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Selwyn Times: February 14, 2017

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® 12 Tuesday February 14 2017 SELWYN TIMES UPCOMING EVENTS lantern festival 18 & 19 february, 5pm – 10.30pm north hagley Park The Christchurch Lantern Festival returns bigger than before to celebrate the Year of the Rooster. Bring along your family and friends to experience Chinese culture through hundreds of vibrantly coloured lanterns. Ingham’s lazy sundays christchurch pops choir sunday 19 february, 3 – 4.30pm, archery lawn The 50 piece choir bring to the stage pop, rock, jazz, musical theatre, swing, soul and even some traditional classics creating an exciting mix for performers and audiences alike. Under the leadership of new Artistic Director Ravil Atlas. children’s day sunday 5 march, 11am – 3pm corner new brighton road and locksley ave Celebrate Te Ra O Te Tamariki – Children’s Day in this new Crown owned land green space with your family for a day of free fun games, rides and craft activities. A main stage will feature performances from our talented young people. Make Children’s Day a new tradition for your family. anthony Harper summer theatre: robin hood 1–19 Feb, Wed – Sun, (7pm) 4,5,6,12,18,19 Feb (2pm) Riccarton House Grounds Robin Hood learns to split arrows, woo maidens and fight for justice in a cheeky take on this well-loved story. Pack a picnic and enjoy lots of laughs in this comedy for all ages. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT SUMMERTIMES.CO.NZ Proudly produced by

SELWYN TIMES Tuesday February 14 2017 13 Your Local Views Peter Hill, of Dunsandel, writes in response to recent criticism from Selwyn residents over the $6.26 million district council loan to the Central Plains Water scheme, which ews was recently paid back. Mr Hill previously opposed the loan as a district councillor. I ashion too am pleased that Central Plains Water Ltd has paid back the Selwyn District Council loan. However, the moral justification for a large unsecured loan of ratepayers’ money to a private company is not possible, even based on the unproven trickledown theory and supposed environmental benefits. The whole ethical dilemma of using a public resource (water) Gardening for private gain is vexed, let alone when our own council uses our money to enable huge escalation otoring of that use. So far the largest beneficiary of our water has been the dairy industry and we have been repaid for allowing that with depleted and polluted aquifers, rivers and lakes. This looks set to increase with little sign that the offending industry will, even if it were able, pick up the tab for fixing these problems. The taking of alpine water is no panacea as it will just lead to that resource being further depleted with the pollution issues continuing and escalating unabated. As with the loan repayment, I will be very pleased when community-wide financial benefits from this irrigation scheme are shown to occur and environmental harm is remedied. I fear that the nature of the beast is such that it would be folly to wait for that particular bus. Until (and if) that occurs this industry and its supporters remain the private beneficiaries as the community keeps paying. District council chief executive David Ward – THe In Brief item printed in the Selwyn Times on January 24 (page 9, Subdivision application) has unfortunately created some confusion amongst local residents about the nature of the application which we would like to take the opportunity to clarify. The district council has received a proposal relating to a property on Hudsons Rd, near Lincoln, where the applicant is seeking to create three lots, which are 4-5ha in area with associated open space consent notices on adjoining properties to retain rural density. It is not a residential or large scale subdivision proposal. The application will be heard on February 23 and a decision on the application released some time after that date. HAVE YOUR SAY: If you have a view on a local issue you would like to express, email tom.doudney@ Looking back SHOT: A hare drive near Dunsandel netted 106 animals in 1912. •Heritage photo supplied by Selwyn Libraries. If you have any information about this photo, please contact the library via www. selwynlibrary. asty Bites end of lease sale: all Clothing - ski & summer 40% off oney skis / ski Boots / ski Helmets / ski Poles all 50% off sleeping Bags 30% off | Camping Chairs & furniture 50% off Tramping Boots from $249 Open 7 days 7d Mandeville st, Opp placeMakers ph 03 366 4166 Closing 31st MarCh LIQUID LAUNDROMATS 47 Carmen road, Hornby gasoline alley site CnR CaRMen RoaD & WateRloo RoaD 7 DAYS: 7am-7pm WASH & DRY ALL YOUR LAUNDRY IN ABOUT 1 HOUR $4.00 WaSH $4.00 dry Wash 2 Mink Blankets, Duvets or Woolrests for only $10 DRY UP TO 4 LOADS IN ONLY 20 MINUTES! $4 SAvE TIME & ELEcTRIcITY • Fast Dryers • Sports Gear • Duvets • Mink Blankets • Bedding • Washers • Domestic Laundry Other Locations: 345 Stanmore Road, Richmond 289 Colombo Street, Sydenham