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Selwyn Times: November 15, 2016

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10 Tuesday November 15 2016 Our People SELWYN TIMES Katrina Keenan Musician has found a balance Your Local Views Former New Zealand cricketer and Motukarara resident Katrina Keenan forms one half of musical duo Southfield, with Dave McKenzie. They’ll be one of the opening acts at the Selwyn Sounds concert in Lincoln in March. She spoke to Tom Doudney about famous cricketing school friends, developing the women’s game and what her other job at Selwyn Sounds will be. ews How did you get into cricket when you were younger? I played cricket at primary school. I played cricket for the boys at Cotswold Primary School. My father Norm Withers was very passionate about cricket, so he was very involved and spent a lot of time with me. We probably practiced every ashion night at the drive to be fair. Then I was sort of in a cricket circle or environment – I went to intermediate with Chris Cairns, and Andy Caddick, who went on to play for England, at high school. I used to train and practice with the boys teams and was lucky enough to get a lot of coaching opportunities at a Gardening really young age. I remember getting invited to a clinic with [former Australian cricketer] Dennis Lillee for pace bowlers. Dale Hadlee, Richard’s brother, otoring HEAT PUMP • Providing Heat Pump solutions for over 14 years to Cantabrians asty Bites Phone us today for your free consultation & quote oney spent a lot of time with me when I was younger, he used to give up his time to take me for bowling sessions, so I was really lucky in that regard. When you were in primary and high school, did many other girls play cricket at that stage or were you one of the few? The schools that I was at had a girls’ cricket team. I just loved the game so much that I played in the girls’ team but also trained and practiced with the boys. Were you training and practicing with the boys because you were so good? I had a reasonably high skill level I guess. The guys were certainly happy for me to be there and I think that was quite significant in terms of me developing better skills. Did Chris Cairns and Andy Caddick strike you as SALE NOW ON! Amazin’ spring Specials!! • We will offer you the best quality brands and option of heat pump for your home/business • We personally guarantee all our products & installs for 5 years (providing annual maintenance has been completed) 41A SHAKESPEARE RD, WALTHAM PHONE 03 366 0525 “A local team for local people” PERFORMER: Former international cricketer Katrina Keenan is one half of musical duo Southfield. outstanding cricketers even as kids? Absolutely – they’re stand-out sort of athletes really. How well did you know either of them? Really well. Obviously, Chris and I went on to play for New Zealand, so through New Zealand Cricket and Canterbury Cricket we were involved in coaching programmes and delivery at schools and that type of thing. When did you get into singing and performing music? I always loved music and had very much a musical Keep up with your local news online background. Dad played guitar and he also was part of a duo in his early 20s and he had even recorded a few songs and made a couple of little records. I had wanted to sing for some time really but I didn’t probably have the confidence because I was doing sport and when you were crossing over into that arts thing, it always seemed like there were way more talented people than you. In my 20s I revisited it, auditioned for a few local bands and started playing in pubs and at weddings and corporate functions and that sort of thing and started writing and doing a little bit of recording. That took a bit of a backseat to cricket, though? Yeah, I was really involved in sport. I played indoor cricket over the winter for the New Zealand team, although I wasn’t in the outdoor team at that point. I was also playing hockey – I got to New Zealand under-21 level with hockey, I was a non-travelling reserve for the World Cup. Music was always something else I was interested in, but couldn’t afford a huge amount of time for. LAWyerS We have over 40 years’ experience to assist you with… • Buying and Selling Houses and Commercial Property • Wills, Trusts and Estate matters • All issues facing you and your business; • Employment Law matters; • Traffic matters; • Earthquake related issues; and • Advice regarding Retirement Villages Call John, Brendan or Andrew today on 03 366 8996 to find out how we can help you. Email. Airport Business Park 92 Russley Road Christchurch 8042 Rolleston’s neW RetiRement village OWN YOUR OWN VILLAGE Woodcroft Estate brings you all the benefits of living in a thriving community while retaining all the rewards of owning your own home. • 78 villas with Club rooms/ Pavilion and a bowling green • 2-3 bedroom villas with single or double garage • On site manager • Secure lifestyle village • 100% capital gain FOR MORE INFORMATION Phone: 03 421 7796 | Email: 34 kEndOn drivE, rOllEStOn

