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Control Engineering - January 2018 (R) 'I'

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The voice of the engineering community speaks loud and clear in the following pages featuring corporate profiles of those companies participating in the Executive Voice program presented by Control Engineering magazine. Our thanks to the following participants: ABB Drives and Controls Allied Moulded Products AutomationDirect B&R Industrial Automation Balluff Beckhoff Automation Beijer Electronics Digi-Key Corporation Emerson Automation Solutions EZ Automation/AVG Automation Kepware Technologies Moxa Americas Panduit SEW Eurodrive YRG Inc.

ADVERTISEMENT Approximately 40% of the world’s electricity is consumed by industrial applications. As overall consumption is expected to rise by 33% in the next 12 years, facilities of all types and sizes have the responsibility to reduce the correlation between economic growth and energy usage. With motors consuming an average of two-thirds of the electricity in an industrial facility, equipping them with variable frequency drives to regulate their speed is an emerging part of the solution. Though only 10-15% of industrial motors are currently controlled by a drive, the number is rapidly increasing. ABB, the market leader in drives, is at the forefront of this energy efficiency trend. “ABB drives can reduce energy consumption and the subsequent CO2 emissions by 30% to 50% in many applications” By continually matching the speed of a motor to the actual demand of a process load in real time, ABB drives can reduce energy consumption and the subsequent CO2 emissions by 30% to 50% in many applications. ABB drives also bring about improvements in product quality through fast and accurate process control, while also boosting productivity and lowering motor maintenance costs. ABB drives are installed in a variety of industries, including HVAC, food and beverage, water and wastewater, COG, energy, mining, material handling, plastics, metals and many more. The majority of the ABB drives installed in North America are manufactured at an ABB plant in New Berlin, Wisconsin. ABB has introduced several new “all-compatible” drive models in the last several years, with all essential features built-in, greatly simplifying drive selection, commissioning, operation and maintenance. ABB manufacturing plant in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Once users have learned one drive, they will be able to quickly integrate others, including larger drives, saving effort, training costs, energy and money with each installation. Another recent development is Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it possible to connect wirelessly to an ABB drive with a smartphone, allowing users to set-up, tune and troubleshoot Pedro Mendieta Vice President and General Manager, ABB Drives and Controls, United States a drive without having to enter a potentially hazardous or difficult-toreach work area ABB also has a vast network of technical experts that support endusers throughout the product lifecycle, helping to develop cost-effective and easy-to-maintain systems to meet specific project application requirements. With a very short payback period based on the energy savings alone, ABB drives are a highly economical and effective means to increase industrial productivity and lower the stress on utilities and the environment in a sustainable way. • 800-752-0696

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