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Employee Handbook V5 2018

part two bribery and

part two bribery and corruption p You need to act honestly and with integrity at all times in your role with us and it is illegal and wrong to bribe or be bribed, whether directly or indirectly. Bribes are any inappropriate advantage or benefit and can include money, gifts, hospitality, expenses, reciprocal favours, political or charitable contributions, inside information, and offering employment, or training opportunities to name just a few. We will not tolerate anyone who works for us being involved in bribery or corruption as we as a company and individuals face the risk of prosecution fines and imprisonment, even if the bribe is not successful. This would also damage our reputation and affect the confidence our clients have in us. For full details, please refer to the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy. gifts and hospitality It is important that you act with the highest standards of integrity and honesty to avoid any perception or allegations of bribery, compromise or having a conflict of interest in your role with the Fuller Research Group. gifts Employees can only accept and keep gifts paid for by third parties if they are of a low monetary value, such as pens, diaries, food items and other promotional items. Accepting and keeping all other gifts is not permitted. Employees must not accept and keep any gifts during the procurement of a project under any circumstances. Where refusing a gift would cause a major offence, it should be accepted and donated to charity. You must not apply for any loyalty or cash back schemes on behalf of the company that will lead to personal gains. Any loyalty points and cash back received must be declared to a Director. corporate hospitality Acceptance of corporate hospitality must be transparent and you must always receive approval from their head of department before accepting. The following areas are exempt: business and travel expenses incurred while attending events/conferences/seminars, sponsored or supported by third parties normal business lunches and meals (with the exception of lunches/meals offered as part of a tendering/procurement exercise) Advice on any other items is available from HR.

data protection p data protection and confidentiality A key part of all our roles at the Fuller Research Group is keeping our client, company and respondent information secure and confidential and complying with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. You can find our Data Protection policy and additional information in the Quality folder, which explains what the law says and what we have in place to ensure we are all compliant at all times. You also need to ensure that you do not divulge any confidential information related to clients or about the projects that you are working on at any time. We have mandatory training on Data Protection which you will have to complete before you carry out any work for the company and then annually to ensure your knowledge stays up to date. You must keep all of the information that you use for your work, like papers or letters or electronic files secure at work and anywhere else you may need to take this information. If you need to take any confidential information away from your normal place of work, you need to confirm this first with your manager, and make sure that you keep it safe and secure.

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