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Employee handbook

How to use this

How to use this handbook This handbook is made to give you an overall view of Whisbi. It will help you in your nesting period but also once you are settled in, to connect with other team than your own. There are several tasks that need completing and it is important that you are vocal about any task you are finding difficult and ask for assistance. This will help you build relationships internally as well. You will find the tasks throughout the handbook and upon completion, you can check them off in the checklist (page). The tasks should be completed within your first month so make sure to familiarise yourself with the workload and manage your time.

Your first day Hello!! We would like to personally welcome you to your new company. Now that you are here and have met your team, we are sure that you have already experienced the energy and diversity of Whisbi. We are a great team and with your efforts and dedication, we will soon become stronger and take over the world!! Depending on what time of the day you are reading this, you might have already attended many meetings, or maybe none at all, but use your down-time today to get familiar with this handbook and also check out our help center to keep yourself busy. If you feel like stretching your legs, please use the map (page) and go around the different floors and familiarise yourself with the meeting rooms. Once you have done so, tic it off in your Checklist at the end of the handbook. (TIP: Don’t forget your access card) Welcome to Whisbiland In Whisbi we are guided by certain principles which we follow in order to meet our corporate mission: Whisbi is changing the way people connect with brands online. The following pages will give you insight of the values that guide us and the ways in which we work, that always reflect these principles. You will also find a brief history about Whisbi and some useful information about that inner workings of the company and your responsibilities. (photo of people in Whisbi – summer lunch?) We are hard working, but we always seek to maintain a great atmosphere and help each other out. We strongly believe in the value of teamwork and the concept of added-value. That means always giving your very best and adding to the atmosphere of your team and the company. We have chosen you to work with us because we feel that you will fit into our ways of working and will help us grow. In the same way, we will help you to grow as much as we can!

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