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Action Bequia Auction 2018

Action Bequia Fundraising Auction 2018 - Saturday February 17

______________________________________________________ 5 HEIDI MOELLER Tropical Fireworks, 2017 A set of four Panels Oil with gold paint on canvas Mounted temporarily on panel for display only 15 inches by 16 inches each panel Each panel numbered 1 to 4, one panel signed bottom right Heidi Moeller, the other three monogrammed HM ‘17 Guide Price: US$ 2800 - 3500 Painted, donated and sold to provide funds to The Friends of Bequia Hospital for the purchase of Emergency Rescue Equipment The Friends of Bequia Hospital was set up some five years ago, primarily to meet immediate needs for medical supplies. The trigger point was a close friend losing his life to diabetes on the journey from Bequia to St Vincent for urgent treatment - there was no insulin on Bequia. 5 FOBH is a registered Trust that works alongside the Ministry of Health to improve medical care on Bequia. Their first priority is to ensure that medication and consumables are available to meet the ongoing needs of the people of Bequia; a series of regular fundraising events on Bequia helps fund these vital frontline supplies. The ultimate goal of the FOBH is for the Bequia Hospital to become a centre of medical excellence that is unparalleled in the Southern Caribbean - a vision that is shared at the highest levels of Government in SVG. The Artist: Heidi Mueller is a Canadian-born artist who has lived and worked extensively throughout North America and the Caribbean, but has now resided in Bequia for over 25 years. Her artwork is displayed in many homes and businesses on the island and is featured internationally throughout North America, Europe, and the UK. Her paintings range in size from more personal pieces to larger-than-life canvasses, each bursting with a kinetic energy and expression. Heidi draws inspiration for her striking abstract works from the untamed nature of the environment in which she creates. There is a visual movement inherent in her vibrant and complex palette that invites the viewer to experience the beauty and excitement of the tropical milieu that surrounds her and which is captured in her works. A graduate of OCAD University (formerly the Ontario College of Art and Design), Heidi is also a gifted and imaginative sculptor.

6 Lot 5 Tropical Fireworks Lot 5 (detail)

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