutral cotton

curtains. The effect will be worth it.

Eco-friendly features will also add

value for some buyers though not

universally, however earthy natural

colours and features are popular.

Consider who your target buyers are

likely to be and what will appeal to


Megan and Lee have

a young family.

So we designed them a home to grow up in.

Start your own story

03 348 1994 |



(Nestor Notabilis)

LARE A 2 08

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fugiat nu la pariatur. Excepteur sint


One of the district’s major promotional

events wi l not go ahead next

year but an organiser says she is

hopeful this is no th end.

The bie nial Celebrating Selwyn,

which promotes local exhibitions,

art studios, restaurants, gardens and

est laborum."

Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit

Excepteur sint o caecat cupidatat non

proident, sunt. Excepteur sint.

Price: $ 000,000

events, was due to be held over a

fortnight next year in March

However, a lack of both volunt

ers and expre sions of interest

from groups wishing to be involved

means it has now b en ca ned.


It has b en run every two years

since 2 07, including in 20 1 shortly

after the February earthquake. In

Lorem Ipsum

Proudly loca ly owned


Phone: 021 000 0000

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One of the district’s major promotional

events wi l not go ahead next

year but an organiser says she is

hopeful this is no th end.

The bie nial Celebrating Selwyn,

which promotes local exhibitions,

art studios, restaurants, gardens and

est laborum."

Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit

in voluptate velit e se ci lum dolore eu

fugiat nu la pariatur. Excepteur sint

o caecat cupidatat non proident, sunt.

Excepteur sint o caecat cupidatat non

proident, sunt. Excepteur sint.

2 08 it won the Sensational Selwyn

award for community impact.

Celebrating Selwyn chairwoman

Wendy Rockhouse said organisers

have had to a cep they didn’t have the

manpower to try and get more groups

registered in time to produce promotional

material ahead of th event.

“It was te ribly disa pointing for

LARE A 2 08

9 Masefield Drive

a l of us, especia ly myself,” Mrs

Rockhouse said.

“I think Celebrating Selwyn has a

place in the calendar because there

is so much diversity out here but

it wi l n ed to have people that are

prepared to work at it. I have put in

hundreds of hours myself - and you

n ed to. • Turn to page 2

(entry from Countdown and McCauley Str et)

(Nestor Notabilis)

Price: $ 000,000

events, was due to be held over a

fortnight next year in March

However, a lack of both volunt

ers and expre sions of interest

from groups wishing to be involved


means it has now b en ca ned.

It has b en run every two years

since 2 07, including in 20 1 shortly

after the February earthquake. In

Lorem Ipsum

Proudly loca ly owned

Sti l

cho ping

at 74

– p4, p5

W edons

Dragons win

–p14, p15


Phone: 021 000 0000



Turn to

page 19

(6 0g Varieties)


Ph 03 347 9192

Proudly managed by

Co liers Real Estate

Management Limited


No Limit

2 08 it won the Sensational Selwyn

award for community impact.

Celebrating Selwyn chairwoman

Wendy Rockhouse said organisers

have had to a cep they didn’t have the

manpower to try and get more groups

registered in time to produce promotional

material ahead of th event.

“It was te ribly disa pointing for


9 Masefield Drive

a l of us, especia ly myself,” Mrs

Rockhouse said.

“I think Celebrating Selwyn has a

place in the calendar because there

is so much diversity out here but

it wi l n ed to have people that are

prepared to work at it. I have put in

hundreds of hours myself - and you

n ed to. • Turn to page 2

(entry from Countdown and McCauley Str et)

(Nestor Notabilis)

W edons

Dragons win

Sti l

cho ping

at 74

– p4, p5

–p14, p15



Turn to

page 19

(6 0g Varieties)


Ph 03 347 9192

Proudly managed by

Co liers Real Estate

Management Limited


No Limit


New Stage Now Open

Home sites from 480m 2 - 705m 2

Priced from $175,000

First National Real Estate

Sue Mullins Barry O’Neill

021 244 1325 021 364 422

Visit Us Onsite 601 Birches Road, Lincoln, 7 days Noon - 4pm





Written Warranty and 10 yr NO LEAKS Guarantee

• Specialise in snow protection

• Continuous spouting made on site,

large colour range available

• High grade and thicker material used

Any type of gutters repaired, Insurance Work undertaken

No job too small or too big!

