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Employee Handbook V5 2018

part one your terms and

part one your terms and conditions at the fuller research group explained c your hours of work and working arrangements Your hours of work are detailed in your Statement of Terms and Conditions. You will need to sign in and out of work; this is for fire safety, but also to ensure that we comply with the requirements of the Working Time Regulations. If you take on a second job at any time you must let your manager know. You are entitled to an unpaid break of 60 minutes for lunch. varying your hours of work If you’d like to request a change to your working arrangements then we will try to agree that wherever we can, as long as we can still meet our client and business needs, see our Flexible Working Policy for more information about this. your place of work Your job will be based at the location detailed in your Statement of Terms and Conditions However the Company reserves the right to change your place of work to an alternative location within a reasonable daily travelling distance of your home where there is a business need to do so. Any move would be discussed with you and appropriate notice given.

salary payments and deductions Wages are paid on the 28th of the month, unless this falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank holiday, when payment will reach you on the working day before hand. Wages are paid directly into your nominated bank account. An itemised pay statement showing gross earnings, fixed and variable deductions and net wage will be emailed to you monthly. Your starting salary is confirmed in your offer letter and Statement of Terms and Conditions. We will let you know of any changes to your salary. Salary reviews are at the discretion of Senior Management. It is your responsibility to let HR or Payroll know immediately if your nominated bank account changes. The FRG may, at its absolute discretion, make a payment in lieu of the appropriate period of notice. In such a situation the employment will terminate immediately and you will receive the amount of monies that relate to the appropriate period as one final payment on the next pay date. The provision of all benefits will cease on the date that employment terminates. We have the right to deduct from your pay anything you owe us; this includes but is not limited to: Any overpayment we have made to you in relation to your salary, allowances or bonus payments. Any loans made in connection with your job, for example advances on your salary Your contributions to any company pension scheme you belong to Any salary sacrifice benefit you have elected e.g. childcare vouchers Repayment of any training costs as outlined in any individual learning agreement Any holiday you’ve taken in excess of your entitlement if you leave FRG It is important that you check your payslip each month to make sure that you’ve received everything you are entitled to and that any changes that have been made to your working hours or arrangements have been properly reflected. If you notice any overpayments, other payments you were not expecting or notice that any adjustments to your working hours or arrangements have not been made, please let HR know about this as soon as you can so that things can be put right quickly.

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