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ROCKING HORSE GENERAL PRODUCT INFORMATION 30 cm 75 cm 30 cm GENERAL PRODUCT INFORMATION Dimensions L 75 cm x W 30 cm x H 30 cm Color Variants / Material Blue, Green, Pink, White, 24K Gold Leaf Paints Pastel paints according to EN 71, Part 3 Material Composite wood according to EN 71, Part 9 Weight 00 kg 10

30 cm ROCKING HORSE SHIPPING INFORMATION 75 cm SHIPPING INFORMATION Weight incl. Packaging 00 kg Girth 0,00 m Shipping costs in Germany & Service Provider 00,00 € net DHL GO GREEN / UPS Shipping costs in Europe & Service Provider 00,00 € net DHL GO GREEN / UPS Cost of shipping pallets On demand 11

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