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Our Philosophy... 1.

Our Philosophy... 1. Responsibility 2. We whole heartedly believe that a business should always behave responsibly. For us this includes our attitude to the community, the environment, the industry and very importantly, our attitude to one another. Investor Return We’re not embarrassed to say that our hotels exist to make responsible profit. Each are working assets funded by a mixture of investment and debt and we of course have to make these investments pay to keep us running. Much of this profit gets reinvested straight back into the business, to keep the hotels spic and span. 3. Love of great food, good wine and entertaining All of the above is what underpins everything that we do in the Collection and is the real drive behind why we do it.We want this to shine through on every occasion, in every property and in all of our staff. 4. Hospitality How-we-do-what-we-do, the rules of hospitality are applied to everything that we touch… from pillows to cocktails, dinners to treatments. Please always remember that real hospitality only exists when something is done FOR you and not TO you – it’s all about the two-way connection.

6. Quality & Knowledge Respect The philosophy of respect that we apply to our guests extends all the way to how we treat our managers and our colleagues and of course how we in turn expect them to treat their staff. These are the allimportant ingredients to a very happy working environment and one that our guests are sure to pick up on. 5. A quiet and understated quality should be prevalent in all areas and levels of our business. From the delicious foodstuffs we source to all of the literature that we distribute, our teams need to be motivated, involved and enthused with this knowledge. 7. Keeping it Real Because quality is it at the forefront of all that we do, we should always “keep it real” in the way that we deliver. We fervently believe that our guests prefer a more relaxed approach, not tainted by over formality or challenged by over familiarity and avoiding any sense of importance or indeed, noses in the air. CALCOT = CARE + CRAFT O U R P H I L O S O P H Y