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Employee Handbook V5 2018

part one leaving We

part one leaving We realise that from time-to-time people will leave the Company. It is important that your working relationship with us continues as normal during this period to ensure effective handover of your role. p p c retirement We do not operate a fixed retirement age. Retirement will be a matter of individual choice for employees. If you wish to retire, you are required to provide at least your contractual notice period prior to your proposed retirement date. We would ask that you would give us more notice wherever possible, as this will assist with succession planning and handover arrangements. retirement process Once an employee has decided that they wish to retire, they should inform their line manager in writing of their intended retirement resignation date, in accordance with their contractual notice period. The Fuller Research Group will write to the employee acknowledging receipt of the employee’s notice of retirement resignation letter. The line manager will meet the employee to discuss arrangements for leaving the company, including intended leaving date, succession and handover plans and so on. Once leaving date has been agreed, the company will write to the employee confirming their last day of employment, and the normal arrangements for leaving the company will apply. notice If you wish to resign you should write a letter to your Head of Department, stating clearly the day on which you wish your resignation to become effective taking account of the required contractual notice period stated in your terms and conditions. Similarly, if we terminate your employment for any reason, this will also be confirmed in writing. When your letter is received a copy will be sent to HR, this will start the administration process. We will issue a letter confirming your resignation and the date on which your employment will cease. p We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to require employees who have resigned with notice, or who have been given notice to terminate their contract by the organisation, not to attend their place of work for all or part of the notice period. exit interviews The purpose of conducting exit interviews is to identify the reasons why you are leaving, which will enable us to monitor the information received and highlight any trends. The information received will be used to develop our policies. All employees will be asked to take part in an exit interview.

HR will email you the relevant questionnaire, once your leaving date has been confirmed. The questionnaire is designed to find out your thoughts about the company as an employer and to investigate reasons for leaving. p p p If you would prefer to attend a meeting in person to discuss your reasons for leaving, then you should contact HR so that a meeting can be arranged. return of company property When your employment ends or at any time at our request, you must immediately return any documentation or property belonging to the company, that is in your possession or control. This includes books, documents, records, computer hardware and software and other disks or tapes kept or made by you and in your possession or control that relate to company business, your computer, any materials, credit cards, keys, equipment or other property belonging to or related to the business, its clients, supplier or respondents. Failure to return our property will entitle us to withhold any final payments due to you and/ or to deduct the cost of replacing items. payment of final salary Any final payments of salary and expenses will be made to you in the normal way, less any deductions due to the company. Once all final payments have been made you will be sent your final pay slip and relevant statutory forms such as your P45. Any adjustments for accrued holiday which has not been taken, or where you have taken more holiday than you have accrued, will also be made or deducted within your final payment. The holiday days are paid at your basic hourly rate. requesting a reference We will give accurate and timely references for past employees, providing a standard reference. References will not be given over the telephone. References will only be provided by HR to prospective future employers and not directly to employees. No further details other than that contained in the standard reference will be provided. Your manager will not be able to provide a reference for you.

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