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01_21_2018 Bulletin DESK

Bereavements Trudy &

Bereavements Trudy & Chuck Stokes (loss of her mother) Kelley & Kimberly Stokes (loss of grandmother) Vera Baker (loss of son) Faira Glenn (loss of brother) Jonathon Glenn and Danielle Glenn (loss of uncle) Hospitalizations Jeremy Porter Ruth Smith West Bloomfield Nursing Center Robert J. Clark Veterans Hospital Health Concerns Rev. Dr. Anthony Shipley Jacquie Jones Rev. Joy Croel Donna Alford Eudora McKinney Lavora Morrison Jamari Douglas Bennie Slate Jr. Louise Paradise Murdic Coleman Victor Bell Sharon Beasley Health Concerns Lola Holton William (Bill) Hardy Contreda Navarro-Jewell Carolyn Cole Shirley Rawls Dr. David Garrett Cierra Carter Beverly Miller George Thornhill JoAnn Edwards Donna Jacobs Charles Jacobs Cameron Babb Priscilla Deas Hope’s Pastoral Care If you or a family member is ill, hospitalized, bereaved, or need a visit from a pastor, please call Pastoral Care at (248) 262-5129. To speak with a Pastor after hours, please call Rev. Rosaline Green at (248)470-4042. God Bless You! 3

Prayer Requests for Family & Friends Walter L. Rice (father of Ruth Winfrey) Josie Todd & Juanita Barnett (friends of Hattie Anderson Spight) Mary Jackson (friend of Carolyn Nixon) Karen S. DuPerry (friend of Hope) Kenneth & Lawrence Nahigian (brothers of Jaz Nahigian) Joylynn Glenn (cousin of Roxanne Chatman) Shannon Cathey (friend of Philip & Beverly Burks) Ruby J. Cross (sister of Gene Cross) Joann Burton (sister of George Thornhill) Kathy Cathy (cousin of Emma Epps) Kenneth Jones, Jr. (nephew of Contreda Navarro-Jewell) Linda Crittenden (sister of Norma Jones) Albert C. Yourse (brother of Barbara Carbin) Shirley Staples (sister of George Thornhill) Mary Ballard (sister of Diane Cross) Claudette Scott (friend of Estella Carson) Lorna G. Utley (friend of Felicia R. Hunter) Brandon Canon (Camp HOPE Youth of Zelma Smith-Dexter) Otis Colburn (brother of Daisy Marshall) Melvin Anderson (brother of Hattie Anderson-Spight) Juanita Lawson (wife of Sam Lawson) Jacki, Reginald & Jocelyn Hayes (friends of Ernita Johnson) Elliot Early (son of Pamela Early) John Rush (family member of George & Deborah Thornhill) Courtney Coburn (nephew of Daisy Marshall) Emma Cox (mother of Valerie Lawhorn-Dumas) LaTrelle Powers-Mays (friend of the Thomas Family) Charles Bethune (brother of Margaret Parker) Julia Carter (friend of Sam Lawson) Mary Flinoil (mother of Erma Moss) Mary Johnson (mother of Alvin and Deborah Wood) The Family of Louise Spivey Greg Wells (friend of Hope Church members) Dakarai Moore, Jr. (13yr. old survivor of flesh-eating disease) Paula Thomas (friend of Margaret Parker) John N. Greene (father of Rhonda Greene) Brian Williams (friend of Beverly Miller) Chris Anne Morrison (friend of Loretta Brown) Adrina Raiford (daughter of Dorothy Walker) 4