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Project Desk lamp Massi e Bianco design -

Assignment info Design an object of your own choise to express your design language or -style. 1. Find the suitable object - creative phase 2. Moodboard 3. Designbrief 4. Modeling 5. Prototyping 6. Finishing up 7. Final product 1. After a long list of objects, the final choice was a desk lamp since this is a static object and I want to turn it into something dynamic. It is based on a balance lamp. To get inspiration for the shape, I seearched for fast objects such as cars, race bikes, sport shoes, rockets, and fighter jets, and with that I finally got to the CONCORD. The Concord drew my attention because of several characteristics. It was very advanced for it’s time, it has set records, it was elegant and nifty build with light and strong materials (aluminum). The shape of the plane was progressive and still a beauty of design, so no wonder I got inspired by it. I immediatly started to draw a shape in 3D freeform. This was the base of the process that involves mostly digital processing to outcome the final shape. Even the name Concord makes sense as it embodies co-operation and/or equality. 3. Design brief is in this case more the requirements for the materials: such as multiplex, glass filament and Lycra. I wanted my object to reflect contrasts, hard lines, soft curves, hard wood, soft stretch fabric ans most of all it should look light.Other opposites are the 3D print technique and the sewing. And above al I wanted it to be fluid or smooth. 4. The modeling was done almost entirely digital since the frame was too complicated to draw or model it by hand. The segmentation of the frame is also a contrast to the smooth outer shell in fabric. After the frame was modeled, I got it lasered, glued it together and sandblasted it for clean up. Since the frame was weak at some points, I had to reinforce it by adding some extra support in wood at strategic locations 5. In prototyping, I started to print the frame as a whole on scale on my 3D printer to visualise it and see the proporti ons. Stage 2 in prototyping, was making it at real scale. Lasercut it and put it together. I was pleased that it lookes as I espected. The segmentation of the frame is also a wink to the frame of the Concorde’s frame as it was also segmented. Next I designed a low stand for the 3D CAD and printed it in glass filament. This has a milky white translucent look and is less pronounced as a solid color. As light source, I wanted something different as usual yet advanced and therefore I choose a flexible ledstrip that forms one single lne of light and contours the shape of the lamp. Massi e Bianco design -

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Objet1000 Product Sheet - PADT