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Name: Matthew Blanker

Name: Matthew Blanker Gender: male Age: 18-25 Nationality: Belgian Type of user: end user Experience user: experienced Profession: Lorry driver Why? Matthew is a passionate driver. We have something in common, His dream was to become a driver, he succeded. He likes almost everything with an engine in. He owns a tuned car and a motorbike. He visite regularly the fitness club to stay fit and keep those musscles strong and vivid. Currently, Matthew is looking for a place to get settled with his girlfriend. Did I mention already they love to do road trips? As a representative person for this product, I have choosen for Matthew. He’s a lorry driver based in the port of Antwerp but drives international routes on a frequent base. Because of his job, Matthew is either long on the road, or need to leave often his truck cabine when loading or unloading. Those two situations describes where Volt is comming in. Persona Massi e Bianco design -

Powerpack >=10000mAh Robust Strong No interference Qi standard Usb standard Material Holster Material Holster Design Brief Material Deskcharger Affordance Size independent Massi e Bianco design -

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Objet1000 Product Sheet - PADT