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Program Overview The Certified MenaPay® Professional Program will provide you with a complete understanding of the MenaPay® solution, covering all the important payroll and personnel functionalities. This certification program covers a wide range of topics, including organization settings, employees’ profiles, financial transactions, leaves and vacations management and the salaries calculations and more. This chart summarizes all functions covered in the certification program: Employee Termination Cycle 11 MenaPay Login & Home Page Features 01 Administrative Setup Cycles: Branches Setup Dictionary Setup Users Setup 02 03 Organizational Setup Cycles: Hierarchy Setup Salary Scale Setup Calculations Methods 04 Employee Profile Salaries Calculation Cycle 10 Extra Salaries Calculation Cycle 09 08 Leaves Management Cycles: Leaves, Vacations, Vacations Adjustment Vacations Compensation Cycles. 07 Financial Deductions Cycles: Other Deductions, Permanent Deductions, Work Suspensions, Loans Cycles. 06 05 Financial Incomes Cycles: Overtime, Allowances, Salary Raises, Other Incomes, Non Payroll Benefits, Part Time Cycles. Insurance Cycles: Health Insurance, Social Security, Service Termination Benefits Cycles. Organization Settings Employees Financial Transactions Leaves & Vacations Management Salaries Calculations 1 | P a g e

Program Overview What you will learn: The Certified MenaPay Professional Program is designed to: Develop your understanding of Human Capital management practices across a multitude of organizational settings. Apply compliance standards for payroll in line with local tax and social security regulations. Manage your organization’s payroll across international branches or subsidiaries from a central location. Manage your employees’ personnel and financial information. Work on your employees’ salary scale and organization structure. Oversee employees’ leaves and vacations. Generate reports and understand them to make better decisions. The Certified MenaPay Professional Program is designed for: Payroll Officers and Senior Payroll Officers HR Assistants Administrative Officers HR Officers and Senior HR Officers Compensations and Benefits Specialists HR Specialists and Senior HR specialists HRIS Specialists Accountants Compensations and Benefits Managers HR Managers HRIS Managers Administrative Managers Practically, this program will benefit any professional involved in the payroll process of the organization. 2 | P a g e

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