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Control Engineering - January 2018 (R) 'I'

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INNOVATIONS 44 41 PRODUCT EXCLUSIVE Multi-connectivity gateway for IoT applications NEW PRODUCTS 42 ® 64 PE BACK TO BASICS Ten control system programming best practices Best practices for programmers include defining their structure, knowing the system resources and tools, consistency, and keeping track of changes during a project. Looking for new products by category? Check out the New Products for Engineers Database and search hundreds of products, with new innovations added every day. Look for this logo on the Control Engineering home page. 43 45 Have a New Product for Engineers to submit for consideration? Do so here: Operator panels X2 extreme Rugged HMIs for tough environments X2 extreme are certified by all major classification societies. Designed to perform in rugged environments with -30°C to +70°C, high vibrations and high-pressure wash-downs. 7, 12 and 15 inches. Standard versions. High performance and fully sealed high-performance versions with high brightness display and optional integrated CODESYS PLC. X2 series. Strong. Stylish. Smart. Learn more at input #15 at

INNOVATIONS PRODUCT eXCLUSIVe Multi-connectivity gateway for IoT use Advantech’s UTX-3117 fanless and extended- temperature embedded gateway is ideal for industrial automation and other Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Advantech’s latest IoT gateway aimed at empowering industrial IoT solutions, the UTX-3117, is a fanless and extended-temp embedded box. It is designed to provide real-time IoT computing, and to be a power-efficient, plug and play gateway ideal for industrial automation, smart metering, HVAC, smart city street lighting, smart parking, smart agriculture, healthcare, and other applications. The UTX-3117 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Yocto Linux, and Wind River Pulsar OS. The UTX-3117 also has Advantech intelligent software WISE-PaaS integrated and is certificated with AWS Greengrass IoT offerings to bridge connectivity from edge sensors to the cloud. The UTX-3117 integrates three radio frequency (RF) modules in palm-sized dimensions, including one M.2 slot for Wi-Fi, one half-size MiniPCIe slot, and one full-size MiniP- CIe slot for 3G/LTE, Zigbee, or LoRa connection. It has a special double-sided thermal solution and offers the independent RF modules to maintain maximum RF throughput in extended temperatures ranging from -20 to 60°C. The UTX-3117 offers five RF antennas. These antennas are designed in optimized locations to prevent RF signal conflicts. The UTX-3117 is ideal for transportation, logistics, and industrial automation with wide range power input from 12 V to 24 V dc. It comes with rich connectivity and expansion options including two RS-232 and RS-422/RS-485 serial ports for device control and wire sensor data aggregation. It also offers two USB 3.0 ports, one audio jack, and dual gigabit LAN ports for general system control. Data, Network and Bus Technology HELUKABEL ® offers an entire range of data, network and bus technology. Our HELUKAT ® and HELUCOM ® brands are well-positioned to serve the global market. PROFINET Type B Cat 5e for use in cable carriers and automated equipment. PVC and FRNC versions available. Advantech, Input #200 at E-NEWS control engineering January 2018 • 41 input #16 at

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