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01_21_2018 Bulletin DESK

The Media Center Tape

The Media Center Tape Room is now open for business and invites you to come in and purchase your copy of any sermons recorded on Sundays. CDs are $5.00 and DVDs are $10.00. Sermons can also be ordered using the Media Center Order form located in the Narthex Literature Rack. Sermon orders will be ready for pick up at the Media Center seven (7) days after receipt of the order form. Thank you for your support of this ministry! Hope United Methodist Church prohibits the recording of sermons or music in a Worship Service not specifically sanctioned by the Board of Trustees or the Director of Communications. The recording of a sermon or music in a service is not allowed whether by an organization or by a member without prior written permission. NOTICE TO ALL HOPE MINISTRIES, EVENT CHAIRPERSONS AND MEMBERS: DEVELOPMENT AND REVIEW POLICY FOR PRINTING, GRAPHICS AND EVENTS In order to present a consistent image of Hope United Methodist Church, all documents related to printing, graphics, posters and scheduled events must be reviewed first by Reverend Rosaline Green, Executive Pastor, for approval BEFORE they can be made available for implementation. To ensure the on-going improvement and uphold the quality and content standards of Hope United Methodist Church, guidelines must be adopted and adhered to. Failure to follow this policy may result in the documents being removed or event canceled. Disclaimer: Please be advised that Hope reserves the right to utilize photos and videos without prior written consent for its promotional purposes. 23

Hope United Methodist Church Counseling Center Sometimes a listening ear can provide the perspective we need to make it through difficult times as families, and as individuals. If you need a spiritual counselor, please call Pastoral Care at 248-262-5129 to schedule an appointment. All calls and appointments are confidential. Stepping Stones To Wholeness Are you or someone you know experiencing the pain associated with grieving? If so, we can help with the journey through the loss. Call Rev. Rosaline Green at (248) 262-5129 for an appointment. Members and Non-Hope members welcomed Rev. Rosaline Green, Executive Pastor, Facilitator Have you changed your address, phone number or email in the last year? Please complete the form below to verify and/or change information on your records. Place your form in the Membership Secretary mailbox in the Narthex. ************************************************************************************************************************* Date: _____________ Name: _________________________________________________ OLD Street Address: ________________________________________________________ OLD City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________________ NEW Street Address: ________________________________________________________ NEW City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________________ Home Phone: ____________________ Business Phone: ____________________________ Cell Phone: ________________________________________________________________ Email Address: _____________________________________________________________ Are there other family members? Children? That should also have updated records? Include their names:__________________________________________________________ 24