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Play nicely... We take

Play nicely... We take how we treat each other very seriously As a company, we believe that every member of our team should work in a positive, supportive and enjoyable environment. We believe that respect and understanding for each other is as critical as the hospitality and care we show our guests. We will not tolerate abusive, aggressive or insensitive treatment of employees or colleagues. We expect all of our supervisors and managers to share this belief and to follow good practice at all times. We understand that the service environment can lead to high pressure moments. Managers should do all they can to alleviate these and to ensure that team members who struggle in this environment are supported. The practice of debrief after such high pressure moments should be adopted to avoid misunderstandings being carried forward. All team members are entitled to fair, honest and constructive feedback on their performance, delivered privately at repeated and regular intervals. There is no justification for failings of any sort to be berated in the heat of the moment or in front of colleagues. A hot temper, or unnecessary use of offensive language has no place in our business. Banter has a place, but it cannot be allowed to cross the invisible line between light-hearted humour and offence. We do not believe in pointless attribution of blame, and prefer to see team responsibility for our performance and a focus on continuous improvement. All team members must feel free to bring concerns about unfair treatment to the attention of supervisors and managers without fear or recrimination. Where proof can be clearly be established, action will be taken. P L A Y N I C E L Y