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Selwyn Times: January 17, 2017

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SELWYN TIMES Tuesday January 17 2017 23 Driven E-Class spearheads Mercedes-Benz charge • By Ross Kiddie LUXURY VEHICLE sales figures for 2016 once again show the dominance Mercedes-Benz has in that part of the market. It finished in No 1 position with 20 per cent growth over the previous year. A lot of that can be attributed to the extensive line-up within the Mercedes-Benz brand, and the raft of new models which have landed in the last couple of years. One of the most recent new arrivals is the E-Class – a series which could loosely be termed the mainstream model within the brand, taking into account, it also claimed the New Zealand Motoring Writers’ Guild Car of the Year Award for 2016. The E-Class lands here in multiple specification levels with several engine options – diesel and petrol – the range starts at $99,900 for a 2-litre petrol-powered model. The evaluation car sits more towards the top end of the series at $149,800, and its 3-litre, V6 turbocharged diesel engine is rated by Mercedes-Benz at 190kW. In true diesel fashion the turbo boost helps to produce a magnificent 620Nm of torque. Bear in mind the compression ignition engine was invented by German automotive pioneer Karl MERCEDES-BENZ E350D: New Zealand Car of the Year for 2016. Rudolf Diesel, and German engine manufacturers have worked hard over the years to produce high horsepower, quiet running, clean burning engines with an emphasis on fuel efficiency. The 2987cc unit in the E-Class impresses in all these areas. Some of the statistics provide interesting reading, the E-Class in this form will make 100km/h from a standstill in 5.9sec and will scamper to 120km/h from 80km/h in 3.8sec. It will also return a 5.6-litre per 100km/h (50mpg) combined cycle average, sipping fuel at the rate of just 5l/100km (56mpg) at 100km/h (engine speed just 1200rpm). That’s good reading for a car which carries a bit of bulk but that is offset by the clever engine manufacture and sophistication of the nine-speed automatic gearbox which is finding its way across Mercedes-Benz badged product. The transmission is a stunner, so smooth are the changes it’s almost like there are no changes bar the needle shift on the tachometer. Of course, there’s a driver selectable function through steering-wheel-mounted paddles, but I never used them a lot, far preferring to let the gearbox do its own thinking, the engine/transmission combination never disappoints. That sums up the car in total, it is beautifully built with high quality trim materials and an inviting interior in terms of appointment. The test car was finished in brown leather, the entire ambience is clean and spacious. All seats provide sumptuous occupant comfort, also allowing for a lot of onboard space. More importantly are the number of safety features built into the E-Class. They are way too numerous and comprehensive to detail, but to say the latest from the Mercedes-Benz factory would be one of the world’s safest cars. For comfort and convenience there’s a multitude of features and options. One of my passengers referred to the giant on-screen display as looking like two iPads joined together, the graphics are intense and can be structured to suit the driver’s preference and/or driving style. I like the display as it sits in sport mode, the colours are vivid and the readouts easy to understand. There is also head-up display offering the driver constant visual interpretation of speed and other key elements. It’s fair to say the E-Class is a standout in terms of technology, and any prospective buyer will just adore its features, I certainly did. As its price would suggest, and given Mercedes-Benz’s reputation for luxury car manufacture, it’s no surprise then that driving the • Price – Mercedes-Benz E350d, $149,800 • Dimensions – Length, 4923mm; width, 1852mm; height, 1468mm • Configuration – V6, rear-wheel-drive, 2987cc, 190kW, 620Nm, ninespeed automatic. • Performance – 0-100km/h, 5.9sec • Fuel usage – 5.6l/100km E-Class is a step towards luxury rather than sporty. The driver and occupants are pampered, especially in terms of ride comfort, the air suspension is just glorious, even riding on low profile tyres the ride is still sublime. Bear in mind, though, that lower grade models don’t get the air setup as standard. I can also report that on a Port Hills/plains loop the E-Class handles delightfully, it has controlled balance and involving steering. I’m a big formula one fan, and with the success Mercedes-Benz has had in 2016, and in the last few years, I’m in no doubt