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Project 3D printer Massi

Project 3D printer Massi e Bianco design -

Assignment info As a designer I was in search for a decent and affordable 3Dprinter to assist me with my designprojects. I called and asked a shop that sells 3D-printers to obtain more info on several models. I was invited to the store so he could emonstrate and provide some explanation for each model. Since I was particulary interested in one model, I expressed my preference. At that time I didn’t buy anything yet. but at the end of my visite,he asked me to look into a project he was busy with; building a 3D-printer. He wanted a nice cover designed for it. I said I could look into it and later I provided him two renders (see left page) of houw the printer could look like. He immediatly contacted me and said, go ahead, develop it further and even better, I want you to work on al the mechanical and contructional parts as well. So, on this day, I am developing the frame, the front door mechanism, the spool holders (2x) and the casing. Spoken about a challenge and assignment! In return I received my favourable 3D-printer. Now there is a co-project going on, involving 3D printing but not as we widely know it, it’s for printing chocolat. You may guessed it, this project is a work in progress (WIP). As for materials, I am free to chose whatever should be used. I choose to use steel plates that will be lasercut and assembled afterwards for the mechanical parts and for the casing, we’re not yet sure what would fi our needs and is affordable During prototyping, ABS will be used, afterwards, stainless steel and more durable plastic like Z-UltraT or Z-Asa Pro will be used. Massi e Bianco design -

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