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14 | January 25, 2018 |

14 | January 25, 2018 | The glencoe anchor sound off Find the right camp for your child! • Art Camps • Day Camps • Educational Camps • Overnight Camps • Sports Camps PRESENTED BY 22ND CENTURY MEDIA Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018 10am - 2pm 1515 Lake Cook Road, Northbrook, IL AND MORE TO COME! FREE FACE PAINTING! FREE BALLOON ANIMALS! (10:30 AM - 1:30 PM) MORE INFO AT (847) 272-4565 Sponsored by City Girl Confessions Thank you to the dedicated winter helpers Kelly Anderson Contributing Columnist Glencoe resident Nearly six years ago, me and my husband made the joyful decision that we would employ a snow removal service. Yes, “joyful” is the important word here because it meant that as we juggled grad school and a newborn baby, that we would have a little help during the brutal Midwest winters. For a long time, this plan was nothing short of delightful. Whenever more than 3 inches of snow stacked up, our driveway was plowed and sidewalks shoveled. And so the years moved right along, we moved into a new home with a much larger driveway in the Village of Glencoe. I’ll confess: I got used to this luxury. So used to it, that I settled into a new normal of stress-free snow removal. Blizzard? No worries. Thundersnow? No big deal. The snow removal team was always around for a rescue and often it took place in the earliest morning hours, the logic being that residents could then easily exit their driveways in time for their morning commutes. Last week, a sizable snowfall hit the North Shore right around the time my husband hopped on a plane for a business trip. As he cruised toward sunny, snow-free Florida, the flakes continued to fall … and fall … and fall. It was then that I found myself scratching my head. “Hmmm, did we reemploy the snow removal service this year?” I thought to myself. We hadn’t had a lot of snow yet so I couldn’t recall with clarity. But one thing I knew for sure: there was 5 inches in my driveway and no sign of a snow plow. So I grabbed a shovel. I rounded up my kids and piled on a closet-full of winter gear. Wobbling around like down-filled marshmallows with pompom hats, we got to work. I assigned the front steps and patio to the little ones, and I tackled the beast of a driveway on my own. It was a riot. With quiet concentration my 2-yearold and 5-year-old shoveled impressively (had I only known earlier that this chore was the remedy to their loud rough-housing). Worrying about the cold or my kids claiming instant boredom, I took to jogging while shoveling long strips of snow. Holy cardio, indeed. When our work was finished, we high-fived, trudged into the house and stripped off our wet winter gear into one big pile. The snow continued to fall. The next morning, I awoke earlier than normal to shovel alone while my children slept. It was dark and pin-drop quiet. When I finished, I gripped my shovel and looked around at the frigid, wintry earth. It was calm and stunningly peaceful. Amidst the chill and some seriously sore muscles, I felt grateful. Grateful for the helpers that ride throughout the night or wake extra early to bring aid during the winter. Grateful for all the times I was able to sleep in and be worry-free. Grateful for the people that keep my driveway safe and the roads safer in Glencoe. Thank you for reminding me of how tough your job is and how dedicated you are to doing it well. Kelly Q. Anderson is a writer, photographer and former Chicagoan. She pens blogs and books from her home in Glencoe, which she shares with her husband, son, daughter and Boston terrier. visit us online at Sound Off the glencoe anchor | January 25, 2018 | 15 Social snapshot Top Stories from as of Jan. 22 1. Chin’s Chop Suey closes, new restaurant coming soon 2. Unknown buyers tear down Maple Hill mansion to rebuild 3. Actors grow on stage with ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ 4. Wrestling: New Trier takes third at conference meet; three Trevs win titles 5. Be Market helps customers take control of their health Become a Anchor Plus member: Friends of the Green Bay Trail posted this photo on Jan. 14 with the caption: “Cleaning native seeds in preparation for scattering them ahead of the coming snow fall.” Like The Glencoe Anchor: From the Editor Thankful for low police activity in Glencoe Megan Bernard As recent weeks have passed, more and more breaking news alerts have piled up in my email. Those alerts — some startling with “murder” and “stabbing” in their headlines — are coming from our 22nd Century Media Plus Program, where readers can sign up for an account to view stories online, receive breaking news alerts like these and even more. Luckily though, these emails aren’t coming from The Glencoe Anchor Plus, rather our sister papers throughout the North Shore. These nearby breaking stories, like the murdersuicide case that occurred in Lake Forest and the daughter who stabbed her mother in Wilmette, can be read in our News From Your Neighbors feature on Page 11. My colleagues have done an excellent job reporting these and also staying on top of them for any updates. As I proudly publish their work in this weekly feature and read their full stories online, I can’t help but think back to here, relatively safe Glencoe. I feel lucky that I do not have to report these types of major new stories here; they are horrific and awfully sad to detail for readers in print. Sure, writing these stories up may give a reporter an adrenaline high, but when you think about the actual people involved, it’s troublesome. Which leads me to question: What’s going on with the crime on the North Shore? Has Glencoe always been this low compared to the other towns? If you take a look at our police reports (Page 6 this week), the only reoccurring theme you’ll find throughout the year is stolen vehicles. There are few and far between major arrests and/or violent crimes — thankfully. I’ve even gotten to the point of just saving a couple inches of column space for these reports, knowing there won’t be many to publish. Pride yourself of this. If you didn’t already know it, in my opinion, you’re living in one of the safest communities in the North Shore. Let’s keep it that way. go figure An intriguing number from this week’s edition $30K To date, the money raised from NSCDS Dunk Alzheimer’s. The money is donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. (See Page 12) The Glencoe Anchor Sound Off Policy Editorials and columns are the opinions of the author. Pieces from 22nd Century Media are the thoughts of the company as a whole. The Glencoe Anchor encourages readers to write letters to Sound Off. 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