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® 18 | January 25, 2018

® 18 | January 25, 2018 | The tinley junction School Summit Hill District 161 kindergarten registration drive begins Feb. 6 $30 registration fee discount Feb. 6 through Feb. 20 SUBMITTED BY SUMMIT HILL DISTRICT 161 Summit Hill School District 161’s 2018-2019 Kindergarten registration drive is set for Feb. 6. A $30 registration fee discount is available from Feb. 6 through Feb. 20. Parents may access the Summit Hill website at www. to review the checklist of documents needed for registration. Parents may register their child at Dr. Julian Rogus School, 20027 South 88th Ave. in Frankfort between 3:45 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. on February 6. Afterwards, students and parents may participate in a tour hosted by Rogus Kindergarten teachers. Part of our kindergarten registration process is our Kindergarten Entry assessment. The assessment would be used to identify student kindergarten readiness skills. The assessment would be given in May. Student NEW YEAR. NEW SUCCESS. ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS IN The Tinley Junction RENEE BURKE 708.326.9170 ext. 43 CONTACT performance data would be analyzed and become part of the Rogus School school improvement plan. In addition, a copy of the student results would go home with the parents. Any parent who registers their kindergarten student between February 6 and April 28 would have an opportunity to select an assessment time on May 9 and May 10. Parents have the option of enrolling their kindergartener in the extended day program which is from 8:45 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. or the halfday program which runs from 8:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. Registration fee for extended day is $150. Registration fee for Half Day is $125. Payment options are available. Parents will need to present an official birth certificate (with certification seal from the county). Students must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2018. If applicable, proof of legal custody would include presentation of a court order or decree for legal guardianship, proof of legal custody through public aid documents, or proof of foster care. Residency Document Checklist Category 1 – One document • Most recent property tax bill (homeowners) showing parent as taxpayer • Mortgage papers or mortgage coupon book (homeowners) • Closing papers - Closing must have occurred before registration • Signed, dated, and notarized lease agreement and proof of last month’s payment (renters) • Housing letter (military personnel) • If parent is not the actual homeowner, the owner of the property and the parent must prove residency by providing ONE document from Category 1 and TWO documents from Category 2. Category 2 - Provide Two documents from this group to show proper address • Most recent gas/electric/ water bill or official start notice • Current driver’s license/ state ID • Current vehicle registration • Current homeowners/renters insurance policy • Current public aid card TPHS names Students of the Month, first semester honors SUBMITTED BY TINLEY PARK HIGH SCHOOL Tinley Park High School recently celebrated first semester achievements with a full school Honors Assembly. Students were nominated by their teachers for special recognition at the assembly for their strong work effort, continued improvement and dedication to their studies during the 1st semester of the school year. The following students received this special recognition: Hakem Abu-Rumman, Catherine Avorio, Rachel Baiker, Todd Bajzek, Nicholas Ballay, Austin Bateman, De’Jana Bates, Juan Beltran, Rebecca Beltran, Anna Brown, Preston Burns, Brittany Bush, Julia Bush, Sebastian Castaneda, Olivia Castillo, Paola Ceja, Natalie Cuadrado, Mira Cutrara, Nicholas Davies, Robert Deutsch, Delaney Dorian, Kacie Dornbos, Paulina Duran Serna, Alexander Estrada, Maggie Evans, Jordan Exline, Samantha Faricelli, Alexander Farrell, Sofia Favela, Melony Fedro, Sana Firoz, Collin Flores, Sean Ford, Alexa Fortu, Emmanuel Gapio, Bianca Garcia, Robert Gelling, Lillian Granato, Ryan Grand, Da’Quan Green, Alexis Griffin, Gabriela Guerra, Matthew Hendricks, Grace Herman, Kristine Huynh, Kai Jenkins, Vanessa Jimenez, Christian Johnson, Emily Johnson, Jovita Johnson, Marquise Johnson-Wren, Jasmine Johnston, Shaunte Jones, Nicholas Jude, Anaya Kimmons, Emily Kleffman, Riley Klette, Jack Klingelhofer, Morgan Knoll, Tessa Kowalski, Isabella Lafemina, Brooke Lauer, Rasheed Long, Bailee Lowry, Justin Tinley Park High School Students of the Month pose for a picture during a full school Honors Assembly held on Jan. 11. PHOTO SUBMITTED Luckett, Liyah Lyons, Gabrielle Martin, Morgan Mc- Carey, Madison McLaughlin, Madeline McManigal, Emily Meister, D’Ante Miller, Perla Morales, Diantis Munir-Jones, Maram Naji, Shelby O’Connell, Jennifer Ogbogu, Samuel Okewole, Mirand Ostrowski, Britanny Palafox, Stephanie Palmer, Isabel Perez, Jordan Perkins, Jaydeep Pillai, Vineet Pillai, Vanessa Pintor, James Robinson, Corri Rogan, Tyler Rozwalka, Aidan Ryan, Nathan Ryan, Fidel Salinas, Haley Samolis, Katelyn Sanders, Bladen Saunoris, Daniel Sawyer, Amber Schwarz, Daniel Scurek, Anna Sebastian, Hannah Seymour, Shelby- Vahn Short, Howard Smith, Ryan Smith, Zachary Smith, Grayson Szot, Summer Thurmond, Sandra Torres, Lee Lee Tran, Luke Urban, Stanley Van, Olivia Walker, Tracy Walker, Alexis Wantroba, Corrinne Wasag, Jada Weaver, Veronica Weglarz, Colin Whalen, Emma Whalen, Marshaune Williams, Naiyah Williams, Sarah Wu, and Rylee Youpel. A special congratulations goes out to the four students were named Student of the Month: Samantha Tuuk was nominated by Mrs. Lorden who said, “I would like to nominate Samantha Tuuk for student of the month because she epitomizes the ideal student. Not only does she work hard, and participates frequently, but she truly wants to be here in school every day. This love for TPHS is infectious, and those around her are positively influenced by this. Over the last two years, I have seen her volunteer her own time to attend a faculty meeting and a board meeting because she knew the outcome was important and worth sharing her personal time. Because of all of this, I know that Sam Tuuk is going to be very successful in life and