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Long Range Financial Plan

Assessment per capita

Assessment per capita provides an indication of the “richness” of the assessment base. Figure 19 shows the 2014 per capita assessment for Mississauga compared to its peer group. Both unweighted and weighted assessments are compared. Mississauga’s assessment base per capita is above average, when compared to its peer group. This reflects a relatively strong assessment base upon which to raise taxes. Figure 19 – 2014 Unweighted and Weighted Assessment Per Capita – Peer Comparison 31

Figure 20 shows that, in comparison to its peer municipalities, Mississauga’s assessment composition also represents an excellent balance between residential and non-residential. The combined assessment in the commercial and industrial class is 25.1% in Mississauga compared with the peer municipal average of 18.5%. Figure 20 – 2014 Assessment Composition – Peer Comparison 32