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Style and filosophy

Style and filosophy Massi e Bianco design -

Design language Hi, now you know more about me, I want you to meet my design language, consisting of materials and the filosophy. Materials As a designer, I make designs that are helpful, that serves a purpose. That is one part of designing, however, I make sure my designs are apealing for the eye as well. On the left, you see the basic elements of which every design starts from. Allow me to explain them to you.As a kind of noot, not every design contains all of the materials and/or colors. Fabrics: As they have an organic origin, they feel warm and add an authentic look and feel to a design. They can transit between a fixed form, as a wrap, or erratic forms on their own such as silk, Lycra or leather. Filosophy Most of the objects are made sqared or circular, or trangled, and there are made thousands of items in the world every day. I can understand the reasons why most items have these basic shapes, economical, practical, ... However, I believe that we as a human were not ment to be boxed. In a natural environment, we don’t have cubic apples (at least not the fruit) nor millimetric straight trees. I like to go back to that image of the world as often as possible, that’s what we are used to since millenia. I do know it’s not always possible, however there is always a good compromise available between the two. Wood: As fabrics, it has an organic origin and therefore has the same characteristics as the fabrics mentioned above; warmth and texture. I like multiplex a lot, as it is widely available and has nice stripings on the edges. If I can choose, I choose birch. Plastics: owning a 3D-printer, this adds as a big bonus to the design process as it can be printed, fairly fast and very precise. Many colors are available, even milky white translucent. Colors: My basic colors are white, black, light and dark grey and as an accent dark red as contrast. I love bright colors and white is bright, it shines. It’s as a light beacon in the night. And can be fit with any other color in the specrum. Red on the other hand is unconsient connected with a heart, the start of all life and with love, what gives people warmth from within. Massi e Bianco design -

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