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INNOVATIONS BACK TO BASICS Robbie Peoples, Cross Co. Ten control system programming best practices Best practices for programmers include defining their structure, knowing the system resources and tools, consistency, and keeping track of changes during a project. M More INNOVATIONS KEYWORD: Control system programming Control system programming best practices should provide a baseline for a project so a new programmer easily can step in if needed. Programmers should be consistent and knowledgeable about tools. Following best practices in control system programming provide usability, flexibility, and maintainability for developers and end users. GO ONLINE For more programming advice, read this article at CONSIDER THIS What other best practices should programmers consider for control systems? Control system programming is an art and a science. The use of multiple tools, languages, and functions allows engineers to produce creative solutions. With multiple methods and tools available, the road to success can vary. Programming standards are methods of coding that have been declared acceptable and are defined and supported typically by control system vendors. Ten best practices can help provide a baseline to help ensure consistent success for programmers. 1. Define the structure: When developing a program from scratch or augmenting an existing program, programmers must step back from the details and define a structure. This provides a clear plan of how to divide up the functions, variables, and provide a logical arrangement. Segmentation of functions allows for a design that easily can be expanded and followed by other programmers. Start by developing a visual diagram of how the code will be structured. 2. Provide documentation: Supporting documentation of functional requirements and/or specifications is essential to allow developing functions. Just as important are supporting documentation of the programming standards that will be used to achieve the objectives defined in the specifications. 3. Plan for change: When developing a system, it is important to plan for future expansion, changes, and reductions. 4. Know system resources: System resources are a vital part of what makes software run efficiently. The last thing programmers want to do is overburden the system’s capabilities, which could cause latency or even crash the system. 5. Reuse code: The easy part of control systems is that the same functions can be reused to achieve the logic task at hand. Programmers do not want to hard-code the same functions, which would incur additional costs and extra time to make changes to an application that is programmed not using function calls. 6. Be consistent: Consistency is a common element to success on many levels. Programming is no different. Reverse engineering a control system to follow a design concept and find inconsistent practices is frustrating. This shows immaturity in a design and can cause multiple issues over the control system life cycle. 7. Know your tools: Good programmers should have a good understanding of all accessible tools. If programmers don’t stay abreast of what’s currently available, they are cheating themselves and potentially losing work efficiency. Take the time to test the programming tools to ensure programming and deployment use the most efficient methods. 8. Practice good housekeeping: Good housekeeping within a program is always a good practice. In some cases, programmers have to build functions or things to help manage the data and keep the work area clean to avoid confusion. Being organized promotes efficiency and professionalism. 9. Comment on code: Commenting should be performed at each level. Meaning, each function itself should have a brief comment, but each section of code should include a header comment to explain the breakdown. Then, the application as a whole should be commented on to help the subsequent programmer to follow a consistent train of thought. Comments should be concise, consistent, and written during programming. 10. Track changes: Keeping track of changes within an application is essential to maintaining it over the lifecycle. Change logs should be incorporated into the application and preferably in the header section for overall changes. If changes are needed at the function layer, they should be reflected in the overall header and at the comment layer in the function. Projects with solid solutions enable businesses to thrive in the manufacturing environment. ce Robbie Peoples is an integration manager at Cross Co. Integrated Systems Group. This article originally appeared on Cross Company’s Innovative Controls blog. Edited by Chris Vavra, production editor, Control Engineering, CFE Media, 64 • January 2018 CONTROL ENGINEERING

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