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are starting to really deteriorate

with rutting and loss of

gravel,” he said. “Traffic is

diabolical in Frenchs Forest

due to the RMS road works

and that has forced council’s

hand on what is supposed to

be a semi-rural access road

for residents and not a main

thoroughfare. Maintenance

costs are now significantly

higher and locals say there

has also been an increase in

road kill numbers. If we do

nothing, it will continue to

cost ratepayers almost quarter

of a million dollars a year to

maintain in its current state.

But by investing $490,000, we

can upgrade to a sealed road

with only minor maintenance

needed for the next 15-20

years.” Mayor Regan said.

He added Council was also

very aware of the concerns in

relation to access to and from

Wakehurst Parkway and will

discuss options with the RMS,

highlighting what has become

a dangerous right-hand turn

onto the parkway.

Steps to thwart tree scammers

Professional local tree service

providers have compiled a

‘dodgy tree loppers’ checklist

to ensure residents don’t

fall victim to unqualified

scammers who have been

operating throughout the

upper-Pittwater area. It

follows a warning from NB

Council Mayor

Michael Regan

about rogue contractors

who had

targeted Avalon

and Bilgola, offering


cheap rates

before inflating

their prices once

the job was complete.

Mr Regan the actions

of the band of illegal tree removalists

had the potential to

place residents hoodwinked

by their approaches at risk

of enforcement action. He

added Council had received at

least six reports in December,

leaving three property owners

potentially facing large

fines for illegal tree removal

or lopping. Local practising

arborist Graham Brooks said

there were some things customers

should never accept

when dealing with loppers.

“Verbal quotations or a quote

on the back of a business

card are at the top of the list,”

Graham said, “Also a business

card with

contact number

only and no

other contractor


And be wary of

door knockers

offering cheap

works, and

workers who

cannot produce

insurance certificates.” He

said customers could request

specific criteria to identify

genuine sole traders and/or

companies. “Essentials are

that they are registered with

an ABN and or ACN, they have

a current Insurance Certificate

with $20 million public

liability and worker’s compensation

(Tree Industry).”





Dr Ben Brown

We all know how important

tick prevention is for

our dogs as the weather

warms up but what about

heartworm disease? Is your

dog adequately protected?

Heartworm in dogs is a

potentially fatal disease that

is transmitted from infected

to uninfected dogs by

mosquitoes. These mosquitoes

inject a tiny worm into the

dog’s body (microfilaria)

which then mature into adult

heartworm over about six

months inside the chambers

of the heart. Adult heartworm

then cause heart failure which

can result in serious illness

and death. Heartworm disease

is very difficult and expensive

to treat so prevention is much

better than cure!

According to the Australian

Heartworm Advisory Panel,

year-round heartworm

protection is recommended

for every dog Australiawide.

Therefore, just as we

vaccinate pets against deadly

viral diseases, heartworm

prophylaxis is an important

cornerstone of preventative

care. Whilst monthly

heartworm preventatives

have been demonstrated

to be effective, when given

every month, any lapse in

treatment puts patients at

higher risk of heartworm

disease. Recent research

showed that complacency

around heartworm prevention

has resulted in dogs testing

positive to heartworm, in fact

around 40% of dogs diagnosed

with heartworm disease are

on owner-given monthly

heartworm preventatives.

The easiest way to avoid

forgetting heartworm

medication is to use annual

heartworm prevention at the

time of vaccination. Sydney

Animal Hospitals are offering

a free heartworm blood test

in January and February;

drop by or give us a call to

discuss your dog’s heartworm

prevention to make sure they

are adequately protected.


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