will be a dominating Titan alumni someday.” Alexis Jackson was nominated by Mrs. Baftiri who said, “Alexis is hardworking, positive and supportive of all her peers. She is an active participant in the school community, and has contin- Please see Honors, 19 Sound Off the tinley junction | January 25, 2018 | 19 Social snapshot Top Web Stories From as of Monday, Jan. 22 1. Park District: Tinley purchases water park structure, playground piece 2. Senior Andrew running back commits to North Central College 3. A Sense of Calm: TP native uses K-9 ministry to reach vets, students 4. Competitive dance: Andrew wins third straight SWSC Red Division title 5. Tinley Park, Frankfort, Mokena, & New Lenox join forces for multi-chamber event Become a Junction Plus member: From the Editor A caring community in tune with the news Cody Mroczka Just over six years after the American Revolutionary War ended, as physical and political scars were still healing, one of our nation’s founding fathers wrote his British counselor — and ardent supporter of the United States fight for independence — a short correspondence with the hope of a new nation. That letter, written in 1789 by Thomas Jefferson and sent to Richard Price, contains perhaps one of the greatest arguments for the First Amendment, a free press and democracy. “That wherever the people are well informed,” Jefferson wrote, according to the National Archive’s version, “they can be trusted with their own government.” I thought about that quote these first few weeks as editor of The Tinley Junction, making my first trips to board chambers to administrative school buildings to a recreational center and a library. Though the topics and times varied for each government meeting, the voice of the people was wellrepresented by a stream of concerned, informed residents. As a reporter who used to sit in public meetings alone with elected officials, this is something a community should take pride in. Equally impressive is the availability of public documents, previous meeting minutes and audio/ video recordings made readily available by various governmental entities in Tinley Park. Of course not everyone has the time or means to spend extra hours per week listening to discussion or going through recordings and documents; a role we’re more than happy to fill. But the work we do, that we love to do, would have little meaning if it didn’t inform those who aren’t or can’t be in attendance. It’s our role as a public watchdog to hold governing bodies accountable and to be the voice of residents. As I sat in meetings this week, numerous speakers, from elected officials to students parents, referenced reporting by The Tinley Junction. That speaks volumes to the staff of editors and reporters who came before me and the value placed on local news. If these first few weeks are any indication, the future of Tinley Park seems to be in good hands. Letter to the Editor Tinley resident writes on an Oval Office meltdown Sadly, the citizens of this great country are witnessing the gradual unraveling of the most exalted institution in the land, namely, the U.S. Presidency. It was probably inevitable that in our evolvement as a democracy, we would at some point flirt with a selfproclaimed strong man. This is especially so when the strong man claims he is the At 5:10pm on Jan.17 “Look at what a visitor made in the Youth Services Department! Is it a plane? Is it a dragonfly? You decide and let us know!” Like The Tinley Junction: “Still blown away that I’m being recognized tonight by @TinleyParkHigh for my work covering @TPHSTitans_FB and the @ TPREDZONE for the @TinleyJunction. Honestly, it was a pleasure and one of the best experiences of my life,” -- @ geoffstellfox Follow The Tinley Junction: @tinleyjunction Honors From Page 18 ued to work hard throughout her four years of taking French, where I have seen so much growth. Keep up the great work, Alexis!” Mr Osborne nominated Ryan Zientara stating, “Ryan is simply one of the most polite, respectful, and smartest person in the room and that he alone can solve all our problems and promises everything under the sun. Since the election of such a person, we have witnessed chaos, confusion and drama after drama emanating from the White House. Week after week, his words and actions create new controversies. The results of the last election will test the resilience and strength of our form of government to withstand a dramatic change from the sublime to the ridiculous. The big question is, can our system withstand a person of questionable character and temperament in the oval office? We have to hope and pray that no man, regardless of how strong and smart he thinks he is, will through his ineptness, does irreparable harm to the nation and to our standing in the world. Ned L. McCray, Tinley Park resident level-headed students that I have ever known. Beyond being such a good person on a behavioral level, he has an amazing amount of wisdom for his age, and he looks for “the big picture” to help him decide on his actions. I cannot speak highly enough of Ryan, he is a true Titan!” Jackson Skanberg was nominated by Ms. O’Connor who said, “Jackson Skanberg is absolutely wonderful to teach. He cares about the learning environment, other people and is willing to inspire others to become their very best. Jackson participates in class in such a way that he makes us all think of literature in deeper, more thought provoking ways. He challenges us all to do the same. He truly deserves to be Student of the Month. Sound Off Policy Editorials and columns are the opinions of the author. Pieces from 22nd Century Media are the thoughts of the company as a whole. The Tinley Junction encourages readers to write letters to Sound Off. All letters must be signed, and names and hometowns will be published. We also ask that writers include their address and phone number for verification, not publication. Letters should be limited to 400 words. The Tinley Junction reserves the right to edit letters. Letters become property of The Tinley Junction. Letters that are published do not reflect the thoughts and views of The Tinley Junction. Letters can be mailed to: The Tinley Junction, 11516 West 183rd Street, Unit SW Office Condo #3, Orland Park, Illinois, 60467. Fax letters to (708) 326-9179 or e-mail to visit us online at