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Selwyn Times: November 29, 2016

26 Tuesday

26 Tuesday November 29 2016 SELWYN TIMES Couldn’t you just take it home. New ASX from only $29,990 +ORC* Get a little style, a little attitude, the most desirable warranty and a whole lot more with ASX 2WD XLS • Touch screen with reversing camera • 18-inch alloys • Keyless entry • 5 Star safety • Audio system with Bluetooth • Powerful and economical 2L petrol engine on 2WD, or 2.3L diesel option on 4WD. Upgrade to the stunning VRX and get • leather seats • new panoramic roof and much more. See for yourself at Christchurch Mitsubishi. Call 03 379 0588 or visit to take a test drive. Price listed is for ASX 2WD XLS. VRX model pictured and available from $40,590+ORC. Price excludes On Road Costs which includes WoF, Registration and a full tank of fuel. Offer available while stocks last. Visit for full Diamond Advantage terms & conditions. NEW ZEALAND’S BEST NEW CAR WARRANTY AND CUSTOMER CARE * Available on all Mitsubishi Vehicles. Visit for terms and conditions. cnr Montreal & St Asaph Streets, Christchurch. Sales, Service & Parts: 03 379 0588

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday November 29 2016 27 Gardening A water feature has many benefits A WATER feature in the garden gives a different dimension and adds value to your home. Apart from it having a cooling effect that is soothing for the soul, the sound of gurgling water has a meditative, relaxing quality about it. Water can enhance any garden and when used effectively, has the power to attract the maximum attention compared to any other garden feature. In smaller gardens where space is a constraint, water is best used in conjunction with a sculptured feature or a fountain, or a little rock garden which could easily be the focal point of your little stretch of paradise. If you do happen to own a bigger garden, a free flowing pond could work wonders. There is a lot you can play around with, in terms of plant and marine life that can add to its visual appeal. The added advantage being, fish can get rid of the mosquito menace. To increase the darkness or depth of the colour of water, you can dramatise the effect by using dark, large leafed evergreens. The shape and style of your water feature will be dictated largely by the site itself and whether you want to just get wet and play with the family or just add aesthetic appeal to your home. Style will depend on the architecture of your house, the shape and contours of the site and the character and dominance of the surrounding landscape. Simple shapes are usually the best for garden ponds. They generally look best, cost the least to construct and are the easiest to maintain. If you are unsure about the shape or size, consider consulting a good landscape designer or landscape architect. The best way to decide on construction materials is to discuss their various merits with experts in hydraulics, pool contractors and friends with existing pools. Initial cost, ongoing maintenance and visual appeal should all be considered. Once you’ve decided on the kind of water feature you want, you may need to decide whether the water is flowing or static. EFFECT: Where space is tight water is best used in a fountain. Flowing water has a relaxing sound. In a pond it’s easy to achieve moving water on a small scale with a low voltage water pump. Don’t forget to take into account the safety factor for kids. Another important factor you should take into consideration is the ease of cleaning and general maintenance. If in doubt, keep it simple. A shallow sheet of reflecting water can be as stylish and far less work to keep looking good. Shallow water and dark colours are the key to good reflections. Whatever its size or style, a water feature certainly makes the garden very attractive, adding elements of beauty, sound and reflection to the landscape. MAINSCAPE Garden Supplies “Making your great outdoors greater” free Hire trailer We deliver 6 days a week or pickup from our yard Mon & Fri 8am–5pm, Sat 8am–3pm Eftpos available Call us on 021 241 7908 1543 Springs rd, lincoln See our range of products on our website The magazine for gardeners who like To geT Their hands dirTy 100% december Plant Care December is a great time to tend to your beloved citrus plants and roses. Here are some quick tips to get your plants in top shape ready for the summer months. Citrus Plants Summer is a great time to fertilise your citrus trees. Adding these vital nutrients will help them grow to their full potential, producing juicy fruit for you to enjoy. Intelligro Citrus Fertiliser is packed with all the essential nutrients these plants require, with extra potassium and magnesium which they need. Citrus require more watering over the next few months so make sure that you establish a regular watering pattern. Give them a good soak every few days rather than a light sprinkle each day. Keeping the citrus well-watered will give them a better chance of keeping insect pests and diseases at bay. roses Make sure you tend to your roses by deadheading them regularly. This helps to promote new growth and get more out of your plant. While you are at it, give them some fertiliser to help boost their growth and give them the nutrients required to produce their beautiful blooms. application: Young - mid age bushes: Apply 100 grams per square metre For well-established bushes: Apply up to 200 grams per square metre. When applying, sprinkle the fertiliser in a ring around the stem of the plant. Ideally the ring will be approximately 30cm away from the stem. Ensure you water thoroughly after application. While you’re at it… If you have other plants in pots, containers and hanging baskets, give them a feed of Intelligro Topdressing Fertiliser. This will help give them the nutrients they need to keep flowering, or producing fruit for you. Don’t forget to give them a good water afterwards! If you are wanting to add some colour to your garden you can plant these now; begonias, petunias, impatiens, calendula, and dahlias, to name a few. Add some organic compost to your garden beds to give them a much-needed boost. Finish off with a 5-10cm layer of bark to help keep the weeds down, as well as retain moisture in the soil. LET’S GET GardEninG INTELLIGRO OFFERS: 3 Expert gardening advice 3 High quality products 3 South-Hort growing mixes 3 VIP rewards 3 Buy in-store and online 3 Handy delivery service For more information, check out our website: or visit our facebook page: 1394 Main South Road, RD7 Weedons | Phone 03 347 9415