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 15 2016 11 Our People between work, sport and art Your iews Local Views What would you say the the women’s game? highlight of your cricketing In terms of the profile of the career was? game, I would definitely like to Playing in the World Cup and see the game moving forward in winning that in 2000 will always that area and more opportunities stand out as a key moment for women in cricket and the because we all worked so hard. game internationally. I think a We were training twice a day real infrastructure and pathway as non-professional ews athletes and around the women’s game is we didn’t even question that. It lacking and I think if that is wasn’t about the money or anything else, it was about just being playing, more people involved in developed, we will get more girls the best that we could be. the game and a better standard of You were mainly an opening cricket and more attractive game bowler weren’t you? to profile on television. I was an all-rounder, there was Your husband Grant Keenan certainly a season where I did is assistant coach of the Black experiment opening the batting Ferns, so you’re a pretty for New ashion Zealand, but I guess sporting family obviously. Are you would best describe me a your daughters (Emily, 12, and strike bowler. I would open the Macy, 10) very active in sport? bowling for New Zealand and bat Yes, they are very active in in the middle to lower order. sport. They are doing jump jam, Did you like to get the batters netball, athletics, but where as I rattled when you were bowling? can almost remember deciding Definitely, I’m a real competitor, so absolutely, but it was to play cricket for New Zealand, at seven or eight that I wanted always more about a plan of how their focus is more around participation and enjoying that time Gardening to get the batsman out so the intimidation factor was not really with their friends. my focus. When did you start your food How do you feel about the cart business (Rock Dogs)? attention and opportunities the About six months ago. I’m going to be at a few events men’s game gets compared with coming ACTION: Katrina Keenan during the Women’s World Cup match in 2000 at Lincoln. PHOTO SIMON BAKER/GETTY IMAGES up like Selwyn Sounds, some race meetings and touch competitions. So you’re going to be running a food cart at Selwyn Sounds while you’re not on stage? Correct. It will be a busy night for you! It will be really busy. Any other work you’ve been doing? Yeah, the last few years I have been a sports co-ordinator for Sport Canterbury, delivering fundamental sports skills at five schools – Lincoln, Prebbleton, Tai Tapu, Ladbrooks and Burnham. Sometimes I would deliver seven or eight classes a day, but I would always try and ensure that every single child had some level of feedback whether it was ‘great catch’ or ‘I like the way you did that.’ That was really important to me because there are a lot of kids that don’t enjoy sport so my goal was always to make sure that everyone had a positive experience and I’m pretty sure I achieved that. Are you looking forward to playing with some of those wellknown musicians at Selwyn Sounds? Oh yeah, I hope I get the opportunity to meet them, especially some of the female performers like Sharon O’Neill, Margaret Urlich and Debbie Harwood. To have the opportunity to talk to them and pick up some tips would be like an incredible type of mentoring opportunity. •Selwyn Sounds will be held on March 4, from 11.30am-8.30pm. Tickets can be purchased via Ticketek. Buyers will be able to prepurchase a bus ride between pick-up points in Christchurch or Rolleston to Lincoln Domain. otoring & SUMMER SizzLER Over 30 entries from all over nz! asty fRi 18th Bites & SAt 19th nOVEMBER 7pM StARt thE pLAcE tO BE thiS SUMMER! DOUBLEDAYS ROAD KAiApOi infOLinE 03 364 8833 oney Canterbury and the First World War Experience the personal stories of Cantabrians at home and on the front line Free exhibition now open at Darfield Library & Service Centre Brought to you by