Pittwater Life January 2018 Issue


A Day In The Life... Of Our Water Police. Making A Splash. King of the Road. 129 Things You Can Do.

asks Watt. “Did you get the

colour of the boat?”

“I didn’t,” says the fisherman.

“But I’ve got video on my

phone. I’ll come aboard, show

ya.” He comes aboard. But

his video is bouncing about

and not evidence

of anything. Watt

explains the limits

of police power.

We see some

jetski riders on the

shore. The fisherman

isn’t sure it’s

them. Watt gets

to the front of

the boat, calls the

men towards him.

There’s a shirtless

bloke with a

Mohawk and muscles. There’s

a bloke in white Panama hat,

sunglasses, tattoos, more

muscles, up to his knees in

the sea.

As Watt ask questions

pertaining to the fisherman’s

complaint, Panama hat man

screams in fear and fright,

and just about leaps out of

the water, clutching at his leg.

And he’s screaming, yowling.

“Stingray,” remarks Cooksley.

“Get a few around here.”

For all the

'cool' bits of

the job – the

rescues and

busting crooks

– there are

things you

don't envy...

Our man hops to shore,

clutching his calf. Watt takes

off his shoes and heads

onto the beach to assist. He

inspects the leg. No entry

wounds. “Probably a numb

ray,” reckons Cooksley. “It’s

like an electric


There’s an offer

of an ambulance

but Panama hat

insists he’s okay.

Watt climbs back

aboard, “We can

force them to take

an ambulance

if we have to,

though it goes on

the boss’s budget.

We’ll do that. But

the bloke said he didn’t need

it, so, we’ll leave it there.”

We talk of the fisherman, a

hard-working man of the sea

spending his Sunday fixing

his nets. “He was right to call

us,” says Watt. “We want people

to ring. We need the public

to help us.”

* To contact Broken Bay

Water Police call 9910 7899;

0412 162 093; or email



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