Call us NOW for FREE QUOTE

Call Danie 021 875 462

03 980-2865 / 03 344-5744


Wright Enterprises Build Limited

W.E. Build

New Homes




Re-cladding to older buildings

Family owned & operated


Antony Wright 021 111 1703

John Wright 0274 343 323

AH 03 347 4347



• Irrigation • Drainage • Driveways • Auger Hole Drilling

• Land Clearing & Development • Culvert Installation

• Construction Site Works • Tree & Hedge Removal

• Concrete Breaker


• Professional Packing Service

• Local, National & International Moves

• Complete Door to Door Service

• Secure Storage Available

• Full Comprehensive Insurance

Ph: 03 344 6164



Selwyn Times

EVERY TUESDAY inside Selwyn Times

For full information on placing your advertising call:

Kath Stott

Ph 03-962-8751 | email:


Community Newspaper












A Christchurch Star Company


03 325 2117

Trade &



Get your messages into homes throughout the

Selwyn District.

Delivered to every home & rural letterbox

(also available at selected pick up points).

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500,000 light show

Lorem ipsum dolor

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur

adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor

Lorem ipsum dolor

Sale by Deadline Wednesday 13th May 5pm (unle sold prior)


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nostrud exercitation u lamco laboris nisi

o caecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in

culpa qui officia deserunt mo lit anim id



BRIGHT LIGHTS: This year’s Pre bleton Christmas display at Carl and Maur en Seaward’s Shands Rd property is almost ready t open – and the

couple say it wi l be bi ger and brighter than ever. • Story, page 8

Celebrating Selwyn canned QUALITY

More than a shopping centre!

Ladbr oks, Tai Tapu, L eston, Lincoln, Southbridge, Pre bleton, Halswe l, Ro leston, Templeton, Burnham, West Melton, Darfield, Arthurs Pa s

500,000 light show

BRIGHT LIGHTS: This year’s Pre bleton Christmas display at Carl and Maur en Seaward’s Shands Rd property is almost ready t open – and the

couple say it wi l be bi ger and brighter than ever. • Story, page 8

Celebrating Selwyn canned QUALITY

Sale by Deadline Wednesday 13th May 5pm (unle sold prior)


More than a shopping centre!


Somewhere: 221 Christchurch Road, Christchurch Open home Sunday 2.30-3.30pm





70-76 Ro leston Drive, Ro leston

FREE TUESday NOVEMBER 18 2014 379 71 0

Selwyn Times

Ladbr oks, Tai Tapu, L eston, Lincoln, Southbridge, Pre bleton, Halswe l, Ro leston, Templeton, Burnham, West Melton, Darfield, Arthurs Pa s

Somewhere: 221 Christchurch Road, Christchurch Open home Sunday 2.30-3.30pm




70-76 Ro leston Drive, Ro leston

FREE TUESday NOVEMBER 18 2014 379 71 0

Selwyn Times

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‘The Experts’

Commi ted to exce lence, service and the local community.

Lef to Right: Andrew Taylor, Susan Davis, Jo Counse l, Stephan Knowler, Jackie De rick, Chris Flanagan, Tracey Roberts, Juliet Flanagan, Co nie van der Klei, Joe Brankin

RO LESTON P: 03 347 949 | DARFIELD P: 03 318 8204 | LEESTON P: 03 324 3704 | www.


A Star Community Newspaper Kea



‘The Experts’

Commi ted to exce lence, service and the local community.

Lef to Right: Andrew Taylor, Susan Davis, Jo Counse l, Stephan Knowler, Jackie De rick, Chris Flanagan, Tracey Roberts, Juliet Flanagan, Co nie van der Klei, Joe Brankin

RO LESTON P: 03 347 949 | DARFIELD P: 03 318 8204 | LEESTON P: 03 324 3704 | www.

