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You’re new, you’re a bit nervous, you’re asking yourself “have I made the right decision?”... and “will they like me?” You are here because we all want you to be here, we want you to help us achieve great things and we want you to be successful in your career with The Calcot Collection. The company is very successful and we have a committed and motivated team, including many new colleagues, just like you. It’s through the hard work and enthusiasm of the whole team that we have made The Calcot Collection a company where people can get great job satisfaction and, crucially, enjoy their working day, every day. We operate scrupulously fair employment practices to ensure that we get, and keep, the best quality personnel. To keep everyone motivated and to drive the company forward, it is vital that we take care to develop our people, as far as their abilities and ambitions will allow. This induction programme is to help us do just that, together. Its content will help you, with the help of your colleagues, identify and tackle your own development and training needs throughout your progress with The Calcot Collection. The management style at The Calcot Collection can be summed up in one word: honest. That means being open with each other, sharing information, keeping “office politics” to a minimum, getting things done, taking responsibility and speaking your mind. If you enjoy the opposite of those things, you wouldn’t have been recruited, so I know you will fit in. The thing to remember is that nobody expects you to know everything, but they all expect you to speak up if you are in doubt. The working culture that we embrace at The Calcot Collection is one of continuous improvement, essentially a belief that we can always do things better. Every member of the team is expected to play their part in this by speaking up if they have an idea that can make things more effective, more efficient, or more satisfying. We are very quick to change once inspired by a good idea. Finally, it could be worth remembering that, in my 35 years within the hospitality industry, I have probably done your job, or something similar. Therefore if you ever feel that I could help you with any advice, please ask me. My door is not “always open“ as the saying goes, but I am easy to get hold of! Please enjoy yourself in this, your new career adventure. Richard Ball Executive Chairman W E L C O M E