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Portfolio Alfonso De Mot - Final complete - pages

6. When the frame was

6. When the frame was finished, I could start making the cover. Why a fabric? Why a strecht? To balance the sturdyness of the frame and 3D printed stand. Lycra was one obvious choice, however, I never sewed before, so I got a crash cours and after a day, I was happy with the result. The only thing left was to put everything together. It was designed to use one kind of bolts; M3. 7. Finishing up consists of putting the stainless steel weight in the stand and to sew some extra points to pronounce the curved body some more, especially at the inner curves. These have been handstitched. As the object has to be low tech and focused at form factor, there is no on/off switch present at this time but it can be addeed easily later on for more convenience, or a remote control, however this is out of scope for this assignment. Following pages will document the proces described here. Massi e Bianco design -

Moodboard Massi e Bianco design -

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Objet1000 Product Sheet - PADT
Objet1000 Product Sheet - PADT