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See it Own it Solve

See it Own it Solve it

If you see something that needs doing—do it. These things that need doing might not be in your department, but do make a huge difference to everyone. The phrase that we never want to hear is “it’s not my job.” It’s all of our responsibilities to make sure the hotel is tidy, clean and that the needs of our guests are looked after. If you see litter on the ground, pick it up. If you see a guest struggling with luggage, offer assistance. If you see a colleague struggling with a tray or the like, offer to help. If you see something spilled, clean it up. If you see a lightbulb out, replace it. This list is endless, but hopefully you get the idea. Don’t leave it to someone else to do. If you see it, own the responsibility for taking care of it... and solve it. S E E I T • O W N I T • S O L V E I T