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Selwyn Times: January 17, 2017

14 Tuesday

14 Tuesday January 17 2017 News SELWYN TIMES Harwood in tune with health for Debbie Harwood will perform with fellow When The Cat’s Away singers Annie Crummer and Margaret Urlich, as well as Sharon O’Neill at the Selwyn Sounds concert in March. She spoke to Tom Doudney about her latest endeavours DEBBIE HARWOOD has always been interested in helping people heal but soon she will be expressing that desire through a form other than music. The former When The Cats Away singer recently qualified as a hypnotherapist after completing a two-month course in San Francisco and is working on setting up her own practice this year. Come March 4 though, her focus will be on using her vocal talents to woo the crowd at Selwyn Sounds when she performs on a bill stacked with Kiwi rock royalty. Also playing will be Dragon, Mi-Sex, the Jordan Luck Band and Jason Kerrison, among others. Harwood said herself, Crummer, Urlich and O’Neill had strong chemistry which had been key to their success. “Seeing as we have been making music since the early 80s, and the 70s in Sharon’s situation, we have been right through people’s lives with them as well,” she said. “I never ever, ever take that for granted, I will always get on stage with enormous respect for that, that those people have been through lots of different things, great things and sad things, with our music as a soundtrack to those things.” Harwood had been interested in hypnotherapy since undergoing it herself in her early 20s, when it helped her overcome asthma and other health problems which were affecting her singing. However, she only made the decision to train as a hypnotherapist early last year. “I love being able to help people make changes to core beliefs so I literally woke up at 8am in the morning with this feeling, by 10am that morning I had booked my flights and registered with the school in San Francisco and off I went,” she said. “I am quite impulsive and when I get a strong feeling about something I will act on it.” Harwood has been plagued by health problems throughout her career and in 2009 had to seek more conventional medical help. Seriously ill at the age of 49, she underwent open heart surgery at St George’s Hospital to fix a failed mitral valve and hole in her heart. “One of the funniest things ENERGY: Debbie Harwood is starting a new hypnotherapy practice but will be fully focused on music when she plays Lincoln’s Selwyn Sounds concert in March. ​ that has ever happened to me was when I woke up from the operation in ICU. I was very, very ill, and I looked at the bottom of my bed and my surgeon and ward doctor were there,” she said. ON THE DOMAIN LINCOLN 4 March 2017 Tickets ON SALE NOW Mi-Sex Dragon Sharon O’Neill Debbie Harwood Margaret Urlich Annie Crummer summer new years sale now on! LINCOLN’S FINEST SUBDIVISION Jordan Luck Band Jason Kerrison Live in Lincoln Open 7 days | twO lOcatiOns 7d Mandeville st, Opp placeMakers ph 03 366 4166 dressMart hOrnby, Main sOuth rd ph 03 344 5304

® SELWYN TIMES Tuesday January 17 2017 15 Lincoln concert event “I was looking at the ward doctor and he had long hair and blue scrubs and his name tag said David Bowie – that was his actual name. I am pretty sure I said to him at some point: ‘I think your best work was Life on Mars, David’. He was a musician too.” Her health was now better than it had been for more than 20 years and felt she had received “a second go at life.” Harwood has just recorded a new song called Isolated which she hopes to release in the next two months. She plans on recording four more songs but is not expecting to put out a full album. She was looking forward to playing on the same bill with the other Selwyn Sounds artists, such as Dragon which she had a long association with. Former Dragon keyboardist Alan Mansfield now plays with Harwood, O’Neill, Crummer and Urlich, and Harwood had been good friends with another former Dragon keyboardist Paul Hewson. In fact Hewson’s death from a drug overdose in 1984, when he was 33, had a profound effect on her career. Having just left Dragon, Hewson was staying with Harwood and her flatmate in Auckland at the time. Debbie Harwood “I cooked him his last dinner, fillet steak actually, and then he went out and the next thing BEST OF FRIENDS: From left, Margaret Urlich, Harwood and Annie Crummer will perform together at Selwyn Sounds, along with Sharon O’Neill (not pictured). I knew I had the police on my doorstep in the morning, it was very devastating,” Harwood said. “I was 24 and my career had only just started, and so my very first single that I released in 1984 I dedicated to him. It was called If That Will Make you Happy and I won a music award the following year for that which was where the seed of When The Cat’s Away started because Margaret Urlich, Annie Crummer and I were at the music awards in 85.” Details: Saturday, March 4, 2017, from 11.30am- 8.30pm Tickets: Tickets can be purchased via Ticketek, buyers will be able to pre-purchase a return bus ride between pick-up points in Christchurch or Rolleston and Lincoln Domain if you don’t want to take the car. LIVE: The Jordan Luck Band (top) will join Dragon (middle) and Mi-Sex for the Lincoln concert. ® FREE MUSIC IN THE PARK jay clarkson’s breathing cage Sunday 22 January, 3–4.30pm, st albans park Fronted by legendary songwriter Jay Clarkson and featuring local luminaries Michael Kime (Bass), Greg Malcolm (Guitar) and Gary Sullivan (Drums). Playing songs from their acclaimed pop / rock album Misericord and a selection from Jay’s songwriting career. Proudly produced by