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Selwyn Times: January 17, 2017

26 Tuesday

26 Tuesday January 17 2017 BACK TO SCHOOL 2017 Preparing for a positive school year Starting the year off right can make a difference to a child’s learning and potential for success. Parents can make a difference by preparing their children for the new school year. Uniform: Fit your child out in the correct uniform ensuring it is clean and tidy. Equipment: Provide all the equipment the school as requested your child bring to school. Not having certain equipment can mean that a child is not as involved in classroom activities or that they feel embarrassed about not having what is needed. Establish routines: Ensure your child is up, dressed and has had breakfast early enough to be at school on time and at night have a routine for homework, providing guidance when needed but not completing the homework for them. If your child gets stuck, ask questions and suggest ways to research so your child can discover the answers. Problem solving is a powerful learning mechanism so encourage your child to work things out for themselves. Help establish good learning habits: Adopt a positive attitude to your child’s schooling and teachers showing enthusiasm for their learning and an interest by asking specific questions like three things they learned that day. Get involved: Show your children that their schooling is important, by attending parent teacher meetings and other school events. Avoid pushing your child: One way to turn a child off success is to push them so that they no longer enjoy what they are doing. It is great to have targets but keep them fun. Support your child: Praise your child’s achievements whether academic, sporting, creative or some other accomplishment. It will help them believe that they can achieve and will encourage them to give things a go. Safer journeys to school in 2017 Soon more than 8,000 school children all • Look and listen for traffic coming from over Selwyn District will make the journey all directions back to school. No matter how children • If there is traffic coming, wait until it has are traveling the message is the same: passed and then look and listen for traffic Your speed decides the outcome, slow again down near children, schools and school • If there is no traffic coming, walk quickly, buses! straight across the road Traffic will be heavier around school times • While crossing, look and listen for traffic, than in recent weeks so think about leaving wherever it may come from. the car at home. If you are driving please be mindful of other people’s children, and check where you are parking is not blocking visibility or covering crossing points or footpaths. If you always drive consider parking a few blocks back from school so you can walk with your kids and learn about road safety together. Tips to help children skating, walking and scooting get to school safely • Wear a glow vest and helmet (if you’re on wheels) • Walk the route with your child and get down to the child’s level at crossings so you can identify potential hazards • Remember that children can’t judge traffic and are easily distracted. • Watch out for ‘sneaky’ driveways and show your child how to slow and check for backing vehicles. Practice the kerb drill: • Find a safe place to cross • Stop one step back from the kerb or two from the edge of seal SELWYN TIMES Tips to help young cyclists get to school safely • Always wear a hi-visibility vest and helmet • Children under 10 should always cycle with an adult • Practice riding the route in the weekends with your child when traffic is lighter and you can stop and talk about hazards (passing parked cars, crossing intersections). Resources to help parents and children learn road safety, including bus and cycle safety, are available from Selwyn District Council’s School Road Safety Coordinator Stephanie Hautler by emailing stephanie. Your speed decides the outcome, slow down near children, schools and school buses! School’s back in Selwyn Let’s make sure our children arrive safe! The office will be open 27th Jan 2017 at 2pm – 3.30pm for new enrolments. Contact 347 8355 Uniform Shop Open Hours: Monday 23rd – Friday 27th Jan 9am – 3pm Monday 30th Jan 9am – 3pm OVER 8000 Selwyn children are travelling to school this week by bus, car, bike, scooter and on foot Children can be unpredictable so if you’re driving please take extra care at times when children are on their way to and from school. First Day of Term 1: Monday, 30th January, 2017 Windwhistle School a special place to learn • Individual needs - small class sizes • Swimming / Tennis / Golf / Skiing programmes • Heated Swimming Pool Phone: 03 318 6828 • Email:

