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Hi, I will take you on a

Hi, I will take you on a shorttrack to, who I am, where I started, what I did, my design philosophy and what’s planned for the future. I was born in Cuenca, Ecuador, South America. My first big step wad in 1974; arriving at Zaventem to join my adoption parents. Raised as a real Belgian, I like “frietjes met biefstuk” as well. Studied electro-mechanics at school, that’s where I got the basics about working with metal and wood. Back then in my spare time, I (dis)assembled motorbikes and builded fully working Lego-planes that span about 1m in width. But then a new player came along; the computer! Yes, from before the first Personal Computer (PC) until now, I have seen them all and I must say what an evolution! Started to draw on the computer, views and sections of F1 cars. Still in 2D as I met 3D only a couple of years ago. Massi e Bianco design -

After teaching myself IT, I turned into the direction of ICT professionally and kept doing it for about 16 years. Some of my clients I worked for are: BASF (Petrochemicals), Loyens & Loeff (Advocacy), Johnson & Johnson aka Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Pharma), Dexia (Banking), Electrabel (electricity), Nokia Siemens networks (Digital TV), .. I do not know what the future has in store, however, if it up to me, I would love to pursue the dream, that’s going on for years and slightly is becomming reality. I will show you some of my recent works as a showcase. However I like doing ICT (-support for end users), I felt that I missed some crucial challenges in my profession; that is creativity and the (p) art of creation. Then lightining struck; our company closed down. A good thing came with it, my dream of becomming a designer, was in reach. there wasn’t a single moment of hesitation and I got prepared for the 3 year journey. I’m now enjoying every moment of creating, creating for all those fun projects! Exciting! Ideas, drawings, issues and solving them, prototyping, sewing, sawing, drilling, sanding, wood, metal, fabrics, … so many input, so many senses, I love it! In my free time, I like to go for a bike ride or a walk thrue the city, some street photography and enjoying the city dynamics. In the evening, I practice kickbox three times a week, two hours a session and I follow a masterclass in photography, once a week. Other than that I have some client projects running in different area (see later in portfolio). As a pioneer regarding new technologies, I aim to incorporate them as much as possible in my designs, i.e. 3D printing and laser cutting. Massi e Bianco design -

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Objet1000 Product Sheet - PADT