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Our style

Our style *

Unwavering from when our doors first opened in 1984, the essence of our business is our unscripted and "signature" style of hospitality. Thoughtful, accurate, effortless, punchy and fully wired into our first rate settings, by stripping back to a more grounded delivery, we have managed to find the magic ingredient that keeps our guests coming back year after year. Key to this and very important to the magic formula working, is that whilst our style is always relaxed and non-invasive, our team is very highly skilled at service. On the pulse at all times and armed with the ability to flaunt a fantastic knowledge of the products that we sell, be it food, rooms or spa, our team are masters O U R S T Y L E in gauging what a customer really needs beyond the typical “Sir” or “Madam.” To help you not to drop the ball, we have come up with our seven golden rules of hospitality— * see overleaf. Think of them as your bible... and if it helps, imprint them on your heart.