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26 | January 25, 2018 |

26 | January 25, 2018 | The glenview lantern dining out Quick Bites GH loaded tots ($10) include bacon, jalapeno, nacho cheese, roasted peppers, overeasy eggs, Tabasco and chive sour cream at Glenview House, 1843 Glenview Road. Chris Pullam/22nd Century Media EMERALD Bacon mania runs wild on North Shore Deciding to file for DIVORCE is hard... Hiring competent COUNSEL is easy. The Law Offices of Michael P. Doman, Ltd. Practicing Divorce Law for 29 years. Call Michael Doman (847) 897-5288 Concentrating in Divorce and Family Law. 555 Skokie Boulevard, Suite 500 • Northbrook, Illinois 60062 Email: Eric DeGrechie Managing Editor In the late 1990s, enthusiasm for bacon seemed to hit a fever pitch here in the United States. Now, years later, it doesn’t appear that what some have coined “bacon mania” is slowing down anytime soon. Bacon is so popular that it even has its own day on Dec. 30. While some argue for or against the health merits of the salt-cured pork, few outright dislike the taste. Even vegetarians get in on the fun by adding meatless bacon knockoffs to the diet. Finding ways to slip bacon into every dish is a challenge many chefs are more than willing to take on. Last week, 22nd Century Media editors ventured out to different North Shore establishments to get their bacon fill and taste some unique creations. The results were delicious. GH loaded tots — Glenview House, Glenview Bacon has long been considered its own food group, at least by people in the know, nestled just above deep-fried pickles and right below pork belly. As such, it has carved quite a unique niche for itself, capable of complementing pancakes, dates or sirloin, or anchoring the classic BLT sandwich. It’s basically a modern-day onion, sans the tears — unless you’re crying from happiness. Walk into any restaurant in Glenview, and I’m sure you’ll find a handful of bacon-centric menu items. Yet, none do bacon better than Glenview House, 1843 Glenview Road. When I visited the longtime North Shore staple, I immediately keyed on the GH loaded tots ($10), complete with tater tots, jalapeno, nacho cheese, roasted peppers, over-easy eggs, Tabasco and chive sour cream — oh yeah, and plenty of bacon. The dish was delicious, and while the bacon added a much appreciated level of tastiness, I’d order it again even if meats vanished from the menu. The cheese, egg, Tabasco and sour cream soaked into the potatoes at the bottom of the bowl, and the peppers and jalapeno provided a nice kick. Other bacon-infused menu items include the GH potato skins ($10), chopped salad ($10), roast turkey salad ($10), habanero ham melt ($11) and roasted turkey sandwich ($10). Glenview House is open from 3 p.m.-midnight Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-2 a.m. Friday-Saturday and 11 a.m.-midnight Sunday. For more information, visit www.theglenviewhouse. com or call (847) 724- 0692. Full story at real estate the glenview lantern | January 25, 2018 | 27 The Glenview Lantern’s What: 4 bedrooms, 5.1 baths, 12 rooms Where: 800 Chatham Road Amenities: Prestigious East Glenview! Perfect blend of Country and City in this expanded and lovingly updated Colonial on half-acre. Located on one of Glenview’s most desired streets where quiet meets luxury. Large addition adds huge Master Suite and fabulous family room. Over 4,000 square feet of family living plus 2 large decks and patio. Walk to train, schools, grocery and library. Award-winning district 34 and GBS High School. 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