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12 | January 25, 2018 |

12 | January 25, 2018 | Malibu surfside news Sound Off Ride of the Week A nearby car show full of showstoppers Fireball Tim Lawrence Contributing Columnist Malibu resident Malibu is like the central hub for automotive coolness. We know this. We live this. We commit to gratitude and appreciation for the things we have and the beauty our little town exudes. And having been in Malibu since 1980 myself, I’ve amassed a large scope for car events near us. As the car dude of Malibu, I have made it my obligation to bring you the goods. Case in point, another cars and coffee event you may have missed that slam bams the Hollywood car theme to the hilt. Oh, yes. This week, I had a chance to hit Sunset GT in Hollywood. I went with another Malibuite in a couple Jaguars. When we got there, we found that the Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches were forced to park in the lower lot, leaving room up top for the Ferraris, Lambos, Bentleys ... and anything else that sounded expensive. I find it interesting that many car events offer opportunities for those with high-end cars to buy them at a dealer and have them literally delivered to the event. Seriously, some cars were trucked in, the drivers not having even driven them yet. It was nuts! Now, I’m not trying to be judgmental here. If you love cars, then do whatever creams your Twinkie. Get me? But the highlight of the show didn’t have to do with any of the cars I previously mentioned. About halfway through the show, the crowd of over 1,000 people, most being under 25, suddenly gasped as a Banana Yellow Bugatti entered the show. Although the car’s top speed is a whopping 257 miles per hour, it slipped through the crowd at about 1 mph due to the camera phones going off like machine guns. The car was a 2017 Bugatti Chiron, driven by THE INDUSTRY’S FINEST HIGH-END LUXURY ADDICTION TREATMENT FACILITY LIVE THE LIFE YOU WERE ALWAYS MEANT TO LIVE 800.501.1988 CLIFFSIDEMALIBU.COM Malibu’s Fireball Tim Lawrence recently swung by the Sunset GT show in Hollywood, where a 2017 Bugatti Chiron turned heads. Fireball Tim Lawrence/22nd Century Media Tilly’s CEO Hezy Shaked. I interviewed Hezy a short while later for my show, and he was humble, excited to be there and even more excited that the car was putting so many smiles on everyone’s faces. It should, as the car’s price tag is over $5 million. People and their cars. It’s an amazing experience to see how committed they are to owning, building, designing or restoring something glorious. The lot was filled with about 350 cars, totaling an easy $200 million. That’s a very serious Hollywood event going on, folks. But as I left in my cheaper Jaguar SVR (the world’s fastest Jag, by the way), I couldn’t help but think that with all of these people living in LA, my friend and I were probably the only ones going back to Malibu. I swear that even if I were driving a 1985 Ford Fairmont with the doors falling off, I’d still have a smile on my face going back to this town. Can you relate? When the rest of LA is heading home from their jobs and going through Malibu, we get to stay, and it’s wonderful. But it’s not about being wealthy or trying to impress others. It’s about the choice to appreciate beauty, peace and that your life is based on the quality of your decisions. It was an amazing show and I recommend you experience it. Just don’t expect to leave early, as you won’t be able to escape. If you try, you’ll end up on 32,000 YouTube channels for being that guy. Just have fun and know you’ll be coming home to the ’Bu soon. Want to be featured in Ride of the Week? Send Fireball an email at askfireball@ Visit us online at Sound Off Malibu surfside news | January 25, 2018 | 13 Fit For Malibu Ancient food is currently trending again Lori Corbin Contributing Columnist Malibu resident One of the hottest food fads out there is something that has been around for centuries: bone broth. It’s wonderful for curbing appetite while delivering a host of nutritional benefits if animal products are part of your diet. From powdered bone broths to single-serve bottles, bone broth is now easy to obtain, although some think making it at home, known as “stock,” is the best way to go. It’s also a very environmental way to use more of the animal that you have purchased. Certified nutritionist Jim LaValle describes himself as “old school.” “I like actually taking the bones and actually making the broth or cooking the bones and actually eating the bone marrow, it’s kind of tasty,” he said. “And why not do it the real way it was meant to be.” LaValle is a big fan of bone broth for the nutrients and collagen you’ll get. Collagen is a protein known to help skin stay smooth and keep joints happy. Our bodies produce less collagen as we age, about 1 percent each year after age 20. That’s why many baby boomers and others have started adding bone broth to their day, or even powdered collagen supplements for