that that is also contributing to offthe-showroom-floor sales. With the impetus the brand has had in recent years, I don’t expect that to change any time soon. RED CROSS Ensuring a safe work place Learning first aid is not only a part of ensuring a safe work place, but also an integral part of our engagement with the wider community. We all learn the necessary skills to ensure that in times of emergency we are able to assist our work colleagues, but are we able to take these skills home, into the community or on to the sports field? not all work places are the same and the injury risk for each place can be wide and variable. The office attended by administrators does not carry the same risk as those people working with heavy machinery, or perhaps at some distance from a regular ambulance service. it is therefore essential that you pick the right first aid course to suit all of your activities – both professional and social. take, for example, an office worker who does not have a high risk work environment and whose concern might be to ensure that they can deal with minor cuts and superficial injuries, or the ability to perform effective CPr. These skills can be achieved on a course of eight hours duration and would generally fit into low to medium risk area. But take this same person on to a sports field either as a spectator or player when a higher level injury occurs. The eight hour course covering unit standards 6402 and 6401 (or 26551 and 26552) does not cover head neck and spinal injuries, eye injuries, hypothermia and poisonings. The majority of injuries occur outside of the work place, in fact one in three injuries occurs in the home, making it the most common place for injuries to happen. new Zealand children are twice as likely to die through injury as children who live in australia. They mostly die as a result of motor vehicles accidents or falls in the home. fatalities from leisure and sport are not far behind those in the workplace. The wider 12 hour course teaches the additional unit standard 6400 and provides a wide knowledge base for medium to high risk environments. This course covers many of the skills required to deal with the most common injuries, such as falls (which can result in head, neck and spinal injuries) and dealing with complex scenes such as motor vehicle accidents. if you are not sure on the course best suited to your needs, ask your accredited first aid training provider. They can explain the course content and give you options that will best suit your needs. Look beyond the workplace and consider your family and your location. Check that you have a good quality first aid kit that is up-to-date with replenished items, and that everyone knows where it is located. 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USE THE RED CROSS ADVANTAGE - COMPREHENSIVE FIRST AID, ESSENTIAl FIRST AID, REVAlIDATION OR TAIlORED TRAINING TO SUIT YOU AT YOUR PlACE OR OURS. 16 Hours Thursday/Friday 16 & 17 February 16 Hours Saturday/Sunday 18 & 19 March NEW ZEALAND RED CROSS - GLOBAL LEADERS IN FIRST AID TRAINING CHRISTCHURCH COURSE DATES 2017 • VENUE: 32 BIRMINGHAM DRIVE, MIDDLETON Comprehensive First Aid PLUS Course (16hrs or 4hr upgrade) Unit Standard 6402, 6401, 6400 and 25411 or 26552, 26551, 6400 and 25411 Cost $285.00 per person incl FA Manual & GST for 16 hours or $85.00 per person for upgrade following completion of CFA Time: Day One 8.30am – 5.30pm Day Two 8.30am – 5pm 4 Hours Friday 1.15pm-5pm 17 February 4 Hours Sunday 19 March Comprehensive First Aid Course (12hrs) Unit Standard 6402, 6401, 6400 or 26552, 26551, 6400 Cost $225.00 per person incl FA Manual & GST Time: Day One & Day Two 8.30am - 3.15pm Time: Day One 8.30am - 5.30pm 2 x Monday 20 & 27 February 6 & 13 March 2 x Tuesday 14 & 21 February 21 & 28 March 2 x Wednesdays 8 & 15 February 1 & 8 March Thursday/Friday 26 & 27 January 2 & 3 March Day Two 8.30am - 12.45pm Thursday/Friday 16 & 17 February Weekends 21 & 22 January 11 & 12 February 25 & 26 February Essential First Aid Course (8hrs) Unit Standard 6402, 6401 or 26551, 26552 Cost $155.00 per person Time: 8.30am – 5.30pm Monday 20 February 6 March Tuesday 14 February 21 March Wednesday 8 February 15 March M Learning (App.) First Aid Courses Practical First Aid Unit Standards 6402, 6401 Cost $155.00 per person Time: 4 hours 8.30am-12.45pm Wednesday 25 January Thursday 16 February Workplace First Aid Unit Standards 6400, 6401, 6402 Cost $225.00 per person Time: 8 hours 8.30am-5.30pm Wednesday 25 January Thursday 16 February Thursday 26 January 2 February FOR BOOKINGS PlEASE CAll 0800 REDCROSS OR 339-7111 • BOOK ONlINE AT WWW.REDCROSS.ORG.NZ Saturday 21 January 11 February