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The Stone Family Our

The Stone Family Our company is owned by two generations of the Stone family. Though not involved in the business on a daily basis, they all attend quarterly board meetings and are regular visitors to all of our hotels. Get to know them... and clock them when they visit. Michael & Louisa Stone Principle Shareholders Michael and Louisa Stone bought Calcot from the Ball family in 1995. Michael is now retired from his successful career in the “city” and lives near Calcot at Ozleworth Park. The family also own a shooting estate in Northumberland, close to the Lord Crewe Arms. Michael recently retired from the Calcot Board, but the next generation of the family are now all directors and shareholders in the business. Charles Stone Charles Stone is the eldest son of Michael and Louisa and spent time working in hotels in his early career. He is a key shareholder in the business and takes a great interest. Charles is an experienced businessman, sitting on the board of several companies in which the family has an interest. Andrew Stone Andrew Stone is the younger son of Michael and Louisa and has homes in London and Gloucestershire. He has a successful career in investment management and hosts regular shooting parties in our hotels. Nicky Farquhar Daughter of Michael and Louisa, Nicky plays a key role as our Design Director (more on that later). Nicky also has homes in London and Gloucestershire, the latter just a stone’s throw from The Village Pub. T H E B R A I N S