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday January 17 2017 27 BACK TO SCHOOL 2017 Lincoln Primary School West Rolleston Primary school The staff and teachers at Lincoln Primary School are delighted with their new modular classroom block. The staff and teachers at Lincoln Primary School are delighted with their new modular classroom block at the main site and new, years 1-2 junior campus at 24 Edwards Street. This year, four new teachers from as far away as Auckland and Alexandra have joined the strong teaching team. Students in the school’s 2016 Prep Band will also graduate to the performance band and another forty students will commence music tuition in a new ‘prep band’ while the school’s enrichment day will again run on Fridays. Families are warmly invited to visit their children’s new learning spaces on: Thursday, 26 January, 1.30-3pm; prior to start of school the following Monday. Lincoln Primary School will again be a construction zone so for safety reasons, all students and visitors should use the designated entry areas. Note too that due to refurbishments, the office/reception area may be temporarily in the hall foyer. Lincoln Primary School’s new building. The community at West Rolleston Primary School are excited to welcome their learners from Years 5-8 as the school grows to include senior age groups. Once again, community and family will be emphasised, with parents continuing to be involved in Grow Time passion projects like building structures and towers, cooking and coaching sports teams. “We have a fabulous PTA called GROW who run events for the children and community such as movie nights and serving Rolleston West School students Sophie & Harlow supported schools in Kaikoura at the Mufti day and American hot dog fundraiser. milo and toast every Tuesday morning,” says Principal, Sylvia Fidow. Highlights this year will include performances by the school’s choir, Kapa Haka group and performing dance students. Work will also continue on the school’s landscaping plan which includes a hill slide and new cycle track designed by the children, who will help plant 150 natives to complement the sixty fruit trees planted last year, with plans for students to use the fruit in future cooking classes. Rolleston West School students Henrique, Jaymie & Brooklyn were thrilled with a filled School Wish Jar. Senior Lincoln Primary School students performing a Kapa Haka. Lincoln Primary School’s new Junior Campus. Rolleston West School staff choosing books for the school’s library. Rolleston West School students Josh, Emily & Toby working with wood. Broadfield School Broadfield School starts 2017 with a new parents. They’ve assisted with landscaping building comprising two new classrooms, an and constructing outdoor seating, reflecting administrative area, staffroom and sick bay. our family whanau atmosphere where the The building has been modelled on the family is very much a part of the school,” original school, located in Broadfield Reserve, explains Mike Molloy. with a 45 degree roof pitch to resemble a barn like feel. While the new buildings are indicative of their rural environment, Broadfield School embraces educational trends. Students work collaboratively with their teachers on learning projects of student interest, such as their Enviroschools projects. In 2015 and 2016, parents assisted the students to plant native trees and shrubs around the school grounds and along the creek at Broadfield Reserve. This year, they will be planting fruit trees around the school. “We have had fantastic support from Broadfield School Innovative, Connected and Empowered Learners, driving their passion for learning. West Melton Full Primary School • Excellent learning environment for all students • Leadership opportunities for senior students School Commences 8.50am, Monday 30 January 2017 Office is open 23 - 27 January for new enrolments and uniform sales. For enquiries Phone: 03 347 8448 E-mail: School commences Wednesday 1 st February 2017 The office will be open for new enrolments on Mon 30 th & Tue 31 st January from 9am - 12pm Phone: 324-2545 Email: Uniform Sales Order on-line at:, or available from Rolleston College. Monday 23 Jan 11:00am - 4:00pm Tuesday 24 Jan 10:00 - 4:00pm Wednesday 25 Jan 10:00 - 7:00pm Thursday 26 Jan 10:00am - 7:00pm Friday 27 Jan 9:00 - 1:00pm Welcome to 2017 Clearview Primary Term 1 Commences Tuesday, 31 January Office open for enrolments from Thursday 26 January Second Hand Uniforms Thursday 26 January 3 - 4pm in the Clearview Community Room. Cash or cheque only. Please visit for further information on Clearview Primary Burnham School Te Kura o Tiori NOW TAKING ENROLMENTS Everyone is welcome! We have no zone! Small rural school within a unique community. Only five minutes from Rolleston and on the Rolleston-Burnham bus route. Call 347 6851 |