protection. Sue Hitzmann, who created the internationally known myofascia; release self care method called MELT said the research on collagen consumption is promising. “Collagen is a huge factor of women and pain-related aging problems,” she said. “Anything that can help us keep the collagen active in our body helps. You can stimulate those cells to reproduce and stay supple.” When collagen breaks down, skin is prone to wrinkles, and joints may ache over time. Hitzmann said the studies suggest keeping collagen healthy in connective tissue may also help protect the central nervous system from sending unnecessary pain signals. If you’re not interested in making your own bone broth, you’ll find store shelves offer quite the variety of bone broth with catchy marketing terms such as grass fed, cold-pressed and certified organic, to name a few. One company called Brubroth recently released a line of broths that include chicken, beef, and other flavors including “Hug in a Mug” chicken bone broth and “Broffe,” a beef bone broth with coffee, cocoa, spices and coconut oil. They also have versions with turmeric ginger, cayenne pepper and hot greens. I also found another single-serve company called Iconic, which offers a grass fed protein drink with coconut cream and matcha green tea added to the mix. And while they might sound tasty, some of the companies are sweetening their broth using alternatives to sugar such as Stevia or monk fruit. These are sugar alternatives that won’t hurt you, but don’t offer nutritional benefit either. So, from a palatepleasing standpoint, you’ll need to decide if you want a bone broth that is sweet or savory. These particular sweeteners might take some getting used to, as they don’t mimic the exact taste of table sugar. “I think it’s a problem that we think we have to sweeten up everything anyway,” said LaValle, who prefers to make broth at home from bones. “We’ve developed this kind of over-sweet palate in our culture and that leads to problems.” Finally, for those who want a plant-based broth, look to the Art of Broth — a new company developed by Jody Helfend, a Malibu resident who’s spent the last 30 years developing flavor systems for chefs. He’s created broth in single-serving tea bags to be enjoyed at any time of day, that are non-GMO, gluten-free and caffeine free. The veggie broths come in beef, chicken and vegetable flavors. “We really saw an opportunity to create an alternative to coffee or tea,” Helfend said. “Simply take a bag of the broth dip it in eight ounces of water, steep it for three minutes and enjoy restaurant-quality broth.” You won’t find collagen in this broth, but there’s also no animal or saturated fat in it either. It is a way to rehydrate and revitalize anytime you’re feeling like a pick me up and don’t want a stimulant. Not all collagen powders contain beef or chicken. There are veggie collagen versions that come from algae. Vital Proteins is one company that sells powdered collagen peptides from beef collagen, but they also offer a vegetarian version. Walk down the supplement aisle at your local health food store and you’re sure to find a wide variety. For those who want to try making bone broth at home, see the sidebar on this page. Slow cooker chicken bone broth This recipe comes from local cooking instructor and holistic chef Pamela Salzman. Serving size: Makes about 4 quarts (based on a 6.5-quart slow cooker) Ingredients • 3½ pounds bony chicken parts such as backs, necks, wings and/or feet • 1 large onion, peeled and cut in half • 2 carrots, cut if necessary (you can leave the peel on, just make sure they are scrubbed clean) • 2 celery stalks, cut if necessary (try to use the leafy parts of celery, as they add lots of flavor) • Approximately 5 quarts cold water * • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar ** Directions 1. Place the chicken parts and vegetables in a slow cooker and add the cold water and vinegar. 2. Set the timer to low for as long as your slow cooker will go, but a minimum of 18 hours. 3. Check periodically to skim off any foam that rises to the surface and continue cooking for 18-36 hours, resetting your slow cooker if the maximum time is less than 36 hours. 4. Turn off the heat and strain into a large heat-proof bowl. You may need to use a large strainer initially and re-strain wit a fine mesh sieve to remove any smaller particles. Allow to cool before refrigerating. 5. Refrigerate, covered. 6. The next day, skim off the congealed fat at the top. 7. Refrigerate the stock for up to five days or freeze for up to three months. * Cold water draws the flavor out of the meat and bones. Use ice if your tap water is room temperature. ** Acidic wine or vinegar added during cooking help draw minerals, particularly calcium, magnesium and potassium, into the broth. Fit For Malibu is a new monthly column by Malibu resident Lori Corbin, who has been the food and fitness coach for KABC-TV for 18 years. 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