10 months ago

01_14_2018 Bulletin

Celebrate Johna

Celebrate Johna Treadwell 28 Years of Dedicated Service CFS Children’s Choir Director Mothers of Hope United Methodist Church…Elizabeth Chamberlain, Sherry Scaife, Johnetta Christopher and the late Florence Richardson approached Mrs. Johna Treadwell about directing the Children’s Choir because she was a vocal music teacher at an elementary school in the Detroit Public School system. Initially Mrs. Treadwell declined because she didn’t feel like she had the time to commit. However, the church mothers were not accepting No for an answer. In November 1989, the children were asked to leave the sanctuary to follow Mrs. Treadwell to Jesus Junction and that was the beginning of the Children’s Choir. The following December, approximately 10-15 children sang the song “Amen.” The children didn’t have robes. The children wore white robes from Mrs. Treadwell’s school that they were no longer using. Later, they went to black bottoms and white blouses/shirts. The parents have always been included in Mrs. Treadwell’s decision-making for anything that involved the children from robes, to parties and concerts. One of the parents made African inspired collars to go over the white tops. The Children’s Choir put on a Christmas play one December. All choir members had parts and of course, the parents, grand-parents were involved. Carolyn Price wrote our children' choir prayer. Donna Alford initiated the purchase of the robes and Marcia Morrow gave us our current name CFS Children’s Choir. Mrs. Treadwell is passing on the mantel of the Children’s Choir Director after 28 years to Mrs. Beverly Scarbrough, another God-filled woman. Thank you Mrs. Johna Treadwell!!! 11