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Selwyn Times: December 20, 2016

4 Tuesday

4 Tuesday December 20 2016 News Message from the mayor CHRISTMAS IS a wonderful opportunity to gather together with family and friends we love. It’s a time when life often slows a little and we are able to take stock of the year that has been and look forward to the things to come. For some of us this Christmas we welcome new members into our family through birth or marriage. For others of us Christmas will be tinged with sadness as we remember those who have been lost to us this year. Whatever your plans, make sure you remember to cherish those who are gathered with you, to smile and say hello to strangers, to take opportunities to heal past hurts, and to sing a few carols and remember the reason for Christmas. Liz and I will be enjoying Christmas in Tauranga this year with her family. I trust whatever your plans are that you travel safely, that you find peace in the mayhem and you have a wonderful feed. Merry Christmas, Sam and Liz Broughton​ Record-breaking athlete •From page 1 “It was really exciting, [Peterson] ran to tell me and she was really happy,” she said. Peterson, who has coached a number of promising young runners, said she had been yelling in support of Broughton as she ran the race. “The way she came off the bend and into the home straight and powered away, I thought, ‘well god, this has got to be a good time’ so it was really exciting when we saw the results,” she said. Peterson had never expected her record to stand for 44 years and thought it was fantastic that Broughton had been the one to beat it. She said Broughton had great potential and would have the chance to break that record again, and others at the un- PODIUM: Maia Broughton receiving her gold medal in Auckland. der-16 level, next year as she was still only 14. Broughton also won the silver medal in the 100m race at the championships. Light rail an option for population growth •From page 1 Environment Canterbury senior manager public transport Rob Woods said the Greater Christchurch Joint Committee would consider rail links next year when the Regional Public Transport Plan was reviewed. However, Mr Woods said that while rail was an option, it wasn’t necessarily essential. “Attractive, lower cost, high capacity bus-based systems exist that could meet the levels of demand that might come with this growth,” he said. “Bus systems are more flexible than fixed rail links and would better meet the dispersed travel patterns that are characteristic of greater Christchurch.” District council chief executive David Ward said the district council’s own projections aligned more closely with Statistics NZ’s medium level projections rather than the high end ones. However, if the higher projections were to pan out, the district council would still be able to handle the demand for new infrastructure and facilities. “Selwyn is in a particularly good position to cater for high growth, due to the Eastern SELWYN TIMES Selwyn Sewage Scheme being designed in a modular form which enables upgrades to be constructed at an appropriate time,” Mr Ward said. “With transportation, our key roading network routes are intended to have capacity upgrades that dovetail into the Christchurch Southern Motorway stage two extension.” Canterbury Registered Master Builders Association president Ivan Stanicich said the large amount of flat land in Canterbury would be key in handling the demand for housing. “Rolleston, for example, is surrounded by massive amounts of flat land so it has that ability to grow quite easily.” HAVE YOUR SAY: Should passenger rail between Christchurch and Selwyn be introduced? 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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday December 20 2016 5 News Mixed audit for uni • By Tom Doudney AN ACADEMIC audit of Lincoln University has raised several concerns but also found some praise for the cashstrapped institution. The cycle 5 audit by the Academic Quality Agency produced 13 recommendations for where the university needed to improve, as well as four affirmations of work being done to address existing issues. There were eight commendations for exceptionally good practice. The audit comes at a time when the university is grappling with a $5 million deficit and falling enrolments which have forced it to propose axing 51 jobs. AQA raised concerns over the university’s provisions and procedures for students’ appeals, academic grievances and complaints. “It was not immediately obvious from the university’s website home page what a student should do or where they should go if they had a complaint or grievance,” the audit stated. Other concerns addressed the university’s policies, processes and expectations related to GOOD AND BAD: Lincoln’s latest academic audit was a mixed bag, highlighting its good and bad practices. ​ assessment and moderation and the audit concluded that its approach to academic integrity needed development. It highlighted a need for “much more robust strategic planning related to teaching and learning” and found that some issues raised in the previous audit had not been adequately addressed. However, the audit praised Lincoln’s support for international students and those for whom university access might be a challenge, as well as the open door culture of its academic staff and the strong links Varicose Vein Treatment Non-surgical Vein Laser Treatments available Tired of aching and unsightly veins? No surgery, no scars, no stitches. No time off work - continue normal daily activities. An affiliated provider to Southern Cross Health Society (medical necessity criteria apply) - check your policy for cover. Enjoy skirts, short and cropped pants again. Payment plans available (Conditions apply) between management and the students’ association. Lincoln’s interim chief academic officer Bruce McKenzie said the university acknowledged the areas that needed further work and was already implementing many of the audit recommendations. “Changing circumstances, including departures of several staff members at senior management level, had previously led to delays and different priorities, but we take the recommendations seriously and they are key priorities for 2017,” Mr McKenzie said. ALL SQUARE: Central Plains Water has repaid the $6.26 million it borrowed from the district council to fund design work. Loan paid back by CPW CENTRAL PLAINS Water has paid off its loan to the district council. The loan of up to $8 million was approved in November last year, following public consultation through an amended Long- Term Plan process. Subsequently, Central Plains Water progressively drew down $6.26 million, which was repaid in full last week along with interest of $188,000. The loan was provided to assist with design work on Stage 2 of the irrigation scheme. Mayor Sam Broughton said the prompt repayment of the loan confirmed that the district council’s backing for the scheme had been well-founded. “Throughout our involvement with this project the council has been confident about supporting the scheme, on the strength of the potential returns to the district,” he said. “The scheme will bring significant benefits to the wider Selwyn community through increased economic activity as well the creation of new jobs both on farms and within related industries. There are also significant environmental gains to be made, as the scheme replaces groundwater with surface water irrigation from alpine sources.” •HAVE YOUR SAY: Does the repayment of the Central Plains Water loan, with interest, show the district council was right to lend the money? Send your views to tom.doudney@starmedia. kiwi Free Assessment | 52A Mandeville | 52A Mandeville St | Riccarton St | Riccarton 0800 2 Look Good | 08002lookgood or 246 654 | | 03 343 2880 Your local vet right here in the heart of Selwyn! Selwyn Vet Centre We are closed on the public holidays. Other days, business as usual. “We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the new year! Phone: 03 347 7419 - Visit: 829 Jones Rd, Rolleston Email: - Web: