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Control Engineering - January 2018 (R) 'I'

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INSIGHTS INTERNATIONAL ‘ Application software helps with data generation, transmission, collection, analysis, and decisionmaking. ’ Geok Kee Tay is CTO of software business of Schneider Electric in the Asia-Pacific Region. Courtesy: Control Engineering China information, data, communications, and applications. In this case, a software platform at operating system level is needed to support and connect this three-layer architecture. At the convention, Schneider Electric released its Wonderware System Platform 2017 software to assume this responsibility. Tay said System Platform 2017 was a responsive, expandable, and open software platform designed for application development personnel in industrial fields. The platform serves as a connecting link between the second layer and the third layer and is capable of realizing integration between information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT). It is the core of the EcoStruxure and plays a decisive role. Three core values of System Platform 2017 are it is easy to build, easy to use, and easy to own. By using the platform, users may import functional models needed through component construction and application, such as monitoring, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), manufacturing execution system (MES), data analysis, and asset management applications. System Platform 2017 can realize seamless connection with system platform and realize data sharing and interaction. It also is backward compatible with Wonderware products. Openness also is important for a platform. Tay said the system platform was open even though it integrated basic functions like human-machine interface (HMI) monitoring and construction of data architecture. Users or third-party software partners may develop their own industrial applications in the system platform, or ask Schneider Electric to develop application programs based on individual requirements. IIoT value through software At the start of 2017, Schneider Electric released two key transformational strategies to become a digitalization leader and industrial application expert. To realize these two transformation strategies, software business plays a crucial role by “reflecting the value of Industrial IoT by software,” a theme emphasized at the software convention. 1. Data management: Jingyi said the threelayer architecture of EcoStruxure corresponded to four stages (connection, collection, analysis, and operation) if analyzed from the perspective of IIoT. Data generation, transmission, collection, analysis, and decision-making could not be realized without application software in each stage. Jingyi said data acquisition was the only first step. Data alone cannot bring value. Enterprises must upgrade original data acquired to information, conduct knowledge mining from information, refine knowledge to wisdom, and feedback to decisionmaking and execution layers to realize a closed loop of personnel, assets, and operations designed to bring value to enterprises. The powerful software strength of Schneider Electric from operation control to operation management helps enterprises realize the IIoT’s potential. 2. Software as a service (SaaS): Schneider Electric also has launched a cloud-based software consumption model for its software business, a subscription-based model. Users may purchase the software based on functional models and points needed. Software is upgraded free during the subscription. Jingyi said this authorization model can lower users’ costs and provide more flexible and convenient product portfolios and even bring more financial flexibility to users or partners to help realize the IIoT’s business value. ce Stone Shi is executive editor-in-chief, Control Engineering China. Edited by Mark T. Hoske, content manager, Control Engineering, CFE Media, M More INSIGHTS KEYWORDS Automation software, IIoT Schneider Electric expands, outlines software strategy Industrial automation software lifecycle is considered A subscription model includes updates. CONSIDER THIS When considering manufacturing software, is a platform view taken? If not, why not? ONLINE If reading from the digital edition, click on the headline for more resources. See the IIoT webcast series at and international coverage at 10 • January 2018 CONTROL ENGINEERING

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