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high impact


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& making our district a better place to live.



This Week’s




17 NOV

ROLLESTON 13 Mahy Place

Thurs 17TH Nov, 2.15pm - 2.45pm, 3 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 1

dining, 783m2 section, Auction: Thursday 1st December (USP)

ph Mary 021 557 731, Harcourts Rolleston – Mary 021 557 731 ID#RL1549


HALSWELL 35, 37 & 39 Hamill Road, Longhurst

Open Wed - Sun 12pm - 4pm Concept Living Show homes

Horncastle Homes, ph 03 348 8905

ROLLESTON 15 Ashdown Way, Farringdon

Show Home Open Wed - Sun 12pm - 4pm,

Horncastle Homes, ph 03 348 8905


ROLLESTON 18 Elizabeth Street

Sat 19th Nov, 12.15pm -12.45pm, 3 bdrm, 1 bthrm, 1living, 4 gge, 1011m2

section, Price by negotiation, ph Katie 021 135 0887

Harcourts Rolleston - ID#RL1559

ROLLESTON 15 Elizabeth Street

Sat 19th Nov, 12.15pm - 12.45pm, 3 bdrm, 1 bthrm, 1 living, 809m2 section

Deadline sale: offers presented 7th December (USP) ph Mary 021 557 731

Harcourts Rolleston ID#RL1562

ROLLESTON 14 Park Lane

Sat 19th Nov, 1pm - 1.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 613m2 section

Price by negotiation , ph Natalie 027 943 6413

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1530

ROLLESTON 6 Genoa Avenue

Sat 19th Nov, 1.15pm - 1.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 668m2 section

$599,000, ph Natalie 027 943 6413

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1534

ROLLESTON 13 Mahy Place

Sat 19th Nov, 1.15pm - 2pm, 3 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 1 dining, 783m2

section, Auction: Thursday 1st December (USP), ph Mary 021 557 731

Harcourts Rolleston ID#RL1549

ROLLESTON 7 Tiny Hill Drive

Sat 19th Nov, 2pm - 2.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 3 gge, 791m2

section, Price by negotiation, Natalie 027 943 6413

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1563

ROLLESTON 61 Hoskyns Road

Sat 19th Nov, 2pm - 2.45pm, 5 bdrm, 3 bthrm, 2 living, 1845m2 section

Price by negotiation, ph Shona 027 229 3657

Harcourts Rolleston ID#RL1529/1532

ROLLESTON 7 Rossall Crescent

Sat 19th Nov, 3pm - 3.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 1 living, 507m2 section

Price by negotiation , ph Natalie 027 943 6413

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1564

UPPER RICCARTON 15 Gladstone Avenue

Sat 19th Nov, 1pm - 1.30 pm, 3 bdrm, 1 bthrm, 1 living, 665m2 section

Auction: Thursday 24th November (USP), ph Claire 027 723 35

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1551

WEST MELTON 29 Finlays Road

Sat 19th Nov, 2.30pm - 3.30pm, 2/3 bdrm, 1 bthrm, 2 living, 4.0205

hectares, Auction: Thursday 1st December (USP) ph Katie 021 135 0887

Harcourts Rolleston - ID#RL1548

WIGRAM 138 Kittyhawk Ave

Sat 19th Nov, 2pm – 2.30pm, 3 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car + drive thru, 204m2

on 600m2, Deadline Sale, Ray White Rolleston


For full details of all Open Homes,

please contact the Real Estate companies.


BURNHAM 218 Thomsons Road

Sun 20th Nov, 2pm – 3pm, 3 bedroom, 2 bthrm, By Negotiation , ph Noel

Lowery 027 432 8859, Farmlands Real Estate LE1569

COALGATE 26 King Street

Sun 20th Nov, 2.15pm – 2.45pm, 3 bed, 1 bthrms on 1117m2 section

$345,000, Ray White Rolleston

DARFIELD 12 Torlesse Crescent

Sun 20th Nov, 1pm -1.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 living, 2 bthrm, 2 car gge, 800m2

section, Price by Negotiation, ph Fergus 027 608 4768

Harcourts Rolleston- ID#RL1544

DARFIELD 10 Mulholland Drive

Sun 20th Nov, 2pm – 2.30pm, 285m2 great lifestyle home on 2.17ha.

