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Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Why modern dentures are

something to smile about

If the very mention of the

word dentures conjures in

your mind a full set of pictureperfect

false teeth protruding

from a lived-in face, you’re not


But what you may not realise

is dentures are not only for

the elderly and there are many

different denture types to help

improve a smile, the way a person

eats and their confidence.

Dental prosthetist Anthony

Boyle of Pittwater Denture

Clinic says it is a common

myth that not many people

wear dentures anymore.

“A surprising number of

people wear dentures and the

good dentures look so lifelike

that it is often difficult to tell

the difference between someone

with natural teeth and

someone who wears dentures,”

he said.

Anthony said that if you

don’t wear dentures you can

thank fluoride, which was

added to Sydney’s drinking

water in 1960 subsequently

reducing tooth decay, tooth

loss and the number of people

who required dentures.

“People have missing teeth

for a variety of reasons,” Anthony


“The most common reason is

lack of fluoride in the water;

the next most common is

smoking which adversely

affects the condition of the

periodontal ligaments causing

healthy teeth to become loose

and drop out.”

Anthony, who has also

taught hundreds of students

and was the NSW Secretary of

the Australian Dental Prosthetists

Association, has witnessed

several advances since

his father started Pittwater

Denture Clinic more than 40

years ago.

He said by utilising technology

and modern materials,

dentures could now be

custom-made to fit accurately,

were stronger, remained

cleaner, were easier to clean

and were healthier, as bacteria

was less able to cling to the


For more information visit


or phone 9979 7590.

For a good


n Local band RockGear

will shake the house at

Collaroy Beach Club on

Saturday September 30

in a fundraiser aimed

at increasing awareness

of the ongoing

battle against breast

cancer. Tickets are just

$10, with all proceeds

going to the McGrath

Foundation. The event

is supported by Peninsular

Cricket Club – head

along in pink and join in

for a good cause. More

info Kay 0429 268 138;

book online at facebook.


n Home Sweet 2017 – at

Freshwater SLSC on

September 15 – is a new

‘sleepover’ fundraiser

which aims to raise at

least $100,000 to support

homeless youth on

the Northern Beaches.

Held on Friday 15th

September at Freshwater

SLSC also aims to raise

awareness. There are

currently an estimated

200 homeless young

people on the Northern

Beaches, many are

‘hidden homeless’ –

sleeping in cars and on

couches. All funds go to

The Burdekin Association,

providing housing,

counselling and access

to employment and

training for vulnerable

youth for over 30 years.

More info homesweet.



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