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01_21_2018 Bulletin DESK

Hope family, if you have

Hope family, if you have family members in the Service please e-mail their information to Rev. Rosaline Green at:, so we may support them. Thank you. Capt. Keturah J. Antongiorgi Terrell Hannah Sgt. Nikia Pearsall Pvt. 1st Class Christiano Badon Lt. Reginald Hughley Sgt 1st Class Dennis Richardson, Jr. Major Whalleon Babo Lt. Colonel Benjamin Johnson Sfc. David Richmond Sgt Carletta Denise (Richardson) Braden Pvt. 1st. Class Julian Johnson Col. Anna Savitch MSgt. Bobby S. Briggs Kevin Johnson Pvt. Hassan Anthony Sgeidifar Capt. Cameron Ross Browne Christopher Joiner Steven J. Shelton Sgt. James Curry Pvt. Lavar Jones SSgt. Darius Shephard Lt. Colonel Curtis Craft Cpt. Steve Marteen Seaman Eric Shorter Spc Nicholis Dubouis Wayne Mason Capt. Brandon W. Smith SSgt. Jorja Dudley Lt. Ronnie Vito McCullough Carlos C. Springs Robert Ellis Keith Meadows SSgt. Dwight Thomas Jr. Major Michael Flowers Alex Morrow Sgt. Leroy Troupe Jr. Pvt Aaron Finley Sgt. Rodney Mosley Adam R. Walker, III Nida Floyd (2/8 Golf Co. 2nd. Platoon) Seaman Joshua M. Myers MSgt. Terry L. Walker, Sr. Spec. Jonathon B. Glenn Bryant A. Nunn Sgt 1st Class Caesar Smith Jr. Airmen 1st Class Eric Graham Capt. Katrina Patillo The Wall of Honor Hope’s Wall of Honor is an everlasting tribute to our Veterans. It was designed and donated to Hope by Brother Sid Taylor, a US Marine, Vietnam combat veteran and beloved member of Hope. It is a memorial tribute to commemorate the sacrifices our veterans have made for our country. We are grateful to Sid and his family for blessing us all with the beautiful Wall of Honor. 5 New names are added to the Wall of Honor every Veteran’s Day. If you, a loved one, or a friend served in the armed forces and would like to be added to the Wall, please complete the Wall of Honor form located in the Literature Rack and place it in the Wall of Honor mailbox outside the Sanctuary. God bless you.

Thank you to my Hope Church Family for the love and sympathy shown to my family for the passing of my aunt, Mrs. Lucretia Sheffield Bentley and of my childhood friend, Mrs. Pam Gibson Dickerson. Your prayers, calls, cards and kind words of encouragement were greatly appreciated. We offer special thanks to the Comfort Givers Ministry for its loving support and to the Hope Church clergy and administrative staff for the beautiful resolution read at my aunt’s services. Blessings, Roxanne Chatman Well it seems like I’ve been here before and again I am truly humbled by all the love and support my family and I received during the time of our loss. There are not enough words to express my appreciation for belonging to such a loving and caring Church Family. I thank each and every one of you for your prayers, comfort, compassion, hugs, cards, phone calls, texts, flowers and assistance with the celebration of life and repast. Although it was/is a difficult time for my family and especially mom, we a truly blessed and thankful for you. Blessings, The Loving Family of George Kevin Baker Vera Baker, Faira, Jonathan and Danielle Glenn 6