Neg Over $879,000 ph Sue Robinson 021 409050,, Matson & Allan

DOYLESTON 6 King Street

Sun 20th Nov, 3.15 pm – 3.45pm, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom fully renovated on

987m2. Neg Over $359,000 ph Stephan Knowler 027 2299522,, Matson & Allan

HALSWELL 35, 37 & 39 Hamill Road, Longhurst

Concept Living Showhomes Open Wed - Sun 12pm - 4pm

Horncastle Homes, ph 03 348 8905

HORNBY 30 Bermuda Drive.

Sun 20th Nov, 11.30am – 12pm 3 bdrm, 1 bath, brick home on 641sqm

section, Deadline Sale 5pm, 12th Dec (unless sold prior), Mike Goatley

0272495561 Fay Merry 0211821502, One Agency Real Estate Specialists

HORNBY 27 Garvins Road

Sun 20th Nov, 2.30pm 3pm, 2 bed, 1 bthrm, 2 car on 809m2 section

Deadline Sale, Ray White Rolleston

KIRWEE 9 High Street

Sun 20th Nov, 1pm - 1.30pm, 4 beds, 2 bthrm on 1012m², $598,000 Inc

GST Ph Min Cookson 027 249 5417, PGG Wrightson Real Estate, DAR24874

KIRWEE 49 Crozier Drive

Sun 20th Nov, 2pm -2.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 1 living, 2ha lifestyle section

Auction: Thurs 1 December (USP) ph Fergus 027 608 4768

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1545

LEESTON 9 Spring Place

Sun 20th Nov, 11.30am - 12pm, 3 dbl bdrm, perm material, 3 car garage, fully

fenced, $419,000, Ph Cheryl Hunt 0274 303-906, Mike Pero Real Estate

LEESTON 65 High Street

Sun 20th Nov, 1pm – 1.30pm, 300m2, 4 bed 3 living, 2 garage, $629,000

ph Stephan Knowler 027 229 9522,

Matson & Allan,

LEESTON 85 Manse Road

Sun 20th Nov, 1pm – 1.30pm, Modern 4 bed/2bath home on full section with

rural outlook, $475,000 ph Cameron McRae 027 7696696,, Matson and Allan

LEESTON 35 Leeston Lake Road

Sun 20th Nov, 1pm to 1.30pm, 5bed, 1 bath, 2 gge, on 1400m2 section

Deadline Sale Friday 2nd Dec, Property Brokers Sarah Yeates 027 447 2719

LEESTON 11 Cassini Place

Sun 20TH Nov, 1.30pm – 2.15pm, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Neg over

$499,000, ph Suzy McPherson 027 695 0519, Farmlands Real Estate, LE1578

LEESTON 14 Fibonacci Way

Sun 20th Nov, 1.45pm – 2.15pm Just completed 4 bedroom home in

Monticello subdivision, $489,000, ph Cameron McRae 027 7696696, Matson & Allan

LEESTON 1 Lambie Street

Sun 20th Nov, 2.30pm – 3pm , 4 bedroom, 2 bthrm, 2 car garage, on 700m2

$485,000 ph Cameron McRae 0277 696696,,

Matson & Allan

LEESTON 7 Country Lane

Sun 20th Nov, 2.45pm – 3.15pm, 4 bdrm,2 bath,228sqm home on 855sqm

landscaped section. Price By Negotiation, ph Mike Goatley 0272495561 ,

Fay Merry 0211821502, One Agency Real Estate Specialists

LEESTON 56 Watsons Road

Sun 20th Nov, 3.30pm – 4.15pm, 5 bdrm, 2 bath, Middlerigg Country Estate

on 5.028ha. Deadline Sale 5pm, 6th Dec (unless sold prior), Mike Goatley

0272495561 Fay Merry 0211821502, One Agency Real Estate Specialists

LEESTON 7 - 9 Mountain View Place

Sun 20TH Nov, 3.30pm – 4pm, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 garage

