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Selwyn Times: January 24, 2017

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24 2 Tuesday [Edition datE] January 24 2017 HOME PROFESSIONALS SELWYN TIMES Outdoor Lighting & Features Can Set The Mood Outdoor lighting can set the mood for an enjoyable, comfortable outdoor experience in your own backyard. When determining your outdoor wiring and lighting needs you may wish to consider: • Brightness of lights– A duller more indirect light is preferable for socialising outdoors while work areas need stronger spotlights. Both types of lights come as LEDs while the replacement cost of LEDs make them more economical. • Positioning of lighting – Consider where lights should be positioned so they do not shine into people’s eyes when sitting in an outdoor space. • Low level garden lights – These set the scene for good conversation and Duller more indirect light is preferable for socialising outdoors. social occasions while allowing you the opportunity to admire your garden or special features within it, right into the evening. • High level lights – For work areas and lighting larger gardens, the higher the light is mounted the more effective it will be, while creating less glare which can impact on visibility. Spotlights can also be used to detract from areas you do not want to see. • Outdoor plugs – Spas, electric motor operated rotisserie barbecues and other facilities have legal requirements in relation to how they are wired. The wires on traditional 240 volt lights must be buried sixty centimetres deep while newer LED lights are safe with no requirement in this regard. Protecting wiring from damage such as someone digging a garden must also be considered. Spa pools need special consideration too as the size of the spa pool determines the type of plug to be fitted given that not all spas plug into a standard domestic socket. • Outdoor sound systems and speakers – There are many options from rock speakers to speakers recessed into the surfeit of a house. • Lighting of pathways and driveways – Pathway and driveway lighting can be subtle but should avoid shadowing effects that can create a safety hazard. When lighting these areas aim to have even light with no dark shadows. Positioning of spotlights on garages adds to the security of a home. • Security lighting and gateway security – Positioning of spotlights on garages and houses, gate alarms and automated gates add to the security of a home and help protect the property. For work areas, the higher the light the more effective. • Water features – A well-positioned and well-lit water feature can be the central focus of a garden providing a relaxing environment in which to unwind. “Always work with an electrician alongside your designer so you get a lighting plan that works for you,” advises Greg Horton from A Electrical, a company that has been based in Rolleston for ten years. Greg has considerable experience as an electrician that includes outdoor wiring such as installing pathway lighting around the Avon River and wiring Lancaster Park’s stadium lighting. He can advise you on the best options for lights, speakers, a plug for the spa pool and security as well as design an outdoor wiring and lighting plan to suit your needs. A Electrical can be contacted on: 03 379 6644, by emailing Greg at: or call into 35 Rochester Crescent, Rolleston. Great Range Of Gifts In Store Florist | Fresh & Silk Flowers | Wall Art | Clocks | Gifts | Vases | Lamps | Home Furnishing | Jewellery A Electrical can assist with your outdoor wiring needs. A well-lit water feature can be a central focus. Shade out the Sun Cool down your home and protect your furnishings with custom-made blinds. Hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat 10am-2pm Shop 15 Rolleston Square Rolleston Phone 03 347 1068 Curtains | Blinds | Upholstery | Fabrics | Cushions | Crafts Classic Curtains & Interiors 817 Jones Road, Rolleston | Ph 03 347 4295

3 SELWYN TIMES [Edition datE] Tuesday January 24 2017 25 HOME PROFESSIONALS Carry Out Those Resolutions You are back from holidays and feeling rejuvenated. One of your New Year resolutions is to get the house and yard looking smarter. Make the most of your new found energy to make changes around your home and garden. Even if the credit card has taken a beating in the lead up to Christmas and after a holiday, you can still have a clean-out and smarten the place up. Be ruthless when deciding to chuck those items that have been in storage for what seems forever. Look at each object and ask: • Do we have a need for it? • Will we ever use it? • Is there any other purpose we could put this to? • Will we ever do it? • Is there someone we know who would find this useful? If the answer is ‘no’ to all questions then ‘chuck it’. If ‘no’ to the first four, then send the item on its way to its new owner. Recycling is good so there is no need to beat yourself up if you do hold onto a few prized possessions, especially if you put them to use. For example, Aunt Agatha’s Gnome might be given a paint job and hidden somewhere in the garden for little ones to discover. You could even get the teenagers onto the job who might also paint murals on sheets of plywood for decorating a tired looking fence. Old venetian blinds could be cut up for plant labels in the vegetable garden though you are unlikely to need all the slats for this. Rags can be cut into thin strips for tying up plants. A few colourful glass wine bottles might be buried upside down in the garden with the dent filled with water for butterfly drink stations. Old letterboxes can be converted into bird feeding stations or nesting boxes. Old cups and saucers also make good bird feeders when fitted on a pole or fixed to the top of a fence while chipped bowls and jugs, old buckets, tins, boots, baths, basins, furniture and even the inside of an old washing machine or dryer can be converted into plant pots then painted up or left al naturel. If you have climbers in the garden, then the frame of an old screen door could be converted into a trellis where the mesh is replaced with wire or string for the vines to climb up. Old lamp stands, larger umbrella frames and cane furniture can also be used in this way. Convert an old plastic rubbish bin (preferably one that has a lid) into a liquid fertiliser station. Drop in a bag of horse manure or even garden weeds and fill with water. Leave for a few weeks before using. An old pot could be used for scooping and the water to pour on plants as needed. There is a certain level of satisfaction in having a clean-up and even more when old items are given a new lease of life so have fun and let your imagination take over. Treasured items can add interest to a garden Decorate a tired looking fence. Many objects could be given another use. Old furniture and other items can be converted into planters. Unique & Handcrafted FURNITURE HOME DÉCOR GIFTS 2239 Main South Road 5 minutes south of Rolleston 03 3476190 Closing Down Sale up to 70% off PRICES SLASHED Be in quick to grab a bargain! Warm up your Winter • Heat pump installation • Log burners • Solar • I Gas servicing • Certified gasfitters and plumbers • 03 420 1020 • 021 341 311 New Builds Home Alterations Bathrooms Decks BUILDERS LTD Painting/Plastering Renovations Extensions Kitchens Re-Roofing Insurance Work Phone Keith: 027274 9359 or (03) 325-4452 Fully Qualified Builder