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Program Value Why Become a Certified MenaPay Professional? This program goes beyond practical utilization of the system, it is also designed to give you the knowledge, skills, and experience to be an effective HR professional in your organization. Upon the completion of the certification, you will gain practical business and personnel management skills in addition to important insights into the latest HR technology, giving you the edge as an impactful and tech-savvy HR professional. The program and foundational knowledge serves as an opportunity for career growth and professional development. MenaITech’s systems are being used by over 1,700 companies in 25 countries, making this program applicable across a wide range of organizations and economic sectors in the MENA region. We hope you take these skills with you to create a positive impact in your organization. 3 | P a g e

Program Value Benefits of the MenaPay Certification for professionals: 1- Mastery of MenaITech’s payroll and personnel system. 2- Proficiency and credibility in payroll and personnel functions management. 3- Exposure to latest HR technology and understand how to utilize it in your organization. 4- Professional development and career growth. 5- Expand knowledge base and develop competencies in line with global best practices. 6- Learn how to read and analyze important data that affects your organization. Benefits of MenaPay Certification for Organizations: 1- Efficient and productive HR employees. 2- Engaged employees with ongoing professional development opportunities. 3- Retaining proficient and ideal employees. 4- Enrich employees’ knowledge base and their professional capabilities. 5- Outstanding HR department performance and higher levels of service provided to employees. 6- Certifications reflect positively on your company’s brand and reputation as an adopter of technology and an employer of choice. 4 | P a g e

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