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Integrity Development Portfolio 2018

Integrity Development Corporation (IDC) is a full-service management consultancy providing customized workforce and marketplace solutions. Integrity focuses on partnering with organizations to achieve business results that provide a sustainable long-term competitive advantage. We serve clients at every level of their organization as trusted advisers to senior management, and coaches to their front line supervisors and employees. Drawing from the seasoned expertise of our consultants, we assemble teams with the most appropriate experience and skillset to support each organization’s unique needs. Our focus is on delivering practical and enduring results, and equipping our clients to grow and lead. Our consulting model focuses on the establishment of corporate alignment to ensure the development of a people centric culture where success is ultimately determined by how well an organization satisfies its diverse employees and customers while achieving exceptional business results. CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE STRATEGIES & TOOLS CORPORATE LEARNING • Embracing Disruptive Thinking • Leveraging Individual and Organizational Cultures, Talent and Knowledge • Serving Diverse Employees, • Respect & Performance Assessments • Cultural & Performance Related Coaching • Supervisor/Employee • Face-to-face Facilitator led • Digital/E-Learning • Video-based learning • Blended learning solutions THE INTEGRITY DIFFERENCE We develop cultures where our clients’ diverse employees are fully engaged from recruitment through retirement, and empowered to function as part of a thriving team that embraces innovation and fully participates in winning in the marketplace. INTEGRITY DEVELOPMENT CORP. IDC established in 1991, 20 Senior Consultants Minority Business of the Year (multiple winner) SERVICES • Diversity/Inclusion Consulting • Supplier/Workforce Diversity • Custom Learning Solutions • Workplace Relationship Coaching • Team Performance Improvement • Organizational Assessments • Diverse Business Development • Meeting Facilitation • Keynote Addresses PARTIAL LIST OF CLIENTS © Integrity Development Corp. 2017 All Rights Reserved 2

S T R A T E G I C M O D E L Respect & Performance Strategic Model Overview Integrity Development is committed to partnering with our clients to ensure a culture of respect and performance. The RAP Model provides our approach to client engagement. Through integration of 3 distinctive components: Organizational Alignment Today’s leaders must adapt quickly to a rapidly changing business environment. Change has a higher probability of succeeding when there is alignment of three areas: - Organizational Leadership - The Organization’s Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives - The Utilization of Human and Financial Resources A People Centric Culture The most successful organizations consistently attract, develop, celebrate and retain talent. They are “People Centric” companies. Effective organizational consulting is not one size fits all, it requires us to serve each client in a customized manner. Our consulting process assumes a never-ending transition through four key steps: Assessment: We begin each engagement asking questions that will enable us to gain the best perspective on our customer’s needs and requirements. This process begins from our very 1 st conversation and throughout the life cycle of our consulting relationship. Listening is our number one skill which ensures that we provide solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We have a wide variety of individual and organizational assessments that can help us gain the most accurate picture of the current and desired state within each organization. Strategy Development: One of our major objectives in any client engagement is to assist them in building a road map to achieving their ultimate business objectives. This can include S.W.O.T. analysis sessions or other Culture of Respect strategic planning sessions at any level within a client organization. Solution Implementation: Our team is not limited to simply assessing and monitoring problems, we effectively implement strategic solutions which include, but are not limited to Consulting, Coaching, Assessing and Training services. Evaluation, Measurement, and Continuous Improvement: Our core values revolve around serving our clients in ways that are measurably effective. 3

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