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Control Engineering - January 2018 (R) 'I'

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INSIGHTS RESEARCH 2017 MOTOR DRIVES STUDY Five VSD/VFD survey findings Eighty-seven percent of respondents to the Control Engineering 2017 Motor Drives Study buy, specify, use, or expect to use variable-speed drives (VSDs) over the next 12 months. Among those who do, below are five survey findings as they relate to VSDs and variable-frequency drives (VFDs) that control the speed and torque of ac or dc motors, among other functions: 1. Applications: VSDs are popularly specified for new ac/dc motor applications (90%), along with some retrofit (76%) and replacement (73%) applications. 2. Purchasing: Thirty-six percent of end users prefer to purchase motors and related VSDs, ac/dc controller products separately, while 24% order them as matched units and 40% have no preference. 3. Important factors: The top functions evaluated when comparing VSDs are frequent start/stop tolerance (78%), ability to continuously operate at a low Under 1 hp (150 kW) 31% 31% 37% The majority of engineers are currently using 1- to 50-hp (0.75- to 37.5-kW) VSDs; 31% are using drives with over 200-hp (150-kW) capacity. Source: Control Engineering More research Control Engineering covers several research topics each year. All reports are available at 6 • January 2018 CONTROL ENGINEERING

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