6 months ago


the seven golden rules

the seven golden rules of hospitality Greeting The very first point of contact is saying “hello” to our guests. This is the moment where smiles are a must and small talk goes down a treat. All of the above makes the guest feel important, relaxed, and confident that for the rest of their experience they are in very capable hands. Smiling A face that looks as if it’s poised to say “cheeese” is the pre-requisite to a guest experience going off with a bang. Indeed, no amount of technical skill, efficiency or knowledge will make up for a frown. So please do smile at every opportunity, it costs nothing and will work wonders. A little bit like having a dinner party with friends, the Seven Golden Rules of Hospitality follow the lines of a very natural way of welcoming people to your home, making sure that they have a fantastic time and then leaving them wanting to come back for more… Just think Mary Berry! Caring After greeting, smiling and naming your guest, caring continues through touches such as making regular eye contact, chatting from time to time, carrying out satisfaction checks (but don’t over burden) and sorting out any problems, quickly, efficiently and with sensitivity. Chatting Chat whenever possible. Before long you will be able to distinguish between the occasional customer who wants to be left alone and those that enjoy having a natter. Remember, silence is often the rudest language that you can use and a little banter will win over the toughest customer. Checking A guest should always be given a satisfaction check, and we should do our best to make questions sincere and not routine. Show pleasure if they praise and importantly show great concern if they relay the slightest dissatisfaction, referring them straight to a manager. G O L D E N R U L E S Naming Calling a guest by their name is a simple thing, but it sends out two very important signals. Firstly, it recognises a relationship between you and your guest suggesting that you care, and secondly it says that you are a professional and have taken the time to get to know your guests. Thanking Saying goodbye is as important as saying hello if we want our guests to return. Every guest should be sincerely thanked for their business and leave feeling that we really enjoyed them coming to visit and that we’d love to see them again soon.