Neg over $569,000, Penny Dadson-Clausen PH 027 895 5943,

Farmlands Real Estate, LE1581

LITTLE RIVER, 308 Reynolds Valley Road

Sun 20th Nov, 3pm to 4pm, 8ha, 3bed, 1bath, plus self-contained flat,

double carport, Deadline Sale Thursday 1st Dec,

Property Brokers Sarah Yeates 027 447 2719

PREBBLETON 10B Sterling Drive

Sun 20th Nov, 1pm – 1.30pm, 3 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 2 Car, 650m2 Section, Offers

over $620,000, Ray White Rolleston,

PREBBLETON 4 Florin Place

Sun 20th Nov, 2pm – 2.30pm, 4 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 3 toilets, 2 Car, 700m2 Section,

Deadline Sale, Ray White Rolleston,

RAKAIA 147 Rolleston Street

Sun 20th Nov, 1pm - 1.30pm , 3 bed, 1 bthrm, 1 garage, $320,000, Penny

Dadson-Clausen PH 027 895 5943, Farmlands Real Estate, LE1576

ROLLESTON 24 Hartford Crescent

Sun 20th Nov, 11am – 11.30am, New 3 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 2 Car, 400m2 Section,

Offers over $510,000, Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 10 Austen Place

Sun 20th Nov, 11am – 11.30am, 3 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 2 Car, 434m2 Section

Price by Negotiation, Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 19 Fernham Way

Sun 20th Nov, 11.30am – 12pm, 4 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 2 Car, 608m2 Section

Offers over $499,000 Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 69 Hungerford Drive

Sun 20th Nov, 11.45am – 12.15pm , 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, sep laundry,

727m2 section, Offers over $599, 000, Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 67 Shadbolt Lane

Sun 20th Nov, 12pm – 12.30pm , 3 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, on 563m2 section,

Offers over $535,000, Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 15 Ashdown Way, Farringdon

Show Home Open Wed - Sun 12pm - 4pm,,

Horncastle Homes, ph 03 348 8905

ROLLESTON 3 Fernham Way

Sun 20th Nov, 12pm – 12.30pm, As new 181m2 4 lge bedrooms, 1 living, 2

bthrm home, $545,000, ph Stephan Knowler, 027 229 9522,

stephan, Matson & Allan

ROLLESTON 18 Elizabeth Street

Sun 20th Nov, 12.15pm -12.45pm, 3 bdrm, 1 bthrm, 1living, 4 gge, 1011m2

section, Price by negotiation, ph Katie 021 135 0887, Harcourts Rolleston - ID#RL1559

ROLLESTON 15 Elizabeth Street

Sun 20th Nov, 12.15pm - 12.45pm, 3 bdrm, 1 bthrm, 1 living, 809m2

section, Deadline sale: offers presented 7th December (USP) ph Mary

021 557 731, Harcourts Rolleston ID#RL1562

ROLLESTON 9 Binyon Place

Sun 20th Nov, 12.30pm – 1pm, 4 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 3 living 2 Car, 805m2 Section,

Offers over $599, 000, Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 105C Lowes Road

Sun 20th Nov, 12.30pm – 1pm, 4 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 2 Car, 866m2 Section

Offers over $559, 000, Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 20 John Street

Sun 20th Nov, 12.30pm – 1pm, 4 Bed, 2 Bthrms, Studio, 2 Car, 1032m2

Section, $525, 000, Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 13 Frame Crescent

Sun 20h Nov, 12.45pm – 1.15pm, 4 Bed, Rumpus, 2 Bthrms, 4 Car, 1916m2 Section,

Offers over $849, 000, Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 21 Cameron Crescent

Sun 20th Nov, 1pm - 1.30pm, 4 dbl bdrm, study, 2 bthrm, rumpus room,

cul-de-sac, lge sunny home, $639,000 Ph Cheryl Hunt 0274 303-906

Mike Pero Real Estate

ROLLESTON 7 Marlow Place

Sun 20h Nov, 1pm – 1.30pm, 4 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 2 Car, 934m2 Section

Offers over $519, 000, Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 14 Park Lane

Sun 20th Nov, 1pm - 1.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 613m2 section

Price by negotiation, ph Natalie 027 943 6413

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1530

ROLLESTON 67 Brookside Road

Sun 20th Nov, 1.15pm – 1.45pm, 4 Bed ,2 bthrms, 2 Car, 760 m2 Section

Offers over $489,000 Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 6 Genoa Avenue,

Sun 20th Nov, 1.15pm - 1.45pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 668m2 section

$599,000 ph Natalie 027 943 6413

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1534

ROLLESTON 13 Mahy Place

Sun 20th Nov, 1.15pm - 2pm, 3 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 1 dining, 783m2

section, Auction: Thursday 1st December (USP) ph Mary 021 557 731

Harcourts Rolleston – Mary 021 557 731 ID#RL1549

ROLLESTON 75C Lowes Road

Sun 20th Nov, 1.15pm – 1.45pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 4 car, 1290m2 section

Offers over $669,000 , Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 50 Park Lane

Sun 20th Nov, 1.30pm - 2pm 4 bdrm, 2 bath, 2 living 231sqm home on

759sqm fully fenced, Price by Negotiation, ph Mike Goatley 0272495561 ,

Fay Merry 0211821502, One Agency Real Estate Specialists

ROLLESTON 35 Othello Drive

Sun 20th Nov, 1.30pm – 2pm, 3 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 767m2 section

Offers over $515,000 , Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 4 Marble Court

Sun 20th Nov, 1.30pm – 2pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 582m2 section

Offers over $529,000 , Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 7 Tiny Hill Drive

Sun 20th Nov, 2pm - 2.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 2 living, 3 gge, 791m2

section, Price by negotiation, ph Natalie 027 943 6413

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1563

ROLLESTON 61 Hoskyns Road

Sun 20th Nov, 2pm - 2.45pm, 5 bdrm, 3 bthrm, 2 living, 1845m2 section

Price by negotiation, ph Shona 027 229 3657

Harcourts Rolleston, ID#RL1529/1532

ROLLESTON 24 Overbury Crescent

Sun 20th Nov, 2pm – 2.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 3 car on 760m2 section

$619,000, Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 3 Bavaria Drive

Sun 20th Nov, 2.15pm – 2.45pm, 5 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 2 Car, sep laundry,

947m2 Section, Price on Application, Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 8 Picasso Place

Sun 20th Nov, 2.30pm – 3pm, 4 bed, 3 bthrms, 2 car on 750m2 section

Offers over $569,000, Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 3 Binyon Place

Sun 20th Nov, 2.30pm – 3pm, 4 Bed, 2 Bthrms, study nook, 2 Car, 758m2

Section, Offers over $539, 000, Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 3 Lloyds Close

Sun 20th Nov, 3pm – 3.30pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 225m2 on 781m2 section,

Offers over $599,000, Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 10 Goldie Place

Sun 20th Nov, 3pm - 3.30pm, 4 bed + study, 2 bthrms, 2car, 838m2 section,

Deadline Sale, Ray White Rolleston

ROLLESTON 7 Rossall Crescent

Sun 20th Nov, 3pm - 3.30pm, 4 bdrm, 2 bthrm, 1 living, 507m2 section

Price by negotiation, ph Natalie 027 943 6413

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1564

ROLLESTON 3 Cato Place

Sun 20th Nov, 3.15pm – 3.45pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrms, 2 car, with drive thru

1325m2 section, Offers over $629,000. Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 4C Stonebrook Drive

Sun 20th Nov, 3.30pm – 4pm, 4 bed + study, 2 bthrms, 2 car, 816m2

section, Offers over $549,000. Ray White Rolleston,

ROLLESTON 2 Standford Way

Sun 20th Nov, 3.45pm – 4.15pm, 4 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 2 Car, 231m2 on 745m2

Section, Offers over $629,000, Ray White Rolleston,

SOUTHBRIDGE 29 Sarsfield Street

Sun 20th Nov, 1.45pm – 2.15pm, Renovated, 3 bedroom home, 4 car gge on

1503m2, $395,000, ph Stephan Knowler 027 229 9522,, Matson & Allan / 066

SOUTHBRIDGE 5 Broad Street

Sun 20th Nov 2pm – 2.30pm, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 2 garage, Neg Over

$327,500, ph Penny Dadson-Clausen, 027 895 5943

Farmlands Real Estate, LE1574

SOUTHBRIDGE 21 Brook Street

Sun 20th Nov 2.30pm – 3pm, 3 bdrm, 1 living, 2 bath, 6 car gge on 2908m2.

Offers over $469,000, ph Stephan Knowler 027 2299522,, Matson & Allan

SOUTHBRIDGE 58 High Street

Sun 20th Nov, 2.45pm – 3.15pm, 3 bedroom, 2 bthrm, 2 + 2 garage, Neg

over $499,000, ph Penny Dadson-Clausen PH 027 895 5943

Farmlands Real Estate, LE1573

SPRINGSTON 178 Days Road

Sun 20th Nov, 12pm – 12.30pm , 3 bed, 1 bthrm, 4 car on 7242m2 section

Offers over $639,000, Ray White Rolleston

TAI TAPU 10A Hepworth Place

Sun 20th Nov, 12pm – 12.30pm, 4 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 2 Car, 819m2 Section

By Negotiation, Ray White Rolleston,

TEMPLETON 7 Roydon Drive

Sun 20th Nov, 11.30am – 12pm, 3 Bed, 2 Bthrms, 2 Car, 558m2 Section

Offers over $439,000, Ray White Rolleston,

UPPER RICCARTON 15 Gladstone Avenue

Sun 20th Nov, 1pm - 1.30 pm, 3 bdrm, 1 bthrm, 1 living, 665m2 section

Auction: Thursday 24th November (USP), ph Claire 027 723 35

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1551

WEST MELTON 4 / 1132 Old West Coast Road

Sun 20th Nov, 10.45 am - 11.30am, 1 bdrm, 1 living, 1 bthrm, 4 ha lifestyle

section, Price by negotiation , ph Fergus 027 6088 4768

Harcourts Rolleston – ID#RL1546

WEST MELTON 1/1658 West Coast Road

Sun 20th Nov, 12pm -12.30pm, 3 beds, 2 bthrm on 4.21ha, $925,000 Plus GST

(if any) Ph Min Cookson 027 249 5417, PGG Wrightson Real Estate, DAR24725

WEST MELTON 72 Rotherham Drive

Sun 20th Nov, 12pm - 12.30pm, 5 bdrm, 2 living, 2 bthrm, 2 car gge, 1316m2

section, Deadline sale: offers presented 5th December (USP) ph Fergus

027 608 4768, Harcourts Rolleston - ID#RL1561

WEST MELTON 1 Dalton Way

Sun 20TH Nov, 12.30pm – 1pm. 4 bdrm, 3 bath, 348sqm home on 2244sqm

landscaped section. Price by Negotiation, Ph Mike Goatley 0272495561,

Fay Merry 0211821502, One Agency Real Estate Specialists

WEST MELTON 6 Jacqueline Drive

Sun 20th Nov, 12.30pm – 1pm, 4 bed, 2 bthrm, 2 car, 900m2 property

Offers over $699,000, Ray White Rolleston

WEST MELTON, 32 Shepherd Ave

Sun 20th Nov, 1.15pm - 2pm, 4 bed, 2 bath, 3 gge, Deadline 8th Dec 4pm,

Property Brokers, ph Chris Moore 027 288 0563

WEST MELTON 42 Jacks Drive

Sun 20th Nov, 1.30pm – 2pm, 4 Bed home + 1 Bed flat, 3 bthrms, 2 Car,

3160 m2 Section, Offers over $899,000, Ray White Rolleston,

WEST MELTON 31 Rotherham Drive

Sun 20th Nov, 2.30pm – 3pm, 4 bed + study, 2 bthrms, 3 car, 1432m2

section, Offers over $849,000, Ray White Rolleston,

WEST MELTON 1018 Newtons Road

Sun 20th Nov , 2pm -2.30pm, 5 beds, 2 bthrm on 5.10ha, Auction, 1pm 24

November at PGG Wrightson, 411 Blenheim Road, Plus GST (if any),

Ph Min Cookson 027 249 5417, PGG Wrightson Real Estate, DAR24725

WEST MELTON, 2/197 Lawford Road

Sun 20th Nov, 2.30pm -3.30pm, 5 bed, 3 bath, 3 gge

Deadline 23rd Nov 4pm, Property Brokers, ph Chris Moore 027 288 0563

WEST MELTON 29 Finlays Road

Sun 20th Nov, 2.30pm - 3.30pm, 2/3 bdrm, 1 bthrm, 2 living, 4.0205

hectares, Auction: Thursday 1st December (USP) ph Katie 021 135 0887

Harcourts Rolleston - ID#RL1548

WEST MELTON 79 Rossington Drive

Sun 20th Nov, 3.30pm – 4pm, 4 bed + study, 2 bthrm, 2 car, 1045m2 section,

Offers over $889,000 Ray White Rolleston


Four Seasons Realty Rolleston

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Rolleston 212 Larcombs Road

Country Living So Close to Town

5 acre established lifestyle block within easy commute to either

Rolleston or Templeton. 1970’s three bedroom, two bathroom

home with large living area and open plan dining/living. Numerous

outbuilding and shedding options.

Price: $790,000

View at: ID#RL1525

Katie Harrison

Ph 021 135 0887

West Melton 29 Finlays Road

Country Charm - Owners on the Move

1910’s relocated 2-3 bedroom villa with original features on 4ha

lifestyle block. Fenced for horses with orchard and vegetable garden.

Excellent location with 4 car garaging.

Auction: 1st December 2016 (unless sold prior)

View at: ID#RL1548

Katie Harrison

Ph 021 135 0887

Rolleston 18 Elizabeth Street

Calling First Home Buyers or Investors

1011m2 fully fenced section with 4 car garaging and plenty of off street

parking. Great opportunity to secure this partially renovated three

bedroom home. Large living area with bi-fold doors opening to decked,

north facing patio area. Vendors have found dream home and want sold!

Price: By Negotiation

View at: ID#RL1559

Katie Harrison

Ph 021 135 0887

Rolleston 2 Masefield Drive

Affordable First Home

Fantastic family home so close to all the amenities. Three bedroom,

two bathroom home with open plan kitchen/dining/living area opening

up to outdoor living area. An extra feature is the second formal lounge.

Neighbouring a reserve, this property has a fully fenced 782m2 section.

Price: By Negotiation

View at: ID#RL1550

Katie Harrison

Ph 021 135 0887

Rolleston 122 Lowes Road

Family Friendly

Beautifully presented three bedroom plus office family home.

Stunning established gardens and fully fenced section.

Excellent outdoor entertaining option.

Price: By Negotiation

View at: ID#RL1533

Katie Harrison

Ph 021 135 0887

Rolleston Lot 22 or 23 Dunlop Crescent

House and Land Package Deals - Your Choice of Two!

Either three bedroom, two living area new home with triple car garaging.


Four bedroom, two living double car garaged home. Exciting opportunity

to get a new home of your choice built for your family.

Price: $550,000

View at: ID#RL1542

Katie Harrison

Ph 021 135 0887

Want Sold before Christmas?

Call Katie for results you can trust. Phone 021 135 0887.

Harcourts - Winner of Most Trusted Brand 2016 for four years running.

ROLLESTON Shop 13, Rolleston Square • 03 347 4711

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