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Project Bolt BOLT Massi

Project Bolt BOLT Massi e Bianco design -

Assignment info Look on a crowdfunding platform to check what’s available, what’s popular and what’s not yet available. Choose a useful item and enhance or design it yourself. I have choosen to create an active charging holster for a smartphone. These are the major steps in the proces to the final product. 1. Find the suitable object - creative phase 2. Moodboard 3. Persona 3. Design letter 4. Modeling 5. Prototyping 6. Finishing up 7. Final product (WIP) 1. I wondered that smartphones are common used by almost any one out there, however, they get bigger and bigger, they also get more powerful batteries, unfortunately also bigger screens and more powerful processors and faster network connections and yet, there are tens of solutions to extend the time of operation off-grid but none of them is a fully integrated one. So I got at work and checked what solutions are available, like custom made or off-the-shelf-batteries as an example. What capacity and some more tech related stuff. Also size, is of matter and I went for a todays average sized smartphone (something like a Huawei P9). 3. This design letter is more complex, as there are many elements that forms the item, as such: two (de)charging systems, a battery, a wireless connection an adaptive holding mechanism, a case and belt clip system. It needs to be durable and be able to handle tough environments and at the same time ease in use and comfortable. A user guide will be available here as well. The competing product on the market will be documented as well. 4. Some sketching was done beforehand to obtain a basic shape and to get it more refined. After the sketching, a cardboard model was made for aspect ratios and usability. After that,I started the digital path in 3D to design the casing. I first looked at mechanical systems to vary the size of the smartphone to hold and decided that these would be a) become too complex and b) adding more weight and volume to the design. 5. This phase was dedicated to obtaining less volume. Taken the starting point of the card board model, I created first a totally square box to get a beter insight on proportions, weight, and placements. This “box” I 3D printed it for evaluation purpose and to find the strenghts and weaknesses of the design. Time for iteration 2. It was more rounded however, far from finished. As it contained too much material. The dimensions were good and the powerpack fitted nicely. The product should be finished in june 2018. 2. The persona is Matthew Blankers, a truck driver in the port of Antwerp. We will go deeper in detail about him later on. Massi